Updated: Will 'Once Upon a Time' Continue to Live Happily Ever After? - Poll

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October 7th, 2012

Update: Once Upon a Time fell to a 3.3 preliminary adults 18-49 rating, almost all of those voting in the poll were too optimistic.

Last week, Once Upon A Time debuted to a big 3.9 adults 18-49 rating.The question is whether the show can keep up the ratings fairytale now that the characters are aware of their true identities. In its favor: tonight's episode features the return of Barbara Hershey as Regina's mother and was written by sci fi/fantasy fan favorite Jane Espenson. Make your predictions now and check back tomorrow to see if the all-powerful Nielsen wizard agreed with you.


  • Tom

    Of course Once Upon A Time will continue to get great ratings.
    The question is: will Revenge?

  • Victor Hugo

    3.5 rating for OuaT
    2.7 rating for Revenge
    1.8 rating for 666 Park Avenue

  • Dean_W

    3.4 for Once Upon a Time
    2.7 for Revenge
    1.7 for 666 Park Avenue

  • Hugo Manso

    3.8 Once
    2.9 Revenge
    1.9 666 PA

  • omabin

    3.7 Once Upon a Time
    2.9 Revenge
    2.0 666 Park Avenue

  • MrFreezeDude

    3.9 Once Upon a Time
    3.2 Revenge
    2.1 666 Park Avenue

  • Jon23812

    OUAT: 3.7
    Revenge: 3.0
    666 Park Ave: 1.9

  • Jesimiel

    3.6 Once Upon a time
    2.8 Revenge
    1.5 666 Park Avenue

  • Tom

    3.7 rating for OuaT
    3.0 rating for Revenge
    2.0 rating for 666 Park Avenue

  • HB

    3.6-3.7-Once Upon A Time
    2.7-2.8-Revenge (hopefully it doesn’t drop below this range)

  • Tom

    If you’re sick of cartoons and football, OUAT is the show to watch. Pretty much the same with Revenge. Both shows have entertaining story lines and it’s not like there are any other options available. It’s too early to say much about 666. Terry O’Quinn makes watching the show worthwhile and the ABC dramas opposite it are at best unremarkable.

  • Matt

    3.6 / 10.5M – OUAT
    2.7 / 8.9M – Revenge
    1.7 / 6.4N – 666

  • Tom

    Oops. Make that unremarkable CBS dramas

  • SJ

    3.8 for Once Upon a Time
    3.1 for Revenge
    1.7 for 666 Park Ave

  • Timothy

    I know this is the wrong place to ask, but can someone link me the premieres date page that used to be linked in the upper left corner?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Timothy, it hasn’t been updated in a couple of weeks but:


  • Timothy

    Thank you!

  • CrimTV

    All i’m gonna say is I hope 666 stays up :/

  • silvit

    If that’s how you worded it, it will only go down from here. Once the mistery (gimmick) is revealed, half the fun is gone. I give it a couple of episodes before settling in on the low.

  • Lynn

    3.8 for Once Upon a Time, could be lower becuase of Simpson’s Tree House of Horror though, we shall see…
    3.0 for Revenge could change due to The Good Wife starting late.
    >1.0 for 666 Park Ave. Williams and O’Quinn are wasted on this show. Ironically I think O’Quinn should be on Once Upon a Time and Williams should move to Revenge as Ashley’s mother.

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