NBC Prepping 8 Episode Limited Run Series Based on Australia's 'The Slap'

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October 5th, 2012

NBC is bringing back the miniseries, according to Deadline. The network has ordered aneight episode  adaptation of the award winning Australian limited run series The Slap. The premise involves a man who slaps a child at a barbecue, presumably creating much drama for everyone in attendance. Jon Robin Baitz, who created Brothers & Sisters will write the script. While limited run series are common in Europe and Australia, they are rare in the U.S.,However, during the 1980s and 1990s the big budget, epic miniseries was a sweeps month staple.

  • Leondre

    NBC has too many shows waiting to premiere during midseason already!

  • varnelius

    Reeks of desperation IMO. Looks like they are throwing everything they can at the wall to see what sticks.

  • tv#1

    TV could use some more good mini-series. Personally, I like mini-series and wish more networks would produce them. I hope this works out, because I would like to see more like it.

  • John A

    Wow what a great plot. Thats pathetic even by NBC.

  • CrimTV

    A man that slaps a child at a barbecue, what?

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    Actually this is an award winning Australian book and min-series…it’s about a man that slaps a bad child while the parents just look at him doing it, then the mother decides to press charges (at least that’s what I got from looking at the trailer on YouTube).

  • DryedMangoez

    Miniseries, event programming, limited series… whatever they’re called, it’d be great to see broadcast networks try more of it. I miss the days when we’d regularly see big miniseries on the broadcast nets.

    About the series, just saw the Aussie trailer and it seems like some heavy moral drama. Perfect for cable, don’t know how it’d work on NBC.

  • Austin

    sounds interesting to me.


    Bringing back the mini-series is a smart move. Go back to the “Roots” of network TV.

  • RJ

    Wow, this sounds dumb. It may be a solid mini-series in Australia, but it sounds awful.

  • Angel

    ‘The Slap’ should be given to NBC. Let’s just line-up and take turns slapping NBC until they finally learn their lesson….LOL

  • Jaes

    I think there should be more network limited run series. Quality vs quantity has played well for HBO. Amazed at the comments by people who don’t see the trend

  • PinoyTVCritic

    @ Jaes
    I think there should be more network limited run series. Quality vs quantity has played well for HBO. Amazed at the comments by people who don’t see the trend

    It’s because it is on NBC! People calls the move stupid and big mistake.

    If this is CBS, comments will surely be…”Wow…such a bold move” or “I Love CBS for bringing this format back”

  • JeffFL

    I watched the first couple episodes of the Aussie series and it sucked. Translation: This one will suck more because the US rarely makes a better series than UK/Australia.

  • SJ

    I like that the miniseries are making a comeback and Jon Robin Baitz is a genius, but that has got to be the stupidest premise I’ve even heard of.

  • jessica

    The import-remake of British shows and totally screwing them up has been a recurring theme of US tv. And now they will probably do the same to Australian shows.

    Coupling … Prime Suspect … The Office … Got Talent … Free Agents … Blackpool … Teachers

    A couple of those might be considered successes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. Just popular.

    Read the award-winning novel. Buy the DVDs (available pretty much everywhere except North America). It isn’t the sort of thing you would find on US tv but then again how many shows on US tv have actual good writing and tell a serious story that lacks a bank robbery, car chase, and fornication?

    Publicly disciplining someone else’s child who is being allowed by his parents to do whatever he feels like. And then the parents have you charged with assault for it. It isn’t a grand action thriller but rather a story of morality that is much more intimate.

  • Anthony

    As long as it has a good ending I’ll be fine with it. The last thing that NBC tried to promote as a limited series (Persons Unknown) ended terribly (think of the ending to the first season of The Killing- it was just as bad).

  • sam

    I loved The Last Templar

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