ESPN is Again Number One in Cable Primetime Adults 18-49 & in Primetime Total Viewers, Disney Wins Total Day For Week Ending October 7, 2012

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October 9th, 2012

ESPN,  powered by Monday Night Football, again won the week among adults 18-49 during primetime beating out FX and TBS.

ESPN was also the top network among total viewers during primetime, beating TBS and FOX News.

Disney was the top network in total day viewing, regaining the spot from Nickelodeon, which had previously held the title for four weeks.

Prime-time Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week  Ending October 7, 2012:

Network (000s)
ESPN 2690
FOXN 2353
TBSC 1943
USA 1678
DSNY 1581
LIFE 1390
MSNB 1108
NFLN 757
TNT 1111
FX 1082
HIST 1048
DSE 89
ADSM 970
HGTV 948
TLC 887
A&E 881
CMDY 851
SYFY 844
NAN 809
DISC 798
CNN 794
MTV 738
BRAV 716
AMC 685
FOOD 732


Prime-time Adults 18-49 (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
ESPN 1847
TBSC 1245
FX 908
USA 810
LIFE 766
NFLN 503
DSE 91
CMDY 660
MTV 603
A&E 547
ADSM 542
FOXN 529
DISC 529
HIST 513
TLC 501
SYFY 485
TNT 471
FOOD 456
BRAV 439
DSNY 423
TRU 416
FAM 399
CNN 387
MSNB 387
HGTV 382


Total Day Average Viewers (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
DSNY 1507
NICK 1501
FOXN 1434
ESPN 1380
ADSM 1229
USA 1106
TBSC 1067
TOON 963
TNT 938
NAN 913
HIST 763
FX 762
LIFE 713
A&E 676
HGTV 648
MSNB 645
ID 535
MTV 580
CMDY 551
TVLD 546
FOOD 541
TLC 533
DISC 519
SYFY 495
AMC 489

-Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.Cable Channel Abbreviations: NICK = Nickelodeon, NAN = Nick At Nite, TOON = Cartoon Network, ADSM = Adult Swim, TRU = truTV, LIFE = Lifetime, NKJR - Nick Jr., FAM = ABC Family, TVLD = TV Land, FOXN = Fox News, TBSC = TBS, DISC = Discovery

  • Alex S.

    Go Disney!!!

    Disney Channel should have no problem owning the month of October with their Halloween programming!

    And it should continue straight into November/December with the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays ahead!

  • Twist Of Fate

    @Alex No, Nickelodeon has a barrage of new original programming starting this Saturday, for once even more tham Disney. Not to mention, Nickelodeon historically OWNS ratings wise on holidays.

  • Jesse

    Disney owns ESPN so it’s in the family.

  • jamie

    This is what happens when you needlessly spam Spongebob day in and day out, Sickelodeon!

    Congrats Disney channel.

  • Twist Of Fate

    I seriously can’t STAND you and crappy Sickelodeon catchphrase. What are you freakin’ 5 years old. I really can’t seem to understand the appeal of Disney. There all overused, cheesy, generic sitcoms. The only good shows on Disney are GLC and Gravity Falls.

    Well, considering 90% of all Disney fans are 9 year old girls, that would explain why your a Disney fan. I miss the great days of cartoons on Disney. Hannah Montana RUINED Disney.

    R.I.P. The Good Disney Channel. Unkown- 2006

  • jamie

    @Twist of Fate, the reason why I used the Sickelodeon name is because Nickelodeon has disappointed me. I used to be a fan of the network but time in and time again, they have shown in recent years that they only care about the money and not about the viewers. They have cancelled MANY good shows after a season or two without giving them proper backing (The Troop, H2O: Just Add Water, Just Jordan, True Jackson, How To Rock, Bucket & Skinner, etc.) while keeping awful shows like iCarly and Sponebob around for way too long and airing entirely too much Spongebob on a daily basis.

    Say what you want about Disney channel but at least they run it like a real network and they actually seem to care about their shows and viewers. Maybe Nickelodeon can take some pointers.

  • Twist Of Fate

    HA, that’s how I know you’re a Pre-Teen girl. Every show you named not only sucked in the ratings, but are all crappy sitcoms. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel were built on cartoons, but while Nickelodeon has kept a diverse set of live-action and cartoons, Disney has switch to, as I said, cheesy, generic sitcoms.

    I USED to be a Disney Channel fan when it had great cartoons ( Lilo&Stich, The Replacements, Recess, etc.) but Hannah ruined that.

  • jamie

    If you knew old school, you would know BOTH Nick and Disney were built on cartoons AND live-action, you don’t know you’re knowledge. And all those shows were good, way better than crappy iCarly and Spongebob. They actually did decent in the ratings but since they weren’t the big hits that iCarly and Spongebob were, they quickly got put on the back burner and then axed. Sad.

    I will say congrats to Disney channel for the continuously high win over Sick. As for Sickelodeon, you reap what you sow.

  • Twist Of Fate

    One, Disney before Hannah was 95% Cartoons with the occasional That So Raven. Nickelodeon, before their first Nicktoon in 1991, was just another channel. CARTOONS are the reason Nick became #1 in 1995. iCarly and SpongeBob are great shows, they’re just over-aired.
    And Wait, you’re saying HTR and Bucket And Skinner got DECENT RATINGS!?! HTR:Cee Lo scored 2.1 million viewers. And a Bucket And Skinner 1hour episode scored even worse.

    Oh, and what do you mean continuously high win? Not only, did they have more new programming than Nickelodeon, they only averaged 6 more viewers than Nick. Nickelodeon beat Disney 4 weeks straight. Funny thing is, I didn’t see a comment from you ANYWHERE.

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    Before you go telling someone “you don’t know you’re knowledge” use the right Your. Thanks!

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    I stopped watching Disney after That’s so Raven ended. Hanna Montanna was eh.. but after it ended, that’s when disney started bringing in these cheap, unfunny, wanna be Dan S. shows, that are just disgusting! The only shows that deserve good viewer #’s are GLC, and Gravity falls. The rest are just unfunny.

    I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again. Nickelodeon has given HTR a million chances. That show DESERVED TO BE CANCELLED! True Jackson VP, got a 1 hour special.. how is that not a bad send off? IF I was a nickelodeon Pres. I wouldn’t give, for example, Bucket and Skinner a good send off with HORRIBLE viewer numbers like that!

    Lol, BTW H20: Just Add Water was NOT given the boot, The show was moved to teenick. Nickelodeon only aired seasons 1 and 2, and never aired season 3. Wanna know why? Because it was an imported show. You obviously do not know your facts, so before you go all defensive, get your facts straight.

    Here’s what’s funny. When Nickelodeon wins total day where are you? You only seem to comment when Disney wins, or does something good. You are just like Fox News. UNFAIR, UNBALANCED, AND BIASED!

  • Christian

    Y’all are too damn old for this BS. Real talk!

  • Twist Of Fate

    Y do u care @Christian

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    But we aren’t too old to voice our opinion on things we support. :) Thank you

  • Kaylie

    I love Disney more than Nick. But sheesh, this is a bit unnecessary.

  • jamie

    Nathan and Twist of Fate are delusional, that is all.

  • Twist Of Fate

    No, jamie’s just immature that’s all. She likes Sickney Channel (Yea I copied), to proved it.

  • tobias

    Nick Rules….. Disney is too girly!

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