'Community' and 'Whitney' Friday Premieres Delayed; Will They Come Off the Bench for 'Animal Practice' and 'Guys with Kids'?

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October 8th, 2012

The Friday debuts of Community and Whitney are on hold indefinitely.  Both were originally scheduled to premiere on Friday, October 19. No decision yet on when they will air, or on what night but I wouldn't bet on having to wait too long after the ratings for this Wednesday's Animal Practice and Guys with Kids or Thursday's ratings for Up All Night and 30 Rock  come out to learn when Community and Whitney will air...

A statement from NBC makes it sound like the decision is about focusing their promotional efforts where it will make the most difference. It's hard for me to buy that's really the case. If a show like Animal Practice couldn't thrive after months of promotion including tons of promotion during the Olympics, I can't see how focusing more promotion on it makes sense. Here's the statement from NBC:

“Given the success we’ve had for the past four weeks – including winning the first week of the season in A18-49 — we’ve decided to continue to concentrate our promotional strength on our new NBC shows that are scheduled Monday through Wednesday and have therefore decided to hold Community and Whitney from their previously announced premieres of October 19th. Without having to launch these comedies on Friday at this time, we can keep our promotion focused on earlier in the week — plus we will have both comedies in our back pocket if we need to make any schedule changes on those nights. When we have a better idea of viewing patterns in the next few weeks, we will announce new season premieres of Whitney and Community.”

  • DW

    community isn’t coming back to thursday to replace any show. why replace a low rated show with a low rated show?. last spring it could barley beat that Ashley Judd show. makes zero sense.

  • Jiji Moran

    They can keep “Whitney” in the shelve forever. Some networks should give a chance to some of the new shows to stabilize, IMO.

  • Nick


    why replace a low rated show with a low rated show?

    They replace a low-rated show with a show that needs epsodes to get to syndication.

  • Honey Badger

    Community and Whitney – NBC using two low rated shows to rescue NBC
    Goon brining in celeb. guest stars to help ratings
    most NBC shows low ratings and falling
    NBC has The Voice and Sunday night football that get great ratings

    NBC they are sinking fast, and they were bearly above water to begin with

    What would you do to save NBC now?

  • DW

    @ nick

    that would be plausible if it was owned by nbc but its owned by sony so nbc through universal wouldn’t see that rerun money

  • Honey Badger

    It is no use for NBC to move their low rated shows around; they will have low ratings wherever you put them.
    It is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic when it was sinking

    What would you do now to save NBC from its downward spiral?

  • Nick


    Community is half-owned by NBCUniversal and half-owned by Sony.

  • Nick

    Stupid italics.

  • Glenn

    I love Whitney and can’t wait for it to come back. The rest of those shows are just crap!

  • Kavyn

    Isn’t it great that all of NBC’s one million new comedies flopping means that fans of Community and Whitney have to suffer? Kinda lame, huh…

  • chrisss

    @ Kavyn

    Do Whitney and Community fans really suffer if in the long run this move means they get more episodes/ renewed for another season?

  • Anthony

    I don’t see NBC doing Community a lot of favors, when have they ever? They tossed the show against TBBT in its second season.

    Um not exactly. CBS tossed TBBT against Community going into Community’s second season.

    I think there is a chance Whitney takes the place of Animal Practice. Community possibly takes the spot of 30 Rock or Up All Night AFTER they air 13 episodes. I can’t see them pulling either of those two (as bad as they are doing) when they have small orders and also the fact that Community most likely wouldn’t perform much better.

  • Oliver

    Sony will have cut the license fee to get additional episodes (and the show is part-owned by NBCUniversal). Replacing a more expensive show with a cheaper one that should get slightly better ratings is ultimately good for NBC’s bottom line.

    @Honey Badger
    The role of scheduling is to maximise the ratings of the shows they have. It’s a worthwhile endeavor.

    NBC’s long-term solution is to develop more successful shows. The problem is that their shows are bad and/or unmarketable. NBC’s development is a complete mess.

    NBC execs need to figure out who exactly their network is supposed to appeal to. Their schedule lacks any cohesion whatsoever. Fox has a similar identity crisis.

  • SherLOCKED

    WTF NBC?!

    I’m WAITING for Community!!!!!

    Right now I’m watching BBT and HIMYM, but I WANT THE BEST COMEDY ON TV BACK!

  • Kyle R

    Who the hell is running NBC? “You know, we should really put Community on hold again. The fans took it so well last time.”

  • Krister

    Would Whitney and Community really get better numbers than “Guys with Kids” and “Animal Practice”. Looking at the numbers Whitney and Community used to have I doubt it.

  • senor chang

    NBC has so many shows for midseason that I can’t even begin to imagine a midseason schedule.

  • PinoyTVCritic

    9:00 GO ON

    8:00 WHITNEY

    8:00 30 ROCK –> LET IT DIE
    9:00 THE OFFICE

    8:30 COMMUNITY

  • Joe

    I would be really interested to see what Community could do following Go On. The two shows are thematically comparable and Community hasn’t had a lead-in since it followed The Office early in its first season (and it got 3.0+ ratings).

  • DW

    it would be the same as the new normal if not worse.

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