So Much For Our 'Mob Doctor' Replacement Guesses; What Is Fox Going To Do Now? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2012

A couple weeks ago, after the collapse and obvious doom of Fox's The Mob Doctor, we had a replacement triage guessing poll to try and figure out what Fox would do on Monday night.

But with today's announcement that Kitchen Nightmares is premiering on Friday, October 26, and Touch is being held until January (no date or timeslot announced), it seems that the "something else" answer (chosen by the fewest polled) is going to happen.

Monday October 15 is definitely baseball (NLCS game 2), October 22 might be baseball (NLCS game 7), Oct 29 might be baseball (WS game 5). Historically, a game 7 is relatively rare, but a game 5 is almost certain.

At this point, I'm almost out of guesses as to what Fox does for Monday at 9pm, so this poll is a simple one.

  • Morsch

    Hell, I liked Alcatraz, also. Bring it back.

  • Oliver

    They have unaired episodes of Mobbed left-over from Summer.

  • Morgan Wick

    @Al from Maine: Fan Excuse Bingo!

  • Brian

    I guess that Fox doesn’t have any new shows imminent so I’d guess that maybe they rerun Ben and Kate/The Mindy Project so they can draw better ratings on Tuesday.

  • NJ Viewer

    At the end of last night’s episode, FOX confirmed that they’ll be showing new episodes after the baseball series.

  • chgo Mob

    You heard it here first .The Mob doctor will get pick up. It looks like FOX has other plans for the show. Instead of bashing why dont some of you watch the show

  • Stephen

    Yes Alcatraz would have been WAAAY better, both for ratings and people not hating them, then them replacing it with the Mob Doctor, which sucks, and has crappy ratings.

    Can they just bring back Alcatraz mid season? I’d watch. =D

    (But Alas, I fear that’s never going to happen). At least I have Revolution to watch in its place.

  • Robert W Sullivan

    I’m finding a lot more time to read with some of these cancellations. Reality shows are boring poorly acted and terribly phony.

    I’m now watching things like Law and Order on the BBC America in fact they don’t have a half bad line up.

  • Robert W Sullivan

    Fox is diving down to two shows worth my time, Bones and Fringe, the rest is gag me time on Fox.

    I guess I didn’t know the Finder was gone as well on the trick or treat stations. There are some pretty sad efforts on TV now.

  • Reg Lauzon

    Mob Doctor is my #1 Show by far. Vegas is # 2 for me.

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