Soap Opera Ratings: 'Days of Our Lives', 'The Bold & the Beautiful' & 'The Young & the Restless' Up in Women 18-49

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October 5th, 2012


via Soap Opera Network:

Week of September 24-28, 2012

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,450,000 (+161,000/+102,000)
2. B&B 3,277,000 (+138,000/+434,000)
3. GH 2,521,000 (-57,000/-21,000)
4. DAYS 2,356,000 (+44,000/+45,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/12 (+.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (+.1/+.3)
3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/same)
4. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/+.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 810,000 (+76,000/-60,000)
2. B&B 639,000 (+10,000/+90,000)
3. GH 554,000 (-55,000/-115,000)
4. DAYS 496,000 (+47,000/-94,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/8 (+.2/-.1)
2. B&B 1.0/7 (same/+.1)
3. GH 0.9/6 (-.1/-.1)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (+.1/-.1)




Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Shoynna

    Days is super boring. Need to up the game with a better younger cast and stories for the younger set. I could tell that Y&R dialogue had changed some for the better, some probably not. I personally “hated” the pact between Chloe/Kevin/Daniel/Heather as it made very little sense.B&B has a great younger cast and it’s working. Two good weeks for B&B storywise, only a few days that were a bit lackluster, but Friday was a knockout (literally!!!) I expect good numbers for B&B on Monday! With Brooke’s reveal PLUS the TKO!

  • diana

    I didn’t watch any soaps that week, they’re just not interesting me right now. I will, however, be glued to GH next week, with the return of Duke .. can’t wait to see Anna’s reaction! I hope we get a great adventure for these great ’80s vets! :D

  • LynTX

    Y&R can be a bit slow, but at least the s/ls have some complexity to them. Not just schemes to ‘get with someone’, with the whole cast talking about who should be with whom. Thats why I can’t get into B&B and DOOL.
    Have never watched GH.
    Last week contained Y&R’s 10,000th epi; new regime’s writing begans 10/12. Several s/ls are heating up. Anticipate Y&R nearing 5M again by year end.

  • Shoynna

    B&B is on the up-tick — ratings speak for themselves. Emotional storytelling works. I wish all soaps were as good as Neighbours in the late 80s/early 90s or even Home & Away (but then Bevan Lee was a genius at writing for the soaps and especially great at writing for younger characters and teens). B&B could be better, but it’s doing really well. Days has been rebooted to the past and they desperately need something that “seems” new (which could be Eileen’s return this month) Hopefully Y&R will improve with new HW (I expect to see Y&R concentrate on the younger set, taking a page from the B&B playbook.) Y&R needs to repair severely damaged characters (Sharon the most, among others)and move on from there with better storylines.

  • Brad

    JFP & JG’s stuff begins airing on Y&R this Friday, October 12th. I encourage everyone to tune in. GH has been good. It will go up even more with the return of Duke Lavery. B&B was great yesterday. It didn’t revolve around Liam/Steffy/Hope and the episode was excellent and ended on great cliffhangers. DAYS will increase this week as this Thursday, October 11th Eileen Davidson returns as Kristen Blake DiMera!!

  • Brett

    GH is the best soap, no contest, why the ratings are down at all is a mystery to me and cannot understand how it’s ratings are lower than BB and YR. I used to like BB best but those days are long gone, having said that Friday’s episode was the best in a long time. I really can’t understand what people are complaining about regarding YR, it’s not at its best but it’s far from its worst. DAYS has been pretty good, especially the Will and Sonny scenes.

  • Shoynna

    @Brett, I see why people are complaining about Y&R. It IS at its WORST. Sorry, when a soap dismantles a character like Sharon to the point where she is unrecognizable, that is BAD! She’s just the most damaged of the Y&R characters, next might be Nicholas, others are also damaged (but mostly less important characters)like Ronan. Y&R can get better with the new HW, it has to. Y&R has simply NEVER been this bad in its history. I have watched the show from the beginning. On the other hand, Days has one thing working for it and that is Will and Sonny. A Sami/EJ pairing (and I am no fan of these two as a couple) but be the only thing that sparks interest for Days (if Kristen’s return fails). Days needs to surprise us — and soon. Nicole has been “dumbed” down to prop up the boring beyond reason Jennifer and the surfer dude turned doctor Daniel. No sizzle in Danifer, not the first time around and NOT now. Nicole being rebooted to a complete idiot to prop these two was a HUGE mistake on the part of the writers currently at Days. Chloe almost made Daniel a human being, and when she returns in 2013, maybe she can perform a miracle. As for Jennifer, why is she back? She and Jack should have reunited and gone off together to the land of happily ever after! Too many mistakes will kill any show, Days needs to wake up and get a few things (besides WilSon) right. JMO

  • Anna

    @ Shanice A lot of viewers are sick and tired of Sonny being the focus of GH.

  • Shoynna

    @ Amen, Anna!

  • Pat

    Brett a lot of people don’t think Y and R is at its worst. You are right. The few people that post “against” it are usually fans of the other shows. Having said that I think people are fooling themselves when they think Josh and Jill will “fix” it. The writing does need to be refocused, but there have been things working too. It’ll be interesting to see what airs on the 12th.

  • Stacy

    @Anna you are right I do like Sonny but he doesn’t need to be on everyday and the show doesn’t need to focus on him.

  • Shoynna

    At Y&R,Josh will “fix” the biggest problem: Sharon Newman by having her actions be explained by mental illness/breakdown. What else could he do? I still think Y&R is at its worst (and I AM a fan) because never in the history of the show has a character needed to be “redeemed” so “badly” as Sharon. Y&R wasn’t in esp bad shape when LML left; it was a relatively easy fix, but Josh has admitted in interviews that he could not just “fix” MAB’s writing/sls, he has to basically “write them off” as he weaves in his own story elements to eventually create new stories. Y&R will be changing (“fixed”) but prob in slow-motion because the stories cannot just be dropped and new ones started from scratch.

  • JayTN

    Some other numbers and statistics about the daytime ratings:

    CBS’s “The Talk” was up by quite a bit from its one year ago performance (2.33 million vs. 1.87 million) while ABC’s “The Chew” was down from the final week of “All My Children” last year (2.14 million vs. 2.99 million), it is doing better than its first week on the air last September (2.14 million vs. 2.10 million).

    Not only is GH down when compared to itself one year ago, but it is also down from the numbers put up by OLTL (2.52 million vs. 2.78 million for OLTL). That is a loss of 257,000 viewers from what ABC was doing at 2:00 p.m. last year.

  • Black Hawk Down

    Best fight in a long time on B&B:

  • I like this show

    DOOL is SOOOO terrible. How can anyone complain about Sonny on GH when its been Sami/EJ show for YEARS AND it’s the same crap on DOOL Sami loves Rafe, no EJ, no Rafe, no EJ. That’s why i quit watching YEARS ago and it’s still going on LOL. Nicole has guy A vs guy B still going just different names. Again NOTHING has changed its still lame. I take that back evidently Salem has gone back in time OR the FUTURE lol because it seems they no longer have the ability to use cell phones Sami and Rafe looking for each other ROFL. What melodramatic horse poop that was. Kristen is COMING BACK YAY!!!! Just what the show needs more old people it worked so well last year. DOOL= ZZZZ…

  • Anna

    I don’t like DOOL either for that reason. When you make any single character the main focus of an ensemble show, that show suffers. There needs to be more balance between the characters.

  • Mary Amos

    Remember we have to go by 25,000 people saying what we are watching.Everyone watches there soaps and we all know it.But Neilsen just jumps around from week to week.Get real.Neilsen is still using the same amount of people for decades.They make billions and refuse to update.I’m damn tired of shows being cancelled over Neilsen.People need a facebook where we can go and find information to force the rating system be changed before we loose all the soaps.Wake up people its decades old on ratings.Over 100,000,000 Tv’s in the US now and they still using a ratings system from the 50’s.People need to get into Neilsen’s facce.

  • Chrisann D

    Mary Amos, I agree that the Nielson ratings are flawed. I can’t pretend to understand the way it works but I know the younger demos are the most imortant to most avertisers. But in the case of Harrys Law which was canceled because of low younger viewers. As Richard pointed out on many occasions that its viewership was high among older viewers. Why wouldn’t they put on commercials that would interest older viewers????? Products like Centrum Silver, prescription drugs, even commercials for childrens toys…older people do buy for Grandkids. There are plenty of products geared toward the 50+group. I know someone will say older viewers are set in their buying habits but situations change and older people will and do adapt to them including buying new products, like Kindles, computers and lift chairs!!! lol

  • shelly

    Im liking Y & R a little more these days. I loved GH this week and suspect ratings will go up as the Sam’s baby saga plays out.
    Off topic question: I haven’t heard much lately about the over-hyped Katie show. How’s it doing? I wonder today if ABC regrets cancelling OLTL?

  • Rickster

    “Rob R
    Posted October 6, 2012 at 6:06 AM
    DAYS was modestly higher than the same week one year ago. That is significant because exactly one year ago was the heavily promoted week known as the “Reboot” that brought back Marlena, John, Jack, Carrie, and Austin.”

    Wow, that was the week I began REALLY watching DAYS (My mom has always had it on when I was kid, so all the characters are familiar and I did tune in from time to time). I honestly wasn’t impressed with the reboot, and we already know how that turned out. Hopefully we have learned an important lesson: You cannot bring old characters back (beloved or not), rehash old story lines (Or just put them in random scenes cough, Billie Reed, cough) and expect ratings success. It has to be original and authentic.

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