Renew/Cancel: The Road So Far (Through October 7, 2012)

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October 7th, 2012

I'm still not sure what the plans are for "Bubble Watch" but at minimum will publish a weekly table indicating which shows have been renewed and canceled so far.

A few of you have asked me what has surprised me the most this season and so far nothing really has surprised me. But if we make it to this time next week and no shows have been cancelled/pulled off the schedule yet, that will surprise me a bit.

As ever, when it comes to renewals, we're talking about for next season. That shows like Revolution and Go On have received full season pickups for this season is not surprising but is of course great news for fans! But that's not the same thing as being renewed for another season.

For Bubble Watch and R/C fans who like all the "likely" and "certain" designations and miss them below, you can fill them in on your own!  Despite lack of designations,  the list below isn't in alphabetical order and there is actually a rhyme and reason to my sort order below that is pretty easy to figure out.

As usual, shows that haven't aired yet aren't in the list and the list focuses only on scripted shows.


Show Network Renewal Status
666 Park Avenue ABC
Last Resort ABC
Private Practice ABC
Scandal ABC
Castle ABC
Middle, The ABC
Neighbors, The ABC
Revenge ABC
Once Upon a Time ABC
Grey's Anatomy ABC
Modern Family ABC
Hart of Dixie CW
Supernatural CW
Made in Jersey CBS
Partners CBS
Good Wife, The CBS
Hawaii Five-0 CBS
Mentalist, The CBS
Vegas CBS
Elementary CBS
Blue Bloods CBS
Person of Interest CBS
Criminal Minds CBS
Mike & Molly CBS
Two and a Half Men CBS
How I Met Your Mother CBS
2 Broke Girls CBS
Big Bang Theory, The CBS Already Renewed
Fringe FOX Final Season
Mob Doctor, The FOX
Raising Hope FOX
Ben & Kate FOX
Bones FOX
Mindy Project, The FOX
American Dad FOX Renewed
Bob's Burgers FOX
Glee FOX
New Girl FOX
Family Guy FOX Renewed
Simpsons, The FOX Renewed
30 Rock NBC Final Season
The Office NBC Final Season
Animal Practice NBC
Up All Night NBC
Guys with Kids NBC
New Normal, The NBC
Parks & Recreation NBC
Parenthood NBC
Law & Order: SVU NBC
Grimm NBC
Revolution NBC
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  • omabin

    On Tuesdays, every week typically.

  • KS

    Revolution Ratings – My prediction:

    Season 1:
    Episode 1 – 4.1

    Episode 5 – 3.0

    Episode 10 – 2.5

    Episode 20 – 2.0

    I guess, it would be renewed with that ratings.

    Season 2:

    Show may average 1.5 ratings and may be just above the average ratings and would be renewed.

    Season 3:

    Ratings are gonna get down to pathetic levels. And it may get a sympathetic renewal for the sake of syndication.

    Season 4:

    Who cares about the ratings any more? Just enjoy the show, if the show improves at least by then from the current mediocre quality!!

    My wishlist:
    1. Like Supernatural, I don’t think family drama would work on Revolution.
    2. Focus more on black out than on the ridiculous sword-fights. They are good once in a while, but half the episode of fights is boring.
    3. Kill all the teenagers on the show soon, especially Charlie or at least sideline them. They are such a pain in the a$$.
    4. Give more screen time to excellent actors like Esposito.
    5. Dialogues need “punch”. Mr. Kripke, don’t you remember writing excellent dialogues for Demons on Supernatural? Why on this show, not even a quotable quote yet?

  • CrimTV


    Yeah but compare it to it’s other new shows this season (Last Resort around the same performance, The Neighbors huge drop) and more importantly it’s other 10pm shows (Private Practice, Castle, Scandal) and the latter has a lead-in with high 3’s.

  • Joltman

    Are there any stats for how often new shows that get a full season order aren’t renewed? That would be interesting to see.

  • Clarkwood

    Petar Ivanov – Tuesdays If a Holiday makes it so the reports that they get wait a day then Wednesday. Usually in the AM but sometimes PM.

    Robert Seidman – Can you please @ least do a Bubble Watch with the likely/certain renewal/cancel etc On the First Sunday of each Month? Meaning instead of weekly main update, every 4 or 5 weeks. Make it a Monthly report. This way you can still do it but not have to go with only 1 week of updates that rarely changes anything.

    Also, could TVBTN somehow say which season is currently airing/how many episodes have aired? This way we can stay here instead of WIKI to see if they are freshmen/sophomore, close to syndication, or well past.

  • GreenGreenGreenRed

    I like Grimm’s position on this list (I think I figured out the pattern).

  • Petar Ivanov


    Thanks. Season started, but The Cancellation Bear is still sleeping. TV’s staff and people must celebrate.(smile)

    ps By the way give this ‘cancellation Bear’ true name pleaaaase.
    On POI Reese’s dog (name) Bear. Its most buzz dog and everybody love it. So cute, all my family are in love. And is very funny dog. But i always remember and bad and not funny, not at all(not to mention cute) ‘cancellation bear’. So i vote for new true name. Related with TV and films i guess. If i can to vote, vote for Chewbacca. I don’t know why, but when i see the picture always remember him.

  • Petar Ivanov


    Yep, i agree with you man. More info – the better.

    Grimm is almost sure for 5 seasons and syndication. So GrimTV must celebrate. Happy for him.

  • suzie

    I really dont want 666 Park avenue to be canceled, even tho there’s only been one episode so far, I enjoyed it. It suffers from stupid name syndrome though.

  • Nick


    Are there any stats for how often new shows that get a full season order aren’t renewed? That would be interesting to see.

    Not on TVBTN, but here’s the data for new shows from last year:

    Fall Premiere with Full Season:
    Once Upon A Time- Renewed
    Last Man Standing- Renewed
    Suburgatory- Renewed
    Revenge- Renewed
    2 Broke Girls- Renewed
    Unforgettable- Renewed
    Person of Interest- Renewed
    Hart of Dixie- Renewed
    Ringer- Cancelled
    The Secret Circle- Cancelled
    New Girl- Renewed
    Up All Night- Renewed
    Whitney- Renewed
    Grimm- Renewed

    Fall Premiere with Extra Episodes:
    Pan Am- Cancelled
    A Gifted Man- Cancelled

    Fall Premiere without Extra Episodes:
    Man Up- Pulled and Cancelled
    Charlie’s Angels- Pulled and Cancelled
    How to Be a Gentleman- Pulled and Cancelled
    Terra Nova- Cancelled
    I Hate My Teenage Daughter- Pulled and Cancelled
    The Playboy Club- Pulled and Cancelled
    Free Agents- Pulled and Cancelled
    Prime Suspect- Cancelled

    If last year is any guide, then if a show gets a full season, there’s roughly an 86% chance it will get renewed.

  • Petar Ivanov

    My friend i think you are right. Good analysis. But still 2 things:

    1 – Right now look bad that RVN is in 10 pm(Live+3 ratings beat NCIS but this slot is heavy dvr) but in the future will be better there with lower ratings and lower expectations. Unfortunately you are right. Although RVN is not post-apocalyptic sci fi drama as some mention but is action adventure post power drama i agree will suffer rhe same way dramas like fringe, heroes etc. suffer big drops in second season. So 10pm is ok.

    2 – about wishlist

    1) less family drama – I agree.

    2) less sword-fights – NOT agree. I think this is what Kripke said more like Lord of the rings adventure. Its entertining and action is good.

    3) less teenagers – NOT agree. My friend who do you think give this BIG demo wins and buzz? Only the story? teenagers & love story must stay. But i think this hybrid formula is smart. Young leads, surrounded with experience great actors like – Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Mitchell and Zak Orth. I like it. JD Pardo is awesome! Bring a lot female viewers(teen girls) with sure. Tracy male(teen boys).

    4) Agree. A lot of knowledge in Kripke, he have(like Yoda)

    greetings in foggy, misty London. Great city.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @ If last year is any guide, then if a show gets a full season, there’s roughly an 86% chance it will get renewed.

    100% for big 4.

  • Nick

    @Petar Ivanov

    Yeah, but… it doesn’t work that way.

  • Robert Seidman

    That’s easy. He probably is considering not taking the time to bother with it anymore because either

    A) The site’s built up now and making enough money other ways so less work for him now not to do a weekly column (maybe it was his eventual plan all along).
    B) He sees by traffic stats that it’s not the most popular/trafficked column so won’t be that missed.
    C) It’s very similar to the Renew/Cancel Index so perhaps unnecessary.
    D) A combination of A, B and/or C.

    Nah, most of it is that it’s still very early in the season. Last year the first Bubble Watch of the year wasn’t posted until the end of October (and last year the season started a week earlier.)

    It’s not any extra work to put the designations in – I have them anyway and they don’t change much week to week. After the daily ratings posts (excluding Saturday ratings) and the R/C posts, it’s one of the most popular posts of the week and definitely the most popular post on Sundays.

    But my guess was that at a minimum posting a table of shows, even without designations throughout October was better than posting nothing. And it also avoids the “where is the Bubble Watch?” comments.

  • KS

    @Robert Seidman

    Don’t you think, NBC’s pathetic state can save Revolution for at least one more season?

  • Andy

    The only reason I can think that The Mob Doctor is still on TV is because FOX is trying to come up with something to fill the space besides putting on repeats. X Factor repeats would probably get the same or better ratings than The Mob Doctor at this stage.

    CBS will most likely be the first to cancel a show though. If it isn’t Partners then it’ll probably be Made In Jersey, especially if it drops any lower than a 0.8 this coming Friday. If it can hold up then they may keep it on air for another week or two but if not then I think it’s gone.

  • Fred

    Count me in the group that defends 666 Park Ave , but I can see why so many don’t like it. Not exactly standard network fare.

    LAST RESORT is probably the best new drama on network television. Truly desereves a more appropriate timeslot. The lead actors are simply amazing.

    On the other hand, REVOLUTION is perhaps the most overated new drama. I watched 3 eps and enjoyed them. However some of the actors are subpar, the scripts are inconsistent, a bit too predictable at times and too many scenes are reminiscent of the far superior LOST. That said I will keep watching until the bitter end. Just like I did with other similar shows: The EVENT, FLASH FORWARD etc…..

  • dee

    @Robert Seidman

    I know that Playboy Club (NBC) was the first canceled series on Oct 4th (pulled remaining episodes off schedule). Charlies Angles was canceled on Oct 14th (but continued to air remaining episodes).

    Question: Where their any other series canceled between Oct 4th-14th? What is the number of shows canceled for the month of October 2011?

  • Robert Seidman

    @Dee, not something I track but other than Playboy Club & Charlie’s Angels which you mentioned, the only other October ones I remember off the top of my head were CBS’s How to be a Gentleman and NBC’s Free Agents.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think it’s clear Last Resort is not going to make it, nor is 666. Last Resort’s EXECUTION has not been QUITE as bad as I expected, but it’s premise and the plots in the first two episodes have been pretty stupid. They’re breaking the audience suspension of disbelief and that never ends well…

    Revolution in my view should be on “bubble watch”. The premise is so pathetic and badly executed that without massively better writing and acting, I don’t see the audience staying with it. It may not drop fast, however, if the audience tries giving it a shot, which happens sometimes.

    Of the shows I watch – mostly the genre shows – pretty much everything is likely to be fine, with the possible exception of Alphas, and some questions around Castle and H5O. In particular, Revenge and Person of Interest should remain fine, and I expect Vampire Diaries and Supernatural to remain. When Nikita airs, I expect it to continue doing as it did, around .4-.6 and given it wasn’t likely to be renewed last season, all bets are off on renewal this season – it might or might not for no known reasons.

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