How Will 'Revolution' Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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October 8th, 2012

Update: most of those voting in the poll got it right, a preliminary 3.1 adults 18-49 rating for the episode on Monday, October 8, 2012.

Revolution may have been picked up for a full season, but its still going to need to keep up a strong performance if its going to make it to the holy grail of so-called "genre" television: a second season. While the premiere had a strong performance, the show has been dipping steadily each week (last week saw it dip to a 3.2 after the previous week's 3.4 adults 18-49 rating), which could become an issue if the trend continues. So what do you think? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • Hattie

    Can’t see it staying above a 3.0.

  • Sid

    I hope it continues to dip! It’s taking viewers away from Five-0 and Castle.

  • Rooks

    The writing is absolutely awful, nut I can’t find myself cheering for the demise of a postapoc genre show since it’s hard enough to get one on the air to start with. Best case scenario is that it’s successful and another network copies it, only with decent writing.

  • Emily

    if it drops lower than 2.9 season pick-up or not, I’d be worried

  • The End


    Very good point, I agree.

    Kinda proves that all fans are looking for, is a good Science fiction show that they can really get behind, and producers that listen to the concerns of the fans(If they are in a position to change what doesn’t work).

  • Bigbrotherfan


  • SplashK

    Revolution is becoming unwatchable. last weeks episode was the last drop for me. A firm farewall :)

  • KS


    I remember Robert/Bill saying that both the shows are syndicated and hence there is a possibility of their renewal in spite of the ratings.

    But Revolution doesn’t have that chance. I still have hopes that quality would be improved as more and more is revealed. So, I don’t want the show to fail.

  • Yam

    Revolution : 2.6-2.9

  • Brian


  • Trey

    The show stinks and the main girl character annoys the hell out of everybody who watches. I’m going with 2.9.

  • senor chang

    2.8-3.1, stabilizing at this level.

  • Kyle

    SpoilerTV has it at 3.3. Probably a 3.0 in the finals would be likely. Good #.

    Here are the rest:

    Revolution 3.3
    Partners 2.2
    Mob Doctor 1.3
    Castle 2.2 (will be higher in overnights before removing overruns then return closer to this in finals)

    Hawaii 5-0 2.0
    Bones 2.3
    Gossip Girl 0.4
    90210 0.5

  • senor chang

    Overnights have Revolution virtually identical to its numbers last week: 5.2 HH vs a 5.4 last week. Holding up very well.
    Voice, meanwhile, was actually up slightly, 8.3 HH vs 8.1 last week.

    Dancing was also up slightly. Castle was steady.

    No other big news, but both Partners and Mob Doctor drifted down even more, and Hawaii 5-0 was up ~10%. There’s definitely room for all three series in the 10 slot; no need to fight, guys :)

    In BOMBA news: CW might not even break a million viewers tonight. LoLoLoLOL

  • senor chang

    Damn, didn’t know the SpoilerTV numbers were out. Numbers for Partners and Mob Doctor seem way too high; they’ll likely be sub-2 and sub-1, respectively.

    Not as good for 5-0 as I expected. Maybe it was skewing older than usual tonight?

  • Kyle

    @senor chang

    Usually it’s the 25 Meter Market.

    But I am glad Castle was steady. Like you said I hope ABC/CBS/NBC can all of shows above 2 in the 10pm slot. I think all 3 can survive. Just goes to show you how loyal EACH fanbase is.

  • scifi

    5.99% of “<2.5": haters…

  • CrimTV

    Only an early 18-49 estimate but estimated Revolution got a 3.3, will defiantly be changed up or down though as it is only an estimate!

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