Wednesday Final Ratings:'The X Factor', 'Survivor' Adjusted Up; 'Animal Practice', 'Guys With Kids' & 'The Neighbors' Adjusted Down Plus Final Debate Numbers

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October 4th, 2012


The X Factor and Survivor were each adjusted up a tenth while Animal Practice and Guys With Kids were adjusted down two tenths and The Neighbors was adjusted down one tenth  among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings. Nielsen is not releasing final numbers for the actual Presidential Debate because it aired without commercials, but final numbers for the post-debate coverage are below.


Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 3, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX The X Factor 3.5/11 9.71
CBS Survivor: Philippines 3.0/9 10.38
ABC The Middle 2.2/7 7.72
NBC Animal Practice 1.3/4 4.56
CW Oh Sit! 0.3/1 0.91
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.9/5 6.32
NBC Guys With Kids 1.6/5 4.76
9:00 NBC Presidential Debate (9-11PM) Live NA NA
CBS Presidential Debate (9-11PM) Live NA NA
ABC Presidential Debate (9-11PM) Live NA NA
FOX Presidential Debate (9-11PM) Live NA NA
CW Supernatural (Season Premiere) 0.8/2 1.85
10:30 NBC Post-Debate Coverage 2.8/7 8.72
ABC Post-Debate Coverage 2.5/6 8.86
CBS Post-Debate Coverage 2.1/5 7.01



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  • The End

    @Well I guess I can still laugh cause Neighbors is definitely failing right now HAHA!

    It was doomed from the start without any doubt. No one who watched the show prior to it airing actually liked it. Critics simply thought the show was god awful and I did too.

    Put it this way, a writing team consisting of several TVbythenumbers posters could come up with a better show than this. And that’s me being polite.

  • Networkman

    I watched The Neighbors for the first time last night. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how entertained I was with the show. I thought the actors did a great job. I have lost interest in Suburgatory. So, I feel this show was actually compatible with The Middle. The writing provided some great laugh out loud moments.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Oliver, you don’t understand what causes preliminary>finals adjustments, and I am not motivated to expend more effort to try and teach you.

  • Michael

    So far, CW is doing well. What will be the first show to hit a 0.5? Any prediction. I say Gossip Girl.

  • photo man

    NBC Animal Practice 1.4/4 5.19 (9/26/12)
    NBC Animal Practice 1.3/4 4.56 (10/3/12)

    NBC Guys With Kids 1.6/5 4.84 (9/26/12)
    NBC Guys With Kids 1.6/5 4.76 (10/3/12)

    ABC Suburgatory 3.1/9 9.11 (10/5/11)
    ABC The Neighbors 3.2/8 9.22 (9/26/12)
    ABC The Neighbors 1.9/5 6.32 (10/3/12)

    OMG! That is extremely bad for Neighbors.

    Animal Practice is in deep trouble right now.

    Guys with Kids is only one with the positives as it stayed the same from last week.

  • Silvio

    Supernatural at .8 is fine. They obviously didn’t loose viewers from last year and Arrow can only help. Still trying to determine what (if any) effect New York’s Cablevision problem could’ve had on the CW this week. Anybody?

    1) 0.8 with no competition is disaster

    2) Cablevision is 3% of households. 0.8 rating = 1-of-125 people watched Supernatural in rest of U.S. 3% divided by 125 is 0.024 rating points lost. So only if SPN already was at 0.825 to 0.849 it would be 0.9 in finals. 75% chance it would still be at 0.8.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Bill
    While we are talking about the cause of adjustments, why is Survivor always adjusted up?

  • Skylar

    The Neighbors aired in a much more favorable spot last week. Stop being dumb and going OMG such a huge drop. Its obvious it would drop hard.

  • Silvio

    and somehow I’ve forgotten

  • Joseph A

    With the exception of ABC everything held up pretty well last night.
    ABC did take some huge hits last night though ,,
    The Middle – down .7 & 1.4 million viewers – that is a huge drop, but should be safe at 2.2.
    The Neighbors – down 1.3 / 2.9 million viewers , that’s a drop of 40% in the demo. Some might be singing the death knell for this show , BUT, I LOVE , THE NEIGHBORS , It is by far one of my new favorite shows.
    I very much hope that we get to see more of what is the most fun shows that ABC has put out in years.

  • photo man

    Care to explain why it didn’t beat Suburgatory in the same timeslot from last year. Face it that show is failure.

  • Ultima

    @Mr Mumble
    but I wonder if those final debate numbers are really being excluded because FNC beat all the nets

    Nielsen doesn’t rate shows without national commercials (e.g. commercial free political coverage, Football Night in America part 1).

    In the preliminary overnights, they’re not rating shows, they’re rating the time period.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “While we are talking about the cause of adjustments, why is Survivor always adjusted up?”

    While I know the reasons for adjustments in general, and in specific for special events like last night, I don’t know the cause of the very frequent adjustments to Survivor.

    The only thing that causes frequent adjustments to taped shows is if they over or under run their time period regularly by a minute or two, and AFAIK Survivor doesn’t do that.

  • Oliver

    @Bill Gorman

    I am not talking about preliminaries to finals at all. I have no idea where you got that idea.

    All I am saying is that people who wanted to tune in to the debate likely tuned into NBC early and caught the end of Guys With Kids. This boosted GWK’s ratings on a one-time-only basis as these viewers won’t tune in next week. This one-week ratings benefit that makes the show appear stronger than it is.

    Nothing to do with Nielsen’s adjustments at all. I made a similar point in the original thread.

  • Warren

    If Last Resort drops to 1.9, it will have only dropped 0.3 from the premiere unlike The Neighbors which has dropped a whole ratings point more than that. Not to mention Last Resort has no lead in help. The Neighbors certainly suffered from the lack of Modern Family/a full schedule and may well go up next week (it’s very likely in fact), but a 1.9 is terrible after the 3.2 sampling it got last week (though not remotely surprising given how bad the pilot was). A 1.9 for Last Resort would actually mean a pretty good hold and suggest that the majority of people who watched the pilot liked what they saw. A 1.9 from a 3.2 suggests the opposite of The Neighbors.

    And no I am not playing Fan Excuse Bingo, I didn’t even watch Last Resort.

  • Neil

    Sucks for Animal Practice – a final 1.4 last Wed then Animal lovers are happy it went up 0.1 and in the final it drops 0.2.

  • MattM

    Damn, Whitney and Are You There Chelsea (RIP) did better than these flops.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Bill
    It does not do that. In fact, the “episode” is finished by 8:54. Then, there is one minute of wrap-up stuff at 8:57. The last two minutes are commercials. i would figure that that would hurt the rating. Or, would viewers coming in for Criminal Minds offset that.

  • Mr Mumble

    @Ultima, thanks (it was kinda tongue-in-cheek but thanks for the info and it does show Nielsen’s customer is the advertiser and not the TV channels, media or, of course, us.)

  • Dan S

    I’m hoping if anything Last Resort can improve on its 2.2 from last week. If at the very least it doesn’t go below 2.0 like Neighbors just did. Happy for SPN & hope it can maintain the 0.8 with its regular Wed competition next week.

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