Renew/Cancel: The Road So Far (Through October 7, 2012)

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October 7th, 2012

I'm still not sure what the plans are for "Bubble Watch" but at minimum will publish a weekly table indicating which shows have been renewed and canceled so far.

A few of you have asked me what has surprised me the most this season and so far nothing really has surprised me. But if we make it to this time next week and no shows have been cancelled/pulled off the schedule yet, that will surprise me a bit.

As ever, when it comes to renewals, we're talking about for next season. That shows like Revolution and Go On have received full season pickups for this season is not surprising but is of course great news for fans! But that's not the same thing as being renewed for another season.

For Bubble Watch and R/C fans who like all the "likely" and "certain" designations and miss them below, you can fill them in on your own!  Despite lack of designations,  the list below isn't in alphabetical order and there is actually a rhyme and reason to my sort order below that is pretty easy to figure out.

As usual, shows that haven't aired yet aren't in the list and the list focuses only on scripted shows.


Show Network Renewal Status
666 Park Avenue ABC
Last Resort ABC
Private Practice ABC
Scandal ABC
Castle ABC
Middle, The ABC
Neighbors, The ABC
Revenge ABC
Once Upon a Time ABC
Grey's Anatomy ABC
Modern Family ABC
Hart of Dixie CW
Supernatural CW
Made in Jersey CBS
Partners CBS
Good Wife, The CBS
Hawaii Five-0 CBS
Mentalist, The CBS
Vegas CBS
Elementary CBS
Blue Bloods CBS
Person of Interest CBS
Criminal Minds CBS
Mike & Molly CBS
Two and a Half Men CBS
How I Met Your Mother CBS
2 Broke Girls CBS
Big Bang Theory, The CBS Already Renewed
Fringe FOX Final Season
Mob Doctor, The FOX
Raising Hope FOX
Ben & Kate FOX
Bones FOX
Mindy Project, The FOX
American Dad FOX Renewed
Bob's Burgers FOX
Glee FOX
New Girl FOX
Family Guy FOX Renewed
Simpsons, The FOX Renewed
30 Rock NBC Final Season
The Office NBC Final Season
Animal Practice NBC
Up All Night NBC
Guys with Kids NBC
New Normal, The NBC
Parks & Recreation NBC
Parenthood NBC
Law & Order: SVU NBC
Grimm NBC
Revolution NBC
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  • kill00

    Awsome title cant wait for more supernatural

  • Chris

    CSI isn’t on the chart.

  • SJ

    I wonder what ABC executives were smoking when they slotted Last Resort at 8pm. It has the vibe of a 10pm show. Also, I hate how those political debates are messing with the schedule. LR will definitely suffer from not leading into Grey’s Anatomy this week.

  • Robert Seidman

    CSI isn’t on the chart.

    Yikes. Fixed.

  • CrimTV

    @Dan S

    666 Park Avenue is not DOA!

    I really hope the Bubble Watch comes back, I loved it :D

  • dref22

    I can’t wait to see Emily Owens MD ratings…

  • Lynn

    @CrimTV 666 is DOA. So far you are the only I have seen on any board defend that show.

  • Max Vrany

    Re: Mentalist- the cast may have signed on through season 6, but that’s separate from show renewal.

  • rob60990

    Premiering with a 2.1 isn’ DOA. DOA means it premiered at cancelled ratings. If and its a big if 666 Park Avenue holds its rating, it would get renewed.

  • ShawnM

    @Robert: It’s probably all based on two tweets by Ashley Gable, one of TM’s executive producers up until this season (see Needless to say that this is just one source (a good one, though) and the supposed renewal for season 6 might just have been talked about and or indicated by CBS. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if said renewal wasn’t actually set in stone.

  • CrimTV


    Thank you! :)

  • Petar Ivanov

    Partners and mob doctor are out next week.(i use simple math) Not big gamble here. Info from last minutes:

    Live+3 ratings for FOx drama are laughable – 1.2. Even almost for free fringe is better. And Parners only 2.4 will go below 2 and AGAIN will hurt a lot 2BG ratings. Mad at CBS. SO mad.

    ps Vegas don’t look good. Already below H5o.

  • omabin


    CrimTV is not alone in defending the show. I also think that unfortunately it will end up canceled (although it’s on the bubble as of now, not DOA), but I liked the show very much and would like to see it performing.

  • Lynn

    2.1 with under 7 million viewers on a Sunday for ABC for a pilot episode is terrible. It lost close to 3 million viewers from its lead in and only has Football to really contend with is DOA. The episode tonight will be under 5 million.

  • Tommy Mickens

    Tessa wrote: I loved the Bubble Watch. Next to the Renew/Cancel index it was the other list I had fun with. Not sure why it won’t be back.

    That’s easy. He probably is considering not taking the time to bother with it anymore because either

    A) The site’s built up now and making enough money other ways so less work for him now not to do a weekly column (maybe it was his eventual plan all along).
    B) He sees by traffic stats that it’s not the most popular/trafficked column so won’t be that missed.
    C) It’s very similar to the Renew/Cancel Index so perhaps unnecessary.
    D) A combination of A, B and/or C.

  • KS

    Can any tell me, for how many seasons is The Big Bang Theory renewed for?

  • Petar Ivanov


    Two Broke Girls: Certain Renewal

    Person of Interest: Certain Renewal

    Thanks. That is what i care about. Add one super bowl slot for PoI and AFC championship slot for 2BG and you will make my day.

    ps Think CBS will renewal both sophomore hit shows for 2 or 3 more seasons. Like TBBT last season.

  • Nick

    My predictions:

    Show Network Renewal Status

    666 Park Avenue ABC: Bubble
    Last Resort ABC: Bubble
    Private Practice ABC : Likely Cancellation
    Scandal ABC : Bubble
    Castle ABC: Bubble
    Middle, The ABC: Likely Renewal
    Neighbors, The ABC: Likely Cancellation
    Revenge ABC: Likely Renewal
    Once Upon A Time ABC: Certain Renewal
    Grey’s Anatomy ABC: Certain Renewal
    Modern Family ABC: Certain Renewl
    Hart Of Dixie CW: Bubble
    Supernatural CW: Likely Renewal
    Made In Jersey CBS: Certain Cancellation
    Partners CBS: Likely Cancellation
    CSI: NY CBS: Likely Cancellation
    Good Wife, The CBS: Likely Cancellation
    Hawaii Five-0 CBS: Likely Renewal
    Mentalist, The CBS: Bubble
    Vegas CBS: Likely Cancellation
    Elementary CBS: Likely Renewal
    Blue Bloods CBS: Likely Renewal
    CSI CBS: Likely Renewal
    Person Of Interest CBS: Likely Renewal
    Criminal Minds CBS: Likely Renewal
    Mike & Molly CBS: Bubble
    NCIS: LA CBS: Ceratin Renewal
    Two and a Half Men CBS: Bubble
    How I Met Your Mother CBS: Bubble
    2 Broke Girls CBS: Certain Renewal
    NCIS CBS: Ceratin Renewal
    Big Bang Theory, The CBS: Already Renewed
    Fringe FOX: Final Season
    Mob Doctor, The FOX: Certain Cancellation
    Raising Hope FOX: Likely Renewal
    Ben & Kate FOX: Bubble
    Bones FOX: Likely Renewal
    Mindy Project, The FOX: Bubble
    American Dad FOX: Renewed
    Bob’s Burgers FOX: Bubble
    Glee FOX: Likely Renewal
    New Girl FOX: Certain Renewal
    Family Guy FOX: Renewed
    Simpsons, The FOX: Renewed
    30 Rock NBC: Final Season
    The Office NBC: Final Season
    Animal Practice NBC : Certain Cancellation
    Up All Night NBC: Likely Cancellation
    Guys With Kids NBC : Likely Cancellation
    New Normal, The NBC : Bubble
    Parks & Recreation NBC: Bubble
    Go On NBC: Likely Renewal
    Parenthood NBC : Likely Renewal
    Law & Order: SVU NBC: Likely Renewal
    Grimm NBC: Certain Renewal
    Revolution NBC: Certain Renewal

  • Petar Ivanov


    Yep 3 more seasons.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Question about the rules. When Tv by the numbers will change/renew TV’s main pages? I mean CBS/NBC/FOX/ABC pages.(with new ratings of course) I mean in what day of the week this will be done, and will be every week in that day or different day? Or once a month? Thanks.

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