CBS Sunday Line-Up Rises By Double Digits Among Adults 18-49 in Live +3 Ratings

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October 5th, 2012

via press note:

Live Plus 3-Day DVR Highlights for Premiere Sunday



THE AMAZING RACE up +945,000 (10.35m from 9.41m), +10%

THE GOOD WIFE up 1.60m (11.53m from 9.93m), +16%

THE MENTALIST up +2.24m (13.29m from 11.05m), +21%


Adults 18-49

THE AMAZING RACE up +0.4 (2.9 from 2.5), +16%

THE GOOD WIFE up +0.5 (2.3 from 1.8), +28%

THE MENTALIST up+0.7 (2.8 from 2.1), +33%


Adults 25-54

THE AMAZING RACE +0.5 (4.0 from 3.5), +14%

THE GOOD WIFE +0.6 (3.1 from 2.5), +24%

THE MENTALIST +0.8 (3.8 from 3.0), +27%



  • DenverDean

    CBS continues to prove that TGW should be shifted to 10 or to Friday. They are giving up valuable demos from lead-in and lead-out. Imagine if TM had a stronger lead-in.

  • Flame

    Seems Race got the same numbers as usual, people just DVR it now and watch later.

  • DW

    enough with the mentalist doing badly. its doing better than good wife. its a lousy excuse that good wife is hurting mentalist. and its not going to Fridays.

  • The End

    The Amazing Race is getting lower figures on average than Previous seasons. Granted although it’s a cheap series to produce, I do think it may have to reinvent itself at some point to drum up more interest. Upping the prize money to 2 million from the get go and possibly reducing the amount of NEL legs or at the very most making it longer/shorter could help.

    Fast Forwards, and penaltys that actually are game changing, less bunching and more freedom on the racers like in previous seasons. Not the everyone on the same flight and will finish within an hour(Bar any kind of catastrophic event that makes a team finish many hours after everyone else).

    Earlier race seasons gave racers the chance to get huge leads. Remove the obvious hours of operation signs when racers arrive at a normal time just so everyone is bunched together(Obviously done on a logistical basis).

  • ShawnM


    TM’s first-week ratings are actually pretty decent and far from bad under the given circumstances. However, insinuating that TGW isn’t hurting TM’s ratings is absurd. TGW provides by far the worst possible 9:00 PM lead-in on CBS.

    It’s within the realm of possibility that CBS is in the process of sacrificing another established drama in hopes for a TGW syndication deal. If that deal wasn’t on its way, keeping TGW at 9:00 PM would eventually have to be considered a horrible and expensive gamble gone wrong.

  • RJ

    With that jump, The Mentalist doesn’t look too bad.

  • Judy912

    I think ‘The Mentalist’ is doing quite well considering it’s on Sunday nights at 10 PM opposite the powerhouse ‘NBC Sunday Night Football’. It’s still my favorite series no matter what night it’s broadcast.

  • Mens6

    The Mentalist has done better than any other series, considering they are the worst day of the week, in the worst times of the week, against the strongest opposition possible (soccer). I would look there to “Big, Bang, Person of Interest or Las Vegas … Furthermore The Good Wife, still best time despite his bad numbers year after year. ¿?

  • Josh

    The Good Wife is a Emmy and awards darling for CBS. They aren’t canceling it anytime soon.
    Besides, its ratings are doing fine.

  • Gary A

    What most people posting on TBTN fails to realize is that TGW is a hit for CBS in the 25 – 54 demo and that is the target audience that they are seeking. Of course it has no interest to the lower end of the spectrum because it is adults and they are dealing with adult themes and topics. The idea that every show on network television has to be about people under the age of 30 just so that portion of the audience can “relate” has led to the increasingly bad series that have dotted network televison in the past decade.
    The younger generation has become more self obsessed in the 21st century. It’s more about me and they seem incapable ( or unwilling ) to embrace things outside their own ken. If they tune in a show and they don’t see characters that are just like them, they can’t relate and don’t watch. They have been told ( by the older generation so it’s not entirely their fault ) that they can do anything, be anything and every thing they have to say or think is golden. By watching series like Jersey Shore and all things Kardashian, that even without talent they too can star in their own reality series and become a star. Even with just modest talent, they are led to believe that they are the next American Idol, Voice or X Factor winner.

  • CarShark

    I don’t get all of The Good Wife defensiveness. It has bad ratings in a decent time slot with a decent lead-in and lead-out. It has potent competition, but the main draw doesn’t steal from its audience too much. Revenge, however, will likely out-soap it for the next 7 months. What is CBS to do? No syndication revenue forthcoming. No ratings growth. Only one Emmy…for best guest star??? Not even NOMINATED for Best Drama? So that’s one fewer feather in its cap. One fewer thing for them to cling on to before CBS inevitably cancels something with better ratings.

    That’s what sticks in my craw about this show. Something is always getting sacrificed at the altar of The Good Wife. First, it was Undercover Boss being booted to Fridays, cutting CSI: Miami’s lead-in by a third. Then CSI: Miami is dropped, even though it matched or beat its lead-in numbers (usually TGW) 15 of 19 times. Now they debut a show about a young female attorney with attitude on Friday nights. All so they don’t have to move the Sunday anchor (and it is one). And for what? So this one show can be dragged into syndication? How much are they going to get for a mediocre-to-poor rated non-procedural? To be used as Emmy bait? It can do that in a less prominent slot. I just don’t understand it.

  • olliebella

    they should bring back csi miami .

  • Joanna Dotson

    The Mentalist is my favorite show and I’m glad it took a jump up.

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