Additional Scripts Ordered for 'The Neighbors'

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October 8th, 2012

Deadline is reporting that three additional scripts have been ordered for new comedy The Neighbors. While scripts don't always translate into episodes, this certainly could be encouraging news for those hoping for a full series pickup for the alien comedy.

  • Nick

    The Neighbors is the only show on TV that keeps me laughing for the entire episode.… Because of how stupid it is!!

    Three additional episodes doesn’t mean it’s going to come back. It could be a scheduling quirk, like CBS ordering 3 extra episodes last year for A Gifted Man.

  • Networkman

    The second episode of The Neighbors really exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, the writing was of quality. So, I do want to see where this go. I don’t feel it was any worse than Suburgatory.

  • Dan S

    If they’re ordering more scripts for Neighbors hopefully Last Resort will also be given due consideration.

  • CrimTV

    Well lets just say last season was a much better year for ABC!

  • Zach

    I hated the first episode, but i liked the second. I think its the kind of show that people either love or love to hate. Regardless i think that ABC needs to think long term. The only real comedy hit they have launched recently has been Suburgatory. LMS does alright and HE is very niche. DTTBIA23 is a non-entity and has yet to show what it can do without a lead in. Guaranteed its renewal was based on ABC wanting something ‘young’ to pair with HE away from the family comedy block. Say what you want about HE and The Neighbors having dismal ratings, but apt. 23 would have done so much worse if it wasn’t sheltered by Modern Family all last season.

  • William

    whats the point? lol it wont get a 2nd season

  • colt13

    This show is much better than I expected, good for them.

    The only new sitcoms I have dropped were all NBC- Go On, The New Normal and Animal Practice. Makes me hope that Guys With Kids moves to friday With Whitney because they are the only 2 sitcoms on NBC with an audience or laugh track.

  • Dan

    I think its more likely The Neighbors will get a full season and then not be renewed for a second year. Its not doing horribly to be axed and cancelling it would put a hole in the schedule.

  • Hugh

    ABC has a knack of making horrible comedies. Man Up, Work It and The Neighbors

  • Ting En

    Wait a minute… Wasn’t The Neighbors supposed to be this season’s Work It?
    So I guess Paul Lee’s “I thought something really stupid could work” plan on Work It succeeded on The Neighbors. Wow. Just wow.

  • NJ Viewer

    @John A

    Every comedy currently on the air stinks. None of them are really funny, and most have to resort to sexual innuendo trying to get laughs. Call me old-fashioned, but where’s Garry Marshall?

  • Baaa!

    Love The Middle. I turned off The Neighbors premiere in 15 minutes, but the second episode was much better and watched it all. Did not like Modern Family, but a season one episode hooked me and I’ve been watching and loving it ever since. Suburgatory was pretty good, but seemed less young kids friendly subject wise, but thanks to its later start my wife and I watch it regularly now.

  • Bob

    I did see the first episode of The Neighbors by watching it on Hulu or something (could have been Amazon) but anyway, it was not as bad as what everyone said but it wasn’t good either. I only hope this makes it because of Jamie Kirtz (sp???). I really like her. Wasn’t she in some 90’s show that stayed and stayed forever? lol.

  • dee

    the Alien Wife ……thats all i gotta say..

  • Rita

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love this show. It’s so stupid and funny.

  • ryan

    Happy endings back to Wednesday plz this show is horrible. I’m still pissed they dropped pushing daisies yrs ago this show is lowest common denominator bad

  • Ann

    I love this show it is so funny I watch each episode many times it takes me to a happy place.

  • X

    I like this show, I think it’s hilarious. Go watch your 2.5 Men already.

  • whit

    guys its a comedy okaqy it is suppose to be something you watch without having to solve anything just be entertained and it does that i am so tired of action hero crap it is annoying i love the one liners in this show its great for a comedy, o and modern family sucks

  • Jim

    For all the haters of this show, watch it with your kids and you’ll see why they ordered more scripts. If you don’t have kids, then why are you at home on a Wednesday at 8:30 when you should be out trying to procreate!

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