FX's 'Louie' On Hiatus -- Fourth Season Won't Premiere Until Spring 2014

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October 9th, 2012

FX today announced during a conference call that Louis C.K.'s series  Louie would take "an extended break" and that season four of the series would not debut until the spring of 2014.  Edit: I should've noted this was Louis C.K.'s decision to give himself more preparation time and not FX snubbing him. "I don’t want it to be making the doughnuts," C.K. said.

  • Gary

    My emotions!

  • kill00

    Boy i hate FX right now

  • Rod

    I’m just happy there’s another season.

  • iggy

    It was Louie’s decision.

  • Dan

    Noooo, Louie seems to be turning into Curb Your Enthusiasm in terms of the long hiatuses.

  • DonJ1973

    I think it’s a combination of Louis having other commitments and it being tough for him to write, direct all 13 episodes and keeping things fresh. I think it’s a fair compromise to gave him more time.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    It was Louie’s decision.

    Indeed, my bad for not pointing that out. Now noted.

  • Dan S

    That’s a major bummer. I like Louie & understand he’s wanting the time off. That’s an 18 month hiatus. SIGH!

  • kill00

    My mistake i dont hate Fx then, and i cant hate Louie for taking a brake after all he basicli runs this show himself.

  • mayorofsmpleton

    So long as it keep the quality up I’m perfectly happy with it. Why people would rather he rush and churn out something less than fantastic than take his time and come up with something good… is beyond me.

    This is why American TV mostly sucks at the network level, 22 episodes with a limited time to produce… they mostly churn out garbage (with the exception of The Good Wife, which manages 22-23 fantastic episodes a year… how do they manage that?) unless they are doing short seasons. The cable model allows for more time to prepare a run of 10-13 episodes that are typically of more quality, less filler, etc.

    While 18 months seems long one must remember he does most of it himself so if there are other projects he’d like to work on that limits his capabilities. It’s not like other comedy shows that have the benefit of multiple hands in the pot so people can step back and work on side projects (It’s Always Sunny, etc).

    Let the man work at his pace. I applaud FX for being cool about it.

  • Freddy Arrow


    “This is why American TV mostly sucks at the network level”

    This seems to be an odd site to frequent for someone that feels that way.

  • Gary

    Well, seeing it was Louie’s decision completely changes my view of the hiatus.

  • MJDB


  • DonJ1973

    So I guess FX will probably greenlight another new 30 comedy to replace Louie for next summer (Unless they plan to use Anger Management’s 90 new episodes to fill the void…Ughhh)

  • pete5125

    Well I would think Anger Management would be in that slot…Sunny/League is Fall Archer/ I believe they have another cartoon spring, Wilferd/Anger Mgmt.Summer

    Anger Mgmt has 90 episodes to air over a 3 to 4 season period depending how you count the summers so it airing 10 episodes in the spring 10 episodes in the fall then another 10 in the summer is not out of the question…if the deal is like TBS’s Are you their yet if they sit on the episodes to long then they will just have to burn through them in weekday strip to fullfill the contract.

    Louie taking the break just means he will be back in the spring with Archer if it is still around in 2014, the show is great but will never be a hit, its cheap so if he can keep the quality high and keep wining awards for FX the show will stay around for prestige value and OK ratings same deal as Curb for HBO

  • colt13

    Mayorofsimpleton, that is why I feel bad for UK viewers at times. They get a “series”, and it is 6 episodes!

  • groove365

    @Freddy Arrow

    Network TV does mostly suck and I’ve been here for years.
    This site is more about the business side of TV than the quality of TV.
    The business side of is more interesting to me than many of the shows.

  • Hugh

    He would be making much more money in standup.

  • SF

    NOoooo! My son convinced me to watch Louie, and I’m glad he did! Awesome show! 2014?!?! That’s almost a year and a half. Hope the interest is still when it returns…

  • alexjones

    wow, that’s a really long hiatus.

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