So Much For Our 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Guesses; What Is Fox Going To Do Now? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, after the collapse and obvious doom of Fox's The Mob Doctor, we had a replacement triage guessing poll to try and figure out what Fox would do on Monday night.

But with today's announcement that Kitchen Nightmares is premiering on Friday, October 26, and Touch is being held until January (no date or timeslot announced), it seems that the "something else" answer (chosen by the fewest polled) is going to happen.

Monday October 15 is definitely baseball (NLCS game 2), October 22 might be baseball (NLCS game 7), Oct 29 might be baseball (WS game 5). Historically, a game 7 is relatively rare, but a game 5 is almost certain.

At this point, I'm almost out of guesses as to what Fox does for Monday at 9pm, so this poll is a simple one.

  • Ultima


    I know what you meant, I was criticizing your reading comprehension.

  • Dan


    Thursday at 9 is a harder timeslot but airing after Idol could help a new show like The Following, better than a Bones lead in. Although I could see Fox sticking to form and airing The Following after Bones and keep Glee in the Thursday at 9 slot. 15 episodes of The Following paired with however many Bones eps is left would be enough to last into May.

  • David

    @JCC Lone Star was filming episode 6 or so when it was cancelled. Just because there’s an episode of The Mob Doctor being filmed doesn’t mean it’ll be completed and aired.

  • 728huey

    FOX will not pull TMD from the schedule….at least not before next Monday night. After that they will hope to have two to three weeks of playoff/World Series baseball, but then comes November sweeps. I don’t see TMD being anywhere near Monday night by that time, if it’s still on the air at all. They may air Touch in that spot, but then again they may air some reality TV specials up until Thanksgiving. Besides, they don’t want to be the first network to cancel a new show this year, and with Partners, AP, and MIJ all doing poorly, that may help FOX fulfill its wishes.

  • Jon23812

    They will probably just keep airing it, and not have it renewed for another season.

  • GreenGreenGreenRed

    The Good Guys! (Just kidding)

  • Nick

    Here’s what I think they should do with what they have:

    8: Kitchen Nightmares (Nov-Dec)/ Bones (Jan+)
    9: Bones (Nov-Dec)/ The Following (Jan+)

    8: Kitchen Nightmares (Nov-Jan)/Hell’s Kitchen (Feb+)
    9: Fringe (Sept-Jan)/ Touch (Feb+)

    I’m just working with what I’ve got here. I think KN should be on twice a week. There’s no other way to fit 19 eps of it and seasons of HK and Touch.

    What will they do? No one knows.

  • Michael

    First it will be baseball. After that…X-Factor recaps? Bones Reruns?? Kitchen Nightmare reruns or maybe more Hotel Hell or something Ramsey??

    All I do know…is that Mob Doctor is cancelled. But then you might have to deal with the “Mindy/Ben and Kate” Tuesday slot as well. Fox is gonna have a nightmare year unfortunately. Cause I doubt “Idol” will be a savior in January :( God Manaj is a POS. I hope Mariah kicks her…you know.

  • Joan

    I liked the show

  • Dan

    @Michael Baseball, then hopefully new Touch. TMD will be cancelled its just a matter of time.

    The Ben & Kate/Mindy Project situation is different. Fox has The Goodwin Games in store for February to replace one of those two, likely Ben & Kate.

  • Hugh

    Maybe Fox payed in full for the first 5,6,7,8,9 episodes, so they won’t pull it to not waste money.

  • DW

    they can film all they want. its going to go bye bye. and yes i watched the first episode. how can a 1.5 premiere with a 1.0 going into the 3rd ep. be on in november?. it cant , it wont.

  • Ram510

    Move Fringe to Mondays for now then Midseason move Glee to Mondays. Then that’ll allow Fox to have 2 hours of Idol

  • Harrison

    Air one more episode, then bring back the greatest game show of ALL TIME, GREED starring the one and only Chuck Woolery!


    I wouldn’t put Bones reruns @ 8:00 but for Nov Sweeps I’d do new eps at both times, so being not so sure, went with who knows?

  • SJ


    Why would Hell’s Kitchen air in the regular season all of a sudden?

  • Kie

    Touch is moved to Friday 8pm on Saturdays

    (Either when KN finishes or in January)

    Bones Repeats/Originals fill November sweeps.

  • Alan 59

    The suggestions of repurposing FX series are intriguing, but I can’t imagine any of them being successful on network TV. They really are cable flavors. “Sons Of Anarchy” would be the best of the longshots if it weren’t for football.

    And I think that that’s what Fox’s core problem on Monday is. With ESPN continuing to grow “Monday Night Football,” there just aren’t enough viewers left for four networks. NBC’s “The Voice” is taking eyeballs from all three of the others. Fox’s best hope long-term on Mondays is a female-skewing drama, but that’s something that they’ve avoided historically.

  • KJ Styles

    Not that I care, but if I had to guess I’d say The Following replaces Mob Doctor in November.

  • Nick


    Why would Hell’s Kitchen air in the regular season all of a sudden?

    Why not? It’s been in the regular season before. I think there was one year when it aired 3 cycles in one year; winter, summer, and fall.
    Fox could have some unknown plan for it. Also, if Hell’s Kitchen is in the season, it would probably crush its competititon and bring some (much-needed) life to Fox Fridays. It could easily get 2.5-3.0, as much as 50% better than Kitchen Nightmares and 200% better than The Finder and Fringe.

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