So Much For Our 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Guesses; What Is Fox Going To Do Now? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, after the collapse and obvious doom of Fox's The Mob Doctor, we had a replacement triage guessing poll to try and figure out what Fox would do on Monday night.

But with today's announcement that Kitchen Nightmares is premiering on Friday, October 26, and Touch is being held until January (no date or timeslot announced), it seems that the "something else" answer (chosen by the fewest polled) is going to happen.

Monday October 15 is definitely baseball (NLCS game 2), October 22 might be baseball (NLCS game 7), Oct 29 might be baseball (WS game 5). Historically, a game 7 is relatively rare, but a game 5 is almost certain.

At this point, I'm almost out of guesses as to what Fox does for Monday at 9pm, so this poll is a simple one.

  • Nick

    Also, I forgot, Fox already ordered a season of HK for midseason. That’s not my opinion.

  • Dinaminjo

    Isn’t Oct 22. a presidential debate?!

    Is it not televised?!

  • joel

    Sunday animation takes a step towards further domination.

  • John

    Touch is dead anyway so who cares. As long as The Following does well, I’m fine

  • The Hafk

    It wouldn’t be the first time Fox has aired censored versions of an FX show before. They aired a few season one episodes of It’s Always Sunny back around 2006 to promote the second season on FX.

    Of course, this would be an opposite case scenario. Sunny was aired on Fox to get more people to tune in for the second season, whereas in this case, Sons Of Anarchy would be used to get more people to watch Fox…… which I really don’t think would work. What incentive does a SoA watcher have to watch a censored version of an episode they’ve already seen?

  • Coach

    Bring back 24

  • brad schoenfeld

    Ok touch was orignally announced to launch the end of this month… Had to sau that this is a stupid thread.

  • Emily

    huzzar! maybe all is not lost for those who did there ‘first show cancelled’ pick before the mob-doctor premiered, come on NBC, cull already!

  • jessica

    @ Tom, there aren’t any new original series premiereing on Showcase any time soon for FOX to pick up. Showcase will be the CA home of Beauty And The Beast. World Without End has already been sold to Reelz, who also have XIII. Lost Girl and Haven have been on Syfy and will remain there. Copper is on BBC America. And apparently Syfy has picked up Continuum. TMN/MC’s Rogue will be on DirecTV, Orphan Black (aka Black Orphan) will be on BBC America, and SPACE’s Primeval: New World will be on Syfy. There is Cracked (CBC) and Motive (CTV) but neither is available right now. Or in short, nothing available for FOX at this time.

    @ hugo84, that is pretty standard move. If no live sports FOX falls back on repeats of something. Nothing about that is different from last year or three years ago.

    @ Bill, if FOX were to swap Fringe and The Mob Doctor and Fringe actually improved you could start speculating on there really being a chance at an extension / 6th season. The fat lady may be singing but the opera isn’t finished yet. :)

    @ JCC, girls club was filming episode 7 and had the script for ep 9 completed when it was cancelled. Wonderfalls had the season complete when it was cancelled after only 4 of 13. Sure that was under an old boss but FOX has a long reputation for spending money to fill dusty shelves. Those 4 episodes of Lone Star have remained in the archives and probably always will.

  • POlo

    C’mon, I have a bet on Mob Doctor cancellation. The Bear must overcome!

  • K

    Poor Zach Gilford just can’t seem to catch a break. First with Off the map and now this trainwreck.

  • Sarah

    Fox channel sucks. There is NOTHING worth watching on it.

  • Al From Maine

    Yep, get the axe out it has run just a few weeks. Shows are not given a chance these days, “MASH” or “All in the Family” would never have survived in this enviroment. Every show is over hyped as the break out smash hit, then it will get cancelled. I am so tired of network TV, I try not to get attached to any new show, most of the ones I have liked in the lat five years get cancelled, like “Alcatraz” or “The Finder”.

  • Networkman

    For November Sweeps, I can see Fox airing two episodes of Bones on Monday night. In December, there is bound to be holiday specials. But, FOX should also try airing its single cam comedies behind Bones to help increase viewership. And then in the new year, The Following will be ready and should air Monday @9pm.

    This is what FOX should do come January/February 2013.

    7pm The Cleveland Show
    7:30 American Dad!
    8pm The Simpsons
    8:30 Ben & Kate
    9pm Family Guy
    9:30pm Raising Hope
    Bob’s Burger should only get 13 episode order. FOX needs to help its scripted comedies gain more exposure. Sunday does not have to be all animated.

    8pm Bones
    9pm The Following

    8pm Glee
    9pm Touch

    8pm American Idol
    9:30pm Goodwin Games

    8pm American Idol
    9pm New Girl
    9:30 The Mindy Project

    8pm Kitchen Nightmares
    9pm Cops

  • Chris

    I’m certain that they will resurrect SyFy’s ultimate fail Superhero competition and premiere it as a new Fox series. Shoot, probably will pick up a few more than mob doctor just out of morbid curiosity.

  • NJ Viewer

    I like the idea of reshowing FX or other cable series because, believe it or not, I don’t have cable. Another idea would be to show various reruns of recently canceled FOX dramas and see which one gets a good enough rating for a revival.

    But in the end, FOX will probably just bite the bullet, and let Mob Doctor air til Christmas.

  • Jared

    I actually like The Mob Doctor..but am also fully aware not to get too attached considering its on its last leg and will get cancelled any day now.

    Eagerly awaiting Kevin Bacon in The Following. Midseason can’t come soon enough. FOX is starving for a hit.

  • LaLa

    I’ve been reading that people feel Touch should replace Mob Doctor..but I don’t feel Touch’s rating will be significaly higher than Mob Doctors. And I’m sure Touch is more expensive to produce generally. Touch was renewed last season based solely on Keifer Sutherland..not on ratings.

  • Ike

    There is no doubt that Bones will be doubled up for November. They may even air two new episodes of Bones for at least one week in November, since they have extra episodes. There is no other logical choice unless a reality show like Mobbed is ready to go, and even that probably wouldn’t get higher ratings than a Bones repeat. Procedurals like Bones repeat well.

    @KJ and others — no, The Following can’t be moved up to November. There will not be more than 15 episodes a year of this show. Kevin Bacon doesn’t want to do more than 15. Plus they’ve already announced it as having a January premiere date, as with Touch. They’re not going back on that.

    Clearly they are doing a 24-style scheduling strategy with The Following, more or less — late January premiere, run it straight through to May with only a couple of pre-emptions. So it’s out of the question for November.

  • Stacie J

    They should have renewed The Finder. I know it would not be the same now without MCD. However, I think it would have survived, it got good ratings until Fox moved it to the Friday night “death” time slot. The Finder was a great show.

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