So Much For Our 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Guesses; What Is Fox Going To Do Now? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, after the collapse and obvious doom of Fox's The Mob Doctor, we had a replacement triage guessing poll to try and figure out what Fox would do on Monday night.

But with today's announcement that Kitchen Nightmares is premiering on Friday, October 26, and Touch is being held until January (no date or timeslot announced), it seems that the "something else" answer (chosen by the fewest polled) is going to happen.

Monday October 15 is definitely baseball (NLCS game 2), October 22 might be baseball (NLCS game 7), Oct 29 might be baseball (WS game 5). Historically, a game 7 is relatively rare, but a game 5 is almost certain.

At this point, I'm almost out of guesses as to what Fox does for Monday at 9pm, so this poll is a simple one.

  • Billy martins

    Keep mob doctors on til January then decide what to do with they reminder of the season.

  • Dan

    @John M…well Fox is unpredictable at this point. Maybe Mob Doctor could air all 13 episodes if its 1.0 improves to at least a 1.5 but I still think this a a PR stunt to do 2 things

    1) Avoid cancelling The Mob Doctor and making it the season’s first cancellation

    2) Returning Kitchen Nightmares to friday before midseason

    Theres a 90% chance that Mob Doctor gets pulled and FOX will announce Touch’s premiere for November after the October 8 airing. FOX wants to air it 1 more time then there will probably be a press release saying. Touch to premiere November 5 following Bones.

  • Ram510

    They could move an hour of comedy to Mondays, move Glee back to Tuesday and expand X Factor to 2 hours on Thursday

    This just shows how weak Fox is especially with their dramas

  • AppleStinx

    Oops. Let’s find another meal for the hungry bear because this one isn’t done yet. :smile:

  • psychic

    Who the heck knows?
    Emergency Alcatraz revival? Hell, emergancy Quintuplets revival?

  • Dan

    @Ram510 – Nahh Fox is sticking with the two hour block for the forseeable future. Anything else would hurt the comedies. I think The Following will air after Bones but it won’t be ready until February and FOX may want to wait instead of premiering it in January and have repeats.

  • John_M

    I know fox has at least one pending sitcom with the chick from Ugly Betty and Beau Bridges being dead – maybe they have another one and they stick those in there?

  • omabin

    @Ram510, the comedies would be slaughtered on monday.

    I have no clue what will happen. They may double up on Bones every once in a while but I don’t think 26 is enough to double up that often either, since they probably want to ensure that there are 13 episodes of Bones to be paired up with the following on stable nights. BTW, speaking about the following, are we sure fox is planning on launching it at mondays and that it will not pull a last-year touch and put it in front of Idol on Thursdays? It would not surprime. But Glee would absolutely die facing the voice and the monday comedies, it would be below 2 like all the time.

    Back to topic… Well I dont know what to say. Mob doctor will be below 1 next week I think. New Girl repeats, x factor clip shows, glee repeats… anything else would probably do better at no cost. This makes no sense.

  • Dan

    Mob Doctor will be pulled, those numbers cant be kept through December unless it was a Friday show pulling those numbers. Next week FOX will announce Touch moving after Bones. Anything is better than Mob Doctor and Touch may do better post Bones in Kiefer Sutherlands old 24 slot.

  • Chuck

    Reruns of Terra Nova or Alcatraz?

  • Tom

    Alcatraz had a 2.2 average with a 1.5 finale. Although I enjoyed the program, it was clearly sinking fast. Maybe Fox can pick up something cheap from Showcase Canada.

  • chris

    i know it will never happen but fringe

  • Tom

    I think we are looking at Bones at 9, the “surplus” new Bones at 8 for sweeps, and Bones repeats for non-sweeps until The Following starts up after the NFC Conference game (I’d guess).

    Touch news is kind of strange. Are they keeping it in reserve in case The Following fizzles, or have they finally seen the light on the Tuesday 4 comedy block and are keeping their options open for airing Touch Tuesday at 8?

    And in either spackle case, why announce it is coming back in January, and not just later in the year?

  • Julia

    I agree with you about not announcing it’s canceled, but why make any announcement with regards to Touch at all?

  • Fake Me Out

    I have it on good authority (the voices in my head are never wrong) that they are looking at bringing in Pan Am, Harry’s Law and the Playboy Club as well as a “live action” Terra Nova using those little green army men and plastic dino’s you can but in the dollar stores … hey, could it be any worse ratings?


  • Dan

    @Julia – They make an announcement regarding “Touch” because when they announce Kitchen Nightmares airing Fridays October 26 (As I expected) they have to give an explanation for Touch. They don’t for some reason want to pull The Mob Doctor yet so there only response is “Touch goes to midseason”.

  • 1mars

    Seen some chatter than Xfactor will repeat/recap on Mondays, but that puts them opposite The Voice, so dont know. what a mess.

  • Dan

    What will surprise me is if Mob Doctor airs through January, then Touch replaces it for what 3 weeks. Then it will move to fridays by February and The Following will premiere post Bones? That makes no sense, Touch virtually has no chance then and if FOX premieres it after Bones in November, Tiuch has a chance at a full season and if they cap it at 13 eps then FOX can simply just premiere The Following when Touch is over and leave fridays alone.

  • Bern

    FOX should have renewed Alcatraz just in case a show fails like this one. Alacatraz was a promosing show and fans would have watch it cause it got left with a cliffhanger.

  • Baqinardo

    What about Mobbed?
    Howie Mandell says on his Twitter that he’s filming.

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