Thursday Final Ratings:'The X Factor', 'Last Resort', '30 Rock', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'The Office' Adjusted Up; ''Two and a Half Men', 'Person of Interest', 'Scandal', 'Elementary' 'Rock Center' & 'The Next' Adjusted Down

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October 5th, 2012

The X Factor, Last Resort, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office were each adjusted up a tenth while The Next, Two and a Half Men, Person of Interest, Elementary, Scandal and Rock Center were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, October 4, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.9/16 15.18
FOX The X Factor 3.2/10 9.25
ABC Last Resort 1.9/6 8.00
NBC 30 Rock (Season Premiere) 1.4/4 3.46
CW The Next (8-10PM) (Finale) 0.2/1 0.64
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men 3.6/11 12.33
NBC Up All Night 1.4/4 3.13
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.8/10 10.84
CBS Person of Interest 3.0/8 14.58
FOX Glee 2.6/7 6.07
NBC The Office 2.2/6 4.14
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation 1.9/5 3.53
10:00 CBS Elementary 2.5/7 11.13
ABC Scandal 2.0/6 6.56
NBC Rock Center  With Brian Williams 1.0/3 3.40

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  • richard

    @ i used to think that too, but i was told otherwise plenty of times, it is about 18-49 in primetime anyway. now, if you have 2 shows of the same age, the same budget, the same 18-49 year olds, but one has more toal viewers than it would matter ( i think)

  • Steve

    @ Jon

    I completely agree. Then again i really only watched the first few seasons of GA but to be honest i could just never get into it… I tried again once later on but watching someone get it on with a Ghost turned me off the show forever. lol.

    @ Patrick

    I am falling completely in love with Last Resort. I really hope its gets the back 9 order. I know i might just be clinging on to hope but its my favorite new show of the season. And I think you are wrong about the cast obviously the 2 leads are amazing but i think they did an excellent job at casting unlike Revolution where i can’t decided if i like the main girl the casted at all. Other than Elizabeth Mitchell and the guy that plays Monroe Im not sold on any of the the cast members yet.

  • Petar Ivanov


    You are right for ABC. And the new sitcom that they was expecting to be hit i guess only they(ABC) not remmember the name of that sitcom but collapse wednesday. 666 start low. LR look bad. Man if we make top 10 for new shows in the end of the season will be laughable. THis year may turn out worst development year from decade or so. For both dramas and sitcoms. And is Dramas was so much in decline past 3-4 years at least sitcoms was in good shape.

  • richard

    @ matt

  • RS

    Of course the critics do not like Scandal. I would not expect the press to be singing its praises either. The premise of the show (correct me I’m wrong) is that, if you have enough money, you can pay someone to keep the skeletons in the closet and your dirty laundry hidden from (wait for it) the PRESS. And, of course by extension, from the public. Back in the day those were the bad guys.

  • SJ


    What does Revenge’s promotion have to do with DWTS collapsing? Are you seriously suggesting that they should have pumped more ads for a 7-year reality show on its last legs rather than a sophomore scripted, buzzed-about drama, heading to its new time slot? And since Revenge got its second-highest numbers ever, doesn’t that mean that all that promotion actually worked?

    I can’t help but crack up at the comments about Scandal’s “niche” following. It’s not a niche show, so it developing a niche following is hardly something that’s praiseworthy. Also, what following? You do realize we’re talking about a show that hasn’t even aired 10 episodes yet, right?

  • Max

    Glad to see so many in this thread agree regarding SCANDAL >>> REVENGE.

  • Shaun P.

    Great for Greys, I’m a major fan! It’s doing better than last season! :D

  • aciel

    @RS i agree why would you promote a show thats just the covering up skeletons.
    @MAX its REVENGE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SCANDAL

  • CrimTV


    It is all about 18-49 ratings.

  • Nick


    Apparently not, as it is currently the #1 drama and is the only show that is up year-to-year.

    Actually, last year Grey’s was the # 2 drama to NCIS. Truthfully, GA did better in the Live+7 Day ratings, but NCIS was king in L+SD (3.75 to 3.56).

  • eridapo

    @ SJ

    Definitely not at DWTS. Maybe I was unclear, but I believe ABC should have spend the advertising money promoting its new shows.

    I understand need to advertise the move of Revenge, and if there is a payoff it is too soon to tell. If Revenge improves would you say that it was due to the advertising or simply because it followed OUAT which Premiere with a 3.9.

    All I’m saying is that for a sophomore show, Revenge is getting the push that is normally reserved for freshman shows with promise.

  • Leoben Conoy


    Scandal > Revenge…

    yea okay, on what planet would that be exactly. The Planet of Are You Freaking Serious?

    IMO OUAT and Person of Interest, Revenge is without a doubt the hottest sophmore show.

    Quite literally in fact. The cast is young and hot. It trumps Scandal on 9,835 different levels.

    Also, I do hope that Last Resort stabilizes. Would love to see this show stick around and get the back 9. It is easily my favorite new drama and very interested on where it goes.

    Its too bad a show like Terra Nova didnt jump out of the gate like Last Resort did (writing and acting wise, not rating wise).

  • Nick


    Actually, it’s REVENGE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SCANDAL


    I love Person of Interest I’m glad its doing well in the ratings.

  • aciel

    @eridapo it doesn’t matter how much promotion shows get. their are shows that get less promotion than scandal and still hit 3’s and their are shows that got a lot of media buzz but got cancelled in their 2nd episode. so really its the fact that revenge is a good show that its getting good ratings. i’m not saying its a hit but revenge has a pretty loyal fan base and its a high sertilized show i don’t think ouats leads helps only helps a little. and dont’t forget that last fall revenge held its entire lead in.

  • Leoben Conoy

    @Lando’s Son

    Yep, Person of Interest is really fantastic. I’m normally not a big procedural guy, but this show has a nice blend of the procedural and the serialized plots that I love.

    I almost gave up on this early on last season. Very happy I didn’t.

  • william

    if two and a half men had real competition it would get slaughtered.

  • rob60990

    Oh please, the promotion for Revenge didn’t take away from the promotion from ABC’s new shows. They all got heavily promoted. More promotion wouldn’t have helped their lackluster ratings.

    Scandal has no loyal following. It would die if it didn’t air after Grey’s Anatomy.

  • aciel

    i couldn’ve said it better myself

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