Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice', 'DWTS' Adjusted Up; '90210', 'Revolution', 'Partners', '2 Broke Girls', 'Mike & Molly', 'Hawaii Five-0', and 'How I Met Your Mother' Adjusted Down

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October 9th, 2012


The Voice, and Dancing With the Stars, were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49, while Partners, 2Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, and Hawaii Five-O were adjusted down three tenths, and How I Met Your Mother, 90210 and Revolution were adjusted down a single tenth versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, October 8, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 4.8 9 12.89
CBS How I Met your Mother 3.1 9 7.82
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars (8-10PM) 2.2 6 13.55
FOX Bones 2.0 5 7.20
CW 90210 -P 0.4 1 0.94
8:30 PM CBS Partners 1.9 5 5.71
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.4 8 9.42
FOX The Mob Doctor 0.9 2 3.36
CW Gossip Girl -P 0.4 1 0.78
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 2.8 7 8.67
10:00PM NBC Revolution 3.0 8 8.01
ABC Castle 2.2 6 10.61
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.9 5 8.39

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  • Brandy

    To the bitter Ringer/SC fans, no CW dosent regret canceling them.Ringer had teen idol on and it bombed plus it was majorly exspensive to make as SMG got paid $90-$1000 per episode,which wasn’t justified it getting 0.4-0.5 s in season one.SC had the best lead in possible yet it couldn’t keep those viewers and lost a lot of viewers from pilot to finale.Ive heard that one or both of these shows also didn’t do well online or overseas which contributed to thier cancellation.CW over the summer got a syndication deal for GG as well. GG is in season five & six when it started getting 0.5-0.4s, & 90210 in season four and five whereas Ringer and SC were freshman shows.GG and 90210 have made CW a lot of money through iTunes, DVD/merchandise sales,Netflix and done well in DVr plus women’s demo. Also last spring, Mark Pedowitz stated in a interview that the older,established shows helped keep CW afloat the last two seasons without a new hit.Futhermore, both Ringer & SC would Likley be doing these numbers this season if renewed,they had 0,4-0.5 demo and very little over a million viewers themselves at the end of the season.Its unfortunate for the fans that these shows were cancelled and for the CW to have these ratings today, but Ringer and SC didn’t perform well enough.

  • eridapo

    That could be a factor, but it is more likely that for nearly two decades the NETS have program their best shows during those nights.

  • Petar Ivanov


    Thanks a lot. Get it all. Thanks onceagain.

  • Mate

    Why so mich Partners hate!? Its a good show!
    Poor 90210… Can see this ending this season.
    I LAUGH AT GOSSIP GIRL! HAAHAHAHA This show was far too hyped up. There was no quality in it. EVER. With all its promotion and what not it still cannot even get over a million an episode even in its final season…. One Tree Hill, in its 9th and final season was pulling in great numbers! I bet it still would if this season would hve been the show’s final season. Again, haha GG! You deserve these pitiful ratings!

  • Tabitha

    Ouch! that had to hurt the CW. :)

  • aciel

    i already filed a complaint against so u could stop coming here on mondays and trolling the board. i don’t know what revenge fans did to you to deserve this constant hurt

  • bluejay72

    The Voice just got even better!
    After the doomsdaying of other people, it even got its highest rating this season after The Blind Auditions! :)

    How’s that?

    It really doesn’t hit you how The Voice continues to rule and give considerable damage to other shows.

    It didn’t even matter that it is the second installment of The Voice this year.
    People never get tired because it’s the best show on television!
    Haters, no matter how hard it is, you gotta face it!

    Numbers don’t lie and it’s slapping you right at your face! :)

  • Ultima

    After the doomsdaying of other people, it even got its highest rating this season after The Blind Auditions!

    The Voice did that last cycle, too (excluding the first Monday airing immediately after the Super Bowl). How did that work out?

    It didn’t even matter that it is the second installment of The Voice this year.
    People never get tired because it’s the best show on television!

    Ratings down 30% from last season! Numbers don’t lie and it’s slapping you right at your face!

  • JJA

    @Brandy–Both Ringer & Secret Circle did poorly online. Hulu had them both ranked below Nikita for at least half of last season.

  • Mark3

    90210 is such a good show! They better give them a short final.season after this one. Like what gossip girl got

  • Tom

    @ Brandy You’re about half right. Ringer never really found an audience and was expensive. TSC was at or above 0.7 until the last five episodes. It was also on hiatus for the entire months of November and December. Of the last four episodes, two were aired in April and two in May. In other words, TSC was presented piecemeal to an extent that virtually guaranteed it would be hard to follow. So, it’s pretty obvious that the CW had a lot to do with the inability of TSC to succeed. In addition, the show’s producer stated that production costs were a prime factor in the show’s cancellation. No surprise there. We’ll see how well Beauty and the Beast does in TSC’s time slot, but it’s almost certain to crash because of a weak lead actor (Kristin Kreuk) and the strong network competition. It looked like TSC was poised to present a strong second season storyline, but we’ll never know now will we?

  • forg

    Impressive for The Voice, the “STEAL” twist probably helped to keep their audience interested after the blind auditions. Let’s see if they can pull strong numbers come live shows. But this is great news for NBC

    Partners is such a weak link for CBS!

    Pathetic ratings as always for CW

    DWTS still way too low but at least it didn’t fall below 2.0, Castle did fine

    Oh Fox! How long can you tolerate Mob Doctor’s ratings?

  • Nick


    I’m a Castle fan (and disagree with Chris) but for much different reasons.
    Here at TVBTN, we call your reasoning ” Fan Excuse Bingo ” (Click the link for more info)

    Seriously, man, give it up! You’re not even referencing the audience numbers when you’re going on your rants about how Castle’s audience is dwindling. IT’S NO LOSING ITS AUDIENCE!!! Can you not see that? Of course you can, you just don’t want to because it doesn’t fit in with what you want to believe and have others believe about Castle.

    The demo has nothing to do with total numbers of people viewing. Yes, it may have a lower demo rating (bc Castle is aimed at an older audience, overall, than Revolution [1] ) BUT Castle has won every Monday [2] since it’s premiere when it comes to total viewers…and it’s not just eking out a win…it’s winning by 2 million viewers. You’re ignoring that fact just to fit your Castle-bashing agenda. I’m not commenting on whether or not that matters to the networks. That’s not the point here.

    You’re on a site about that, dummy.

    The point is that Castle is quite a popular show…it is winning week after week…and it’s keeping pace with shows like Grey’s Anatomy and OUAT when it comes to number of viewers. It’s beating Revenge, Scandal, and Last Resort in that area, as well. I love OUAT but I’m curious to see how it does this week in terms of viewers bc last week Castle topped OUAT as well.

    It’s also very important to note that Castle was up against the MLB Playoffs games last night as well as Monday Night Football [3]. Despite those wildly popular sporting events airing at the very same time as Castle, it held onto its DWTS lead-in [4] and actually increased in live viewership from last week. Gee, it must be a hard for such an unpopular and steadily declining show to pull off such an amazing feat.

    The demo is out of Castle’s control. [5] It can’t do anything to change its projected audience, not 5 seasons in. It is aimed at an older, more mature audience. If ABC wanted it to be aimed at a younger crowd (like Revenge is, for example) it would have demanded Castle be more of a nighttime soap than a dramedy from the very beginning. The show is doing its job by telling a story that is CLEARLY bringing in the viewers. No matter what you say or try to present, you cannot ignore or deny the numbers when it comes to viewers.

    Whoa, whoa. Stop the crazy train. Every single show on all of the networks (except maybe the CW’s) are aimed at Adults 18-49.

    Go ahead, look at the number of viewers for Monday night. Which show got more live viewers than Castle? That’s right, no scripted show got more viewers than Castle. So, maybe you won’t respond to this…or maybe you will by telling me to “grow up” as you did last time I presented actual facts to you that clearly did not fit in with your “nobody watches Castle” theory. Whatever. I really don’t care. Castle’s audience is holding steady [6] and will show (with the Live +3 numbers [7] ) that the weekly viewing audience is actually closer to 13 million (as it was the past 2 weeks). The demo may not be “the best” but it’s holding steady at where it averaged all last season [8] …no major dips, no progressive downward slide.

    Castle is what’s holding ABC together on Monday nights. [9] Sorry to burst your bubble but facts are facts.

    Wow, 9 squares on the bingo board! Is that a record?

  • silvit


    Total viewers are meaningless. Ask Harry’s Law. :D

    Castle is down year to year, it skew older, it’s simply less valuable. Much like its companion Hawaii 5-O.

    Its rating have always been mediocre and now they are even worse. ABC all drama line-up is crap rating-wise(not only), expect for GA and 2/3 of its Sunday’s block. And one of the reasons is because they kept low performers like Castle, PP, BOP on the air. Same mistake NBC did with its comedies.

    I watch the Good Wife, it has GREAT total viewers numbers, but let’s face it, its numbers -the real ones, the ones that MATTER, stink. They are almost laughable, if not sad for such a good broadcast drama.
    But numbers are numbers, and no fan of the show in his right mind would try to read them otherwise.

    You should do the same with your beloved Castle. D:

  • ZmaX

    @Tom that is true, but the Vampire Diaries had the EXACT same schedule and was pretty much solid the entire season.

    I was disappointed at TSC’s cancellation, but the CW expected much more from the show, since it seamed like it was going to be the newest ratings juggernaut of the CW before it premiered.

  • 1123.6536.5321

    Shows like The Voice are only reflecting the lower IQs of todays network viewing audience. All others are gravitating to cable networks for quality. Theres very little I watch on network TV. As little as 5 years ago, a show with 6 million viewers and a demo of 2.8 was enough to get it axed. Now networks will tolerate 2.0 demo is considered safe and some show

  • Mark Wood


    Both VD and Secret Circled aired two weeks in November. AS THursday shows you will always have an interruption for Thanksgiving as well, that doesn’t always impact the other days of the week.

    While it had more reruns then all but Ringer, it also aired for a full week so more people could sample it. It had fewer weeks off between the September start and the Return of new episodes, some shows were fully off the air (no reruns even) for four weeks during this time. Mondays from September to January have to deal with Major preemptions every single week from football, and the occasional baseball basket ball preemptions (which also hit the other days of the week).

    There isn’t a single hour on the CW that doesn’t have its own slings and arrows to deal with. And with extremely little in the way of real programming the CW is forced to do their best to stretch that programming out. SOme shows will come back during periods of low HUT levels, some will have longer delays, some will start early and get a bigger push, some will start after the season and have a harder time gaining an initial audience.

  • Dawn


    There is a big difference between The Good Wife’s 1.6 and Castle’s 2.2 especially considering the promototion that CBS gives its shows vs. how ABC promotes Castle. A 2.2 is still respectable especially for a 10pm drama, a 1.6, not so much. TGF even has a better time slot at 9pm.

  • silvit


    It’s not that broadcast shows are better of funnier than the Voice. It only says that they are not interesting enough for audience (and can you blame the audience? They are crap, the same old same old)

    And I could apply the same reasoning to cable too. Jersey Shore and The Kardashians are 2 of the most watched shows on cable. What does this say about the IQ of today’s cable viewing audience according to your reasoning? ;-)

  • Mark Wood


    I don’t think she was talking about what determines how much revenue a show makes, but what shows have a lot of fans. And in that viewers are the metric that matter.Sure that show might get cancelled, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t popular.

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