2012-2013 Season: NBC Leads Among Adults 18-49, While CBS is Number 1 With Total Viewers Through Week 2 Ending October 7, 2012

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October 9th, 2012

For the week's top 25 broadcast TV show ratings click here.


After two weeks of the 2012-2013 broadcast television season (through Sunday, October 7 2012), NBC is in first place among adults 18-49, with a 2.8 rating average. Runners-up FOX and CBS tied for second, each earning a 2.4 rating average. ABC came in fourth with a 2.1 rating average, respectively, and Univision  was fifth with a 1.4 18-49 rating. The CW finished last with a 0.3 adults 18-49 rating average.

Among  total viewers, CBS is ahead for the season  averaging 10.57 million viewers. ABC is second with 8.04m, followed by NBC with 7.86m, FOX with 6.12m, Univision with 3.51m and CW with 0.86 million.

Each adults 18-49 rating point is a percentage of the adults 18-49 US TV population and equals 1.265 million adults 18-49.

You can see last week's broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

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  • Survivor Fan

    How long until Univision pulls ahead of one of the Big Four? I say 2015.

    Or should I say…
    Cuanto tiempo hasta que Univision tenga mas miradores (adultos 18-49) que uno de los Cuatro Grandes? Digo 2015.

  • Dan S

    It’s amazing to see NBC 1st in the ratings. I find it hard to believe this trend will continue & I’m sure very shortly the cancellations will begin & the others nets start bringing in replacements that can shore up their ratings. I’m certain shows like MIJ, Partners, AP & Mob Dr will face down the bear real soon.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman


    No creo que será pronto!

  • Ultima

    @Survivor Fan
    How long until Univision pulls ahead of one of the Big Four? I say 2015.

    I think audience fragmentation will end up clipping Univision before they can actually finish a season in fourth.

  • JP

    NBC bow down to the NFL.

  • cas127

    Erosion, erosion.

    Wasn’t a 2.7 about the *median* STD 18-49 for the 4 nets last year? (Not including summer)

    Now it is like 2.4 – with one of the two weeks counted being *premiere week*!

    11% off.

    Maybe not vastly out of line with the 8%-9% annual erosion I think has been cited historically, but shouldn’t the % fall *slow* as the absolute numbers decline?

  • cas127


    I wonder why audience fragmentation hasn’t *already* slowed Univision’s growth – there are *5* Spanish language broadcasters:


    I wonder what the other four networks’ ratings look like – the cumulative Spanish language audience might be surprisingly large.

  • cas127

    The CW is a weird broadcast network.

    How can you be free-over-the-air (and therefore have sheltered access to ~15 million non-cable homes) and still only pull 860k P2+ – there are a bunch of *cable* networks (competing against *dozens* of other cable networks) that pull weekly higher P2+’s.

    The CW’s O+O’s and affiliate network must really blow.

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