Wacky Report: 'Goodfellas' Actor Signed To Recurring Role On Series That Should Already Be Canceled

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October 8th, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Goodfellas alum Mike Star has signed on for a recurring role on Fox's freshman drama 'The Mob Doctor.'

While actor signings aren't indicative of episodes that will actually air,  it does seem kind of wacky that the show seems to be plowing along in 'full-steam-ahead' mode after last Monday's abysmal 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.

  • Justin121

    It’s one of the best shows currently on air.


    Though they didn’t make a shutting-down-production announcment so…

  • Alex

    A Hail Mary play, perhaps? Or maybe the show is in line for a redo? I remember seeing actors signing on to Bionic Woman just before it was cancelled too. We don’t know what agreements might exist behind the scenes – maybe the show’s been given a guaranteed run? (It’s happened before.)

  • The End


    You don’t say? Expected someone unable to read my correcting myself below the original post and you’re that person. Congrats.

  • CrimTV

    @C Whitty

    No UK broadcaster has picked up The Mob Doctor! They haven’t even picked up Revolution yet!

  • Bob

    Maybe Mob Doctor is going to be the next NCIS which never would have made it in today’s world with their dismal ratings when it started out. Maybe Fox is smarter than all of us…..who knows.

  • Tom

    It smells increasingly likely that Fox the Producer will finish the 13 episode order, probably to fulfill international sales.

    However, that doesn’t mean that Fox the Network will air episode 5+, either in that slot or possibly ever.

    It still means the chance of episode 14+ being produced are zero.

  • AprilFox

    @TV Gord, Alot of French Canadians do not speak English, I know it’s weird but true. My sister’s inlaws were born and raised in Quebec Canada and they don’t speak one word of English. :( BTW I happen to love Mob Doctor.

  • Dragonsi

    TV Gord:

    Your statement in reply to Tyler’s question, about it being cancelled here, then it MUST be cancelled up there, is not entirely true. For example: Saving Hope, which just finished up a month ago it’s 13 episode run. NBC only aired up to 11 I believe, then aired the last 2 episodes on the web only, and declined to pick it up for a 2nd season, BUT, CTV ordered a 2nd season of it and it has better ratings up there.

  • Chris

    I love this show its a great show and exciting, they always try to cancel the good shows and leave crap on tv. why don’t you go after those stupid imature WB shows and leave the good ones alone. I will continue to support and watch MD its a great show.

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