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October 5th, 2012

Last week the final season of Fringe premiered to a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating. This week several shows, including FOX's Glee, rose in the fast nationals versus their premiere week performances. Fringe may be helped by weak competition fron CBS's Made In Jerse which debuted to an equally low 1.1 last week -- DOA by CBS standards  -- and by not competing with a repeat of the Last Resort pilot, which likely appealed to a similar audience last week. a Or it could follow the pattern of the majority of scripted programs this week and decline from its premiere. Grimm beat it by 5 tenths last week and will likely continue to be stiff competition. Our poll only applies to this universe, not the parallel world where Fringe is the most popular show on television.


  • Dennis

    @TheSearchForSock 1.2

    Obviously FRINGE

  • Dan S

    I’ll have a good laugh when Fringe beats out the miserable MIJ. At that point CBS will have no choice but move it to Sat for burnoff

  • Nick

    Shark Tank: 1.6
    Primetime: What Would You Do?: 1.4
    20/20: 1.4

    CSI: New York: 1.2
    Made in Jersey: 0.8
    Blue Bloods: 1.5

    America’s Next Top Model: 0.4
    Hart Of Dixie rerun: 0.3

    The X Factor rerun: 1.1
    Fringe: 0.9

    Grimm rerun: 0.7
    Grimm: 1.6
    Dateline NBC: 1.2

    1. ABC: 1.5
    2. CBS: 1.2
    2. NBC: 1.2
    4. Fox: 1.0
    5. The CW: 0.4

  • Patrick G.

    I think “FRINGE” will hold steady or fluctuate up or down a tenth…nothing more. It’s core audience seems to be hanging on now until the end. Though what happened to the other characters? I know Agent Lee went over to the parallel universe, so unless the show goes back there at some point, Seth Gable is gone, but what about Broils? Lance Reddick was missing from the credits last week. Were ALL the other actors beyond the “Core 4″ fired in the cost-cutting to get this fith and final season?! :(

  • TheSearchForSock 1.2


    There was nothing “obvious” about your assertion because:

    1)Duh! It was NOT explicit.

    2)Your claim that Fringe is “one of the best scifi show’s of all time” is hard to reconcile with its paltry ratings.

    3)you have yet to grasp the proper use of a comma or an apostrophe.

    Enjoy what’s left of your precious show as it limps toward its feeble conclusion with 13 people watching it.

    signature: R.I.P TheSearchForSock.

  • were123

    @Patrick G
    Don’t worry, Broyles and Nina will be back, as for Seth Gabel he is most probably gone, although Fringe can always surprise us and bring him along as a guest star, but the main regular cast (Torv, Jackson, Noble, Nicole, Brown, Redick) will be on the entire season

  • The End

    @TheSearchForSock 1.2
    @2)Your claim that Fringe is “one of the best scifi show’s of all time” is hard to reconcile with its paltry ratings.

    Ratings don’t always reflect the quality of a show. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of this show but had to chime in with this point.

    Science fiction shows in this day and age do not typically break ratings records. Especially serialized ones, at this stage no one besides people following Fringe will be watching it live on Fox. New viewers would simply be lost.

  • The End

    @Patrick G.

    I haven’t seen anything to suggest the show has received a significant budget cut. If anything the money could of gone on the finale. Typically you budget each episode and plan things accordingly, they may of speant a lot of the shows budget to give Fringe a proper sendoff.

  • tscchope

    Few shows break ratings records these days whatever their genre, whether they’re serialised or arcs. Possibly a thme for a thread -highest rated premieres, highest rated season openers not first season, highest rated episodes ever …

    I doubt Fringe will maintain is seasion premier rating.

  • erwan from france

    I love Fringe and i hope for a 1.2-1.3 . But I love Grimm too, i hope for a 1.5-1.6

  • Observer

    Masked Schedular just tweeted: “Well guys #FRINGE rating down a bit 1.0 in 18-49 with 3,034,000 viewers. We have our work cut out for us.”

  • Toni

    maskedscheduler just tweeted it … “Well guys #FRINGE rating down a bit 1.0 in 18-49 with 3,034,000 viewers. We have our work cut out for us”

  • sarah


  • sarah

    hey ” the search for sock 1.2 ( what the f.. is that awful name?????

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