So Much For Our 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Guesses; What Is Fox Going To Do Now? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, after the collapse and obvious doom of Fox's The Mob Doctor, we had a replacement triage guessing poll to try and figure out what Fox would do on Monday night.

But with today's announcement that Kitchen Nightmares is premiering on Friday, October 26, and Touch is being held until January (no date or timeslot announced), it seems that the "something else" answer (chosen by the fewest polled) is going to happen.

Monday October 15 is definitely baseball (NLCS game 2), October 22 might be baseball (NLCS game 7), Oct 29 might be baseball (WS game 5). Historically, a game 7 is relatively rare, but a game 5 is almost certain.

At this point, I'm almost out of guesses as to what Fox does for Monday at 9pm, so this poll is a simple one.

  • Dan

    @Bill – I think its weird too but for some reason FOX had to combine putting Kitchen Nightmares on Fridays with Fringe (which I believe was always there plan because KN works well on Fridays and Fringe is airing its last 13 until Jan or Feb) but at the same time not cancelling The Mob Doctor. Maybe they wanted a positive schedule change but if MD keeps dropping, they have the Touch episodes ready to go in the slot. What puzzles both of us is how TMD still is on the schedule with such horrible numbers. For whatever reason FOX is willing to put up with TMD until next week.

  • gomer

    “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”

  • Vero

    My current prediction: Fox will air the next episode of The Mob Doctor and if its ratings doesn’t improve significant, the series gets cancelled and after the sports events another show gets the time slot of The Mob Doctor. Don’t care which show it will be because the only Fox show I still really care for is Bones.

    Renewing a cancelled show like for example Alcatraz or Terra Nova wouldn’t be a solution of the current “The Mob Doctor problem” because it takes several months until the first episode would be ready to air.

    Does Fox still have unaired episodes of other series on stock, which could fill the gap if The Mob Doctor gets cancelled and other series episodes are not ready to air?

    IMO, FOX should better have renewed House M.D. for at least a 9th season and ended the show with its 200th episode! Even with declining ratings due to old age of the series, it probably would have got better ratings then The Mob Doctor.

  • gomer

    No Hugh Laurie = no House.
    Anyway, FOX is in deep trouble. American Idol is dying. No hit shows. It’s NBC all over again.

  • Jared

    Why didn’t FOX have anything else waiting in the wings just in case this might happen? Its not like FOX pushed and promoted Mob Doctor to begin with. At this point FOX Mondays are a lost cause. Nothing can be added at this point to make the night competitive for FOX. Let Mob Doctor stay until baseballs over.

  • Dan

    @Vero A ninth season renewal would have been easier if FOX owned House and Hugh Laurie wanted to continue

    @Jared & Vero – Fox has Touch ready to go when The Mob Doctor gets pulled just like 2 years ago Fox had Lie to Me ready when Lone Star was pulled. The difference was that 2 years ago FOX’s schedule (2010-2011) was packed with dramas so they got more room during midseason by moving Lie to Me and Human Target’s premieres because of Lone Star’s cancellation. By airing Touch after Bones, it has a chance at getting a full season order as opposed to airing January where it has virtually no chance.

    I fully expect The Mob Doctor to be pulled on October 8 or 9.

  • a p garcia

    Uncancel Terra Nova!

  • r0ckmypants

    Fox has several episodes of Mobbed that never aired last year, plus they’re filming more. I don’t think that ever got as low as The Mob Doctor currently is, and it can’t cost nearly as much either.

  • Jeff R.

    Move Glee back to Monday where it won’t keep getting pasted by Grays, and pad X-factor out to two hours Thursday.

  • Ultima

    why don’t we all try WATCHING the show and then comment on it

    Because this isn’t a fan site or entertainment site where the quality is being analyzed.

    It’s possibly to have pretty good accuracy prediciting which shows will be canceled and renewed (and even what networks will do during the season) without ever watching a single episode of anything.

  • Ricky

    Somehow I don’t think Fox saw the disastrous failure of their only fall rookie drama coming – or the embarrassing slide their one sophomore drama endured all last season. If they had, they would have either done an uncancellation (perhaps of Terra Nova, or possibly Alcatraz) the way CBS did with Unforgettable. Or better yet, they should have just renewed TN in the first place! Them’s at Fox really should have known what they were passing over…

  • Ultima

    Let Mob Doctor stay until baseballs over.

    It only has one more episode until baseball is over/November sweeps start. Clearly FOX isn’t going to pull it next Monday if they haven’t by now.

  • Dan

    @Ricky – It was smart cancelling Terra Nova since it was very expensive and the show probably would have gotten worse numbers being off the air for 9 months. Uncancelling a low rated show isnt the answer, what is is finding a show that sticks. Unfortunately drama wise, FOX has had a hard time with that.

    @Jeff R – Glee being moved to Mondays with The Following airing 9pm post Idol is a possibility if FOX wants to boost The Following. Although Glee may not return after December until March leaving Mondays open for the rest of Touch.

  • John_M

    Nah, Alcatraz was pretty underrated and executed very well if you’re a fan of the genre but yes the ratings were pretty bad. The creators work on different shows now so it’s kind of a lost argument, although I did find this tweet pretty funny:

    Except that I’m a fan of the genre – I’m a fan of jorge garcia and sam niell, but the show was basically a procedural with a conspiracy behind it – every week – catch the new guy who came back but didn’t age – throw him back into ‘new’ alcatraz – there were some gimmicks – but at it’s core it was just a procedural – sci fi can have procedurals.

    Most genre television on the broadcast networks blows these days

  • Dan

    @Ultima – What is more likely, and is a smart move is that Fox lets Mob Doctor air next Monday then cancel it and announce Touch as a replacement. Anything is better for Mondays at 9 in November instead of Bones repeats or continuing Mob Doctor.

  • John_M


    I believe FOX is that nefarious – FOX is run by the devil after all – I just think their evil is focused in other places.

    Someone mentioned bringing back booker – screw that – bring back ned and stacey (yes, cancel smash) and hermans head – those shows RULED

  • Dan

    Also If FOX doesn’t want to, “pull” The Mob Doctor, beginning on November 3 they could schedule it for Saturdays at 11pm replacing Masterchef repeats.

  • Ultima

    What is more likely … is that Fox lets Mob Doctor air next Monday

    That is exactly what I said, so how is it “more likely”?

  • Dan

    I meant what is more likely as opposed to FOX cancelling it now is the October 8 airing then cancelling it. If they cancelled it now then they could have placed Touch in its slot, but they didnt, so Touch has no where to go but midseason 2013.

  • Ultima

    Although Glee may not return after December until March leaving Mondays open for the rest of Touch.

    Glee will probably only air 8 episodes this fall, so I expect that it will be on the air for all of midseason (and will likely stay in its Thursday 9pm timeslot).

    Glee being moved to Mondays with The Following airing 9pm post Idol is a possibility if FOX wants to boost The Following

    Thursday 9pm is arguably a significantly harder timeslot for a drama than Monday 9pm.

    I think FOX will try and premiere The Following prior to The Voice returning and hope that it can hold up and make it to March in good shape.

    I woudln’t be surprised to see it premiere out of the late Sunday NFL divisional playoff, then come back with a new episode the next night.

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