Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Get The NEXT Full Season Order? (Poll)

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October 8th, 2012

The Mindy Project ranked third among those polled, far behind a couple of CBS shows, and Ben & Kate was even further behind in our poll for which new show would receive the NEXT full season order, nonetheless they were...

Considering how late CBS typically announces its full season orders, I think voting for CBS shows at this point is jumping the gun, but because considering the collapse of Made In Jersey, and the short life expectancy of Partners they may want to announce a little joy early. As always, your mileage may vary.

Which new Fall broadcast TV show will get the NEXT order for a full season?

For the uninitiated, rookie shows are usually given an order for 13 episodes as an initial commitment, and after a certain level of early success, are typically given an order for an additional 9 episodes to complete a "full" season of 22 episodes (although slight variations from the magic 22 are not uncommon).

These orders typically happen anytime from the start of the broadcast season until about Thanksgiving, but could conceivably go even later than that, for shows that don't premiere next week. The busiest period for these announcements is typically mid to late October.

What's your NEXT guess for this season?

While this poll allows just one answer per person, feel free to expand your choices in the comments.

  • ivan

    The obvious choice is elementary and on the last poll i voted for it and then what happed mindy and kate got it this time i’m saying guys with kids i thing animal practice will get canceled soon but guys with kids is doing well-ish just like the new normal and soon go on so with the all crazy desicions that have been happening i’m not going to be surprised if guys with kids get it, but there is another option too ,maybe both elementary and guys will get the full season order at the same day so at poll is GWK and here Elemntary :P

  • a p garcia

    I think Revolution will be the first new series to get a full season order. TMD is probaly already canceled by FOX execpt they haven’t made it offical,yet and I hope it is soon. Elementary is my biggest dissappointment along with 666 and Partners is DOA.

  • Rooks

    I voted for Made in Jersey…because it makes as much sense to me as any of the other options, and I won’t vote for something that hasn’t premiered. This season’s new shows really do seem to be the bottom of the barrel.

  • Nick


    CBS: Elementary (Late October)
    CW: Arrow (Late October)
    ABC: Last Resort, Nashville (Early November)
    NBC: Guys With Kids (Early November)
    CW: Emily Owens, MD (Mid-November)
    ABC: Malibu Country (Late November)

    I was correct in my guesses the last 2 times (Revolution, Mindy). I hope I get a three-peat!

  • david

    I voted for Arrow in the hopes it does really good for the CW. I also hope Emily Owens MD does well too. I saw a promo for that show on Lifetime yesterday. So thats good they are promoting it.

  • Clarkwood

    NBC will want to try and give their comedies a chance. They are relatively cheap to produce, a full season pickup isn’t that much of a commitment & most of their older comedies are final season &/or not getting much demo/viewers.

    So, a joint announcement of Guys With Kids & Animal Practice is coming sooner rather than later. Neither will probably make it to a 2nd season but they “have” to try.

    Some point b4 Nov, CBS will give full season to Elementary & Vegas and quietly let Partners & Made In Jersey run out of episodes. I don’t think they will remove them from the schedule unless they really tank more. That’s why CBS is waiting in order to spin good news.

    NBC’s Chicago Fire is way to early, they might wait until near Christmas.
    CW’s will have to wait until MidNov & any speculation about which shows is too early.
    ABC’s Nashville is too early but I’m seeing reality bloggers starting to get ahold of it. Malbu Country (Reba) is way too early as well.

    If I didn’t mention a show it’s probably not going to be picked up, save for CW as those got off to a late start.

  • Chicago Fire this Wednesday on NBC

    It needs to be Guys with Kids but I think it might be Elementary.

    FOX’s full season comedy pickups were a joke you minus well give Mob Doctor a full season order as well.

  • bongstradamus

    I really like Last Resort, but I dont know that it will find its audience in time or if they really have a story that can be told over 2+ seasons.

    It could be like Person of Interest where it was a slow burn and gets progressively better as the series develops and that ends up saving itself.

    On the plus side, they can kill off half the ensemble cast, blow up the submarine, and live on a remote island and probably cut their budget in half and still get re-upped with Andre Braugher as the lead should the network try and use cost as an issue to justify cutting it. In that respect, it might have longer legs than some of these other fall dramas.

  • Brian

    I think Elementary gets the edge. Better demos and dropping less than Vegas.

  • Emily

    well obviously its got to be an ABC, CBS or CW show, and ABC is highly unlikely, I think non of their rooky shows cracked a 2.0, and while they ordered scripts for neighbours that says more hedging their bets, not vote of confidence (I think they also ordered scripts for pan am last year) CW premieres tonight, and it will take at *least* two data points to get a renewal, so CBS should be the obvious choice, yet I’m not sure, both elementary and vegas (which would be renewed together) did have biggish drops, and CBS like to be really sure, so that wouldn’t be filling them with confidence, still CW would have to be awful quick and arrow a real hit to bet them, so I say elementary

  • Emily

    also how interesting is it how much the comments drops off since the first post, does that just mean we’re the real hard-core ratings junkie’s left?

  • Dan

    Ben & Kate and Mindy Projects full season orders were not surprising. Did everyone think fox was just going to give up there two hour comedy block? Nope. They are sticking with the shows until May and with Ben & Kate given 19 episodes its likely that it will be replaced by Goodwin Games by spring

  • Dan

    Elementary and Vegas will be picked up together in a CBS pr stint and likely after that The Neighbors

  • r0ckmypants

    @Emily – ALL of their rookie shows have cracked a 2.0 in their premieres.

  • Jan

    Hope for Revolution and Last Resort (especially) Maybe LR needs a later time slot but I’d really hate to see it get cancelled.

  • Emily

    @r0ckmypants sorry, I was refering only to week 2

  • a p garcia

    Revolution execpt in Washington DC

  • a p garcia

    My guess Revolution, will get a full order ASAP. Arrow & BATB not far behind since it has a real beauty, LR deserves a full order, but it has such a crapy timeslot probably on purpose. I hope ABC moves LR or sells it to another network!

  • Just Looking

    I am very confident that The Neighbors gets a full season.

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