Wacky Report: 'Goodfellas' Actor Signed To Recurring Role On Series That Should Already Be Canceled

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October 8th, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Goodfellas alum Mike Star has signed on for a recurring role on Fox's freshman drama 'The Mob Doctor.'

While actor signings aren't indicative of episodes that will actually air,  it does seem kind of wacky that the show seems to be plowing along in 'full-steam-ahead' mode after last Monday's abysmal 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.

  • The End


    I would be surprised too if Episode 5 airs November 8th on Monday. Entirely likely Fox has some lead boots ready for The Mob Doctor and the show will be sleeping with the fishes(Dumped on Friday sometime..) or be burned off depending on how bad episode 4 does,

  • Wright

    I enjoy the show. It’s better than having to watch another boring comedy, lawyer show and police show.

  • Jess

    Fox previewed ep 5 on nov 5th after baseball – what is everyone gonna do now !!! Maybe they will be forced to watch a good show now !!! Could everyone be wrong ! Lets see how many of you say you were wrong !

  • Emy

    The promo at the end of the ep said it was returning Nov 5th

  • AppleStinx

    It returns Monday Nov 5th.

  • Alan

    I think GG will beat Mob Doctor soon because it’s the final season so a lot of people that stopped watching, started to watch it again…

  • chezmoi

    Et si CTV rachetait la série ? Ce serait possible ? Les scores sont plutôt corrects je crois sur CTV avec environ un peu plus d’un million de téléspectateurs.

    Probablement que non! Not likely as it might not be produced in Canada.
    I am sure someone will confirm or correct very few programs since Baywatch/Due South have been continued by non-Amercians.

  • The End


    November 5th = Friday

    Thanks for the news on this. Looks like Fox are moving this show to Friday.

  • The End

    Ah my mistake. It’s still Monday. Tiredness in all. Ignore my above comment.

  • Emily

    I suppose maybe he was already cast like ages ago, but it was only annouced now because actors are wacky? I sppose in the defence of the show, just because you have terriable ratings doesn’t mean you go to sleep, like you have to work until they tell you to stop working

  • Morgan Wick

    I wonder if Fox has hopes of aggressively (as in TBS-level) promoting Mob Doctor during the baseball playoffs in hopes of getting a larger audience to check it out when it returns and allow its audience to bounce back. If the critics like it, perhaps Fox sees that as a reason to be more lenient on it even in the face of atrocious ratings, and effectively give it a “reboot” and a second chance.

    I also wonder if Fox is on its way to becoming the new NBC.

  • Jon23812

    November 5th is Monday, not Friday.

  • Tony ^_^

    Looks like “The Mob Doctor” is the show that won’t die! :o FOX must still have some faith in it…

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    It would be better if Tony Soprano showed up and plugged the Mob Doctor now rather than make the cast suffer a slow death.

  • NJ Viewer

    Maybe Sony got FOX to pick it up for ridiculously low fees, kind of like what Warner did with Fringe.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    NJ Viewer, No comparing Mob Doctors ratings on Monday night to Fringe on Fridays. It took over 3 years for Fringe to drop below 2.0 demo after 3 different nights/time slots ending up on Fridays in the graveyard. Mob Doctor is starting out in subterranean territory. Fringe always had large Live+3 ratings between 40-65% – Mob Dcotor doesnt – went from 1.0 to only 1.2 or 20%. I think I saw that Fringe had 1.0 Demo live but had something over 65% increase to 1.65 or so with Live+ DVR ratings added in. Even so, its wrapping up its 5 year run so ratings dont matter much.

    Though if ratings rose significantly Id like to think it might prompt JJ Abrams to think about Fringe/LOST series perhaps summers on cable blending the end of Fringe and the unaired Epilog of LOST. Probably wont happen… Shows like Fringe do far better on cable than networks.

  • Dan

    Mob doctor will supposedly return Monday November 5 but after todays ratings its likely to be pulled. However knowing fox they may actually air episodes during sweeps and there’s no chance of a move to fridays because KN and Fringe are airing then

  • Wowza

    FOX is really working hard to not be an a whole anymore

  • mayorofsmpleton

    Promoting an episode isn’t the same as airing it. Wonderfalls 5th episode was promoted but never aired, on FOX. ;) back in 2004

  • C Whitty

    What annoys me is in the UK someone like living, sky or channel 4/5 will advertise picking up the Mob Doctor yet I know its gonna be cancelled! Why pick up these shows and try to get us hooked when its a dead show walking!!

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