NBC Wins Week 2 in Adults 18-49

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October 9th, 2012

via press release:

NBC has finished #1 in 18-49 rating for the second week of the new
season, averaging a 2.8 rating to top #2 CBS and its 2.4.

It's the first time NBC's has won either week 1 or week 2 outright in
nine years (since 2003).  (NBC tied ABC for #1 in week 1 and week 2 in
2007 -- ABC had slight edges in 18-49 viewers both weeks.)

Adults 18-49 vs. 2nd Week Last Year
Net...2nd Week 2011... 2nd Week 2012...Diff
NBC...2.4...2.8...Up 17%
CBS...3.2...2.4...Down 25%
ABC...2.4...2.0...Down 17%
Fox...2.8...2.1...Down 25%

Total Viewers vs. 2nd Week Last Year
Net...2nd Week 2011...2nd Week 2012...Diff
NBC...7.091 million ...7.511 million...Up 6%
CBS...12.239 million...10.408 million...Down 15%
ABC...8.666 million ...7.717 million...Down 11%
Fox...7.389 million ...5.287 million...Down 28%

NBC is up versus week two last year by 17 percent (2.8 vs. 2.4) and is
also up 6 percent year to year in total viewers (7.5 million vs. 7.1
million).  NBC is  the only network among ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox that's
up versus last year's second week in either category (or 18-34 or

NBC went from tied for #3 in week 2 last year to #1 this year.  In
premiere week, NBC went from #4 in 18-49 last year to #1 this year and
in season-to-date averages, NBC was #4 through two weeks last year and
#1 this year.

This is NBC's top-rated week 2 in 18-49 in four years (since 2008).

In adults 18-49, NBC's schedule included the week's:
*	#1 show of the week, "Sunday Night Football."
*	#1 unscripted shows of the week, the Monday "Voice" (#3 overall)
*	#1 new series, "Revolution."
*	#1 new comedy (tied), "Go On."
Rankings exclude football pre- and post-game shows.
  • Jay

    Thank god for the voice..30 rock may need to rethink some of their jokes…

  • Max Vrany

    Any assurance FOX had of the second place spot at the end of the year is gone. I’m not necessarily saying it will be NBC but second place is definitely up for grabs.

  • Agnes

    I can’t believe how close FOX and ABC are to sinking below 2.0

    No doubt NBC will join them after Sunday night NFL wraps up, but CBS on the lower side of 2.5 is a crown not made from gold.

  • Agnes

    Does anyone know if the Wednesday night debates included in the above calculations?

  • TV Gord

    The 30 Rock jokes will land even better if that series goes out in a season when NBC surges to the top. Obviously, Tina Fey is actually fairly happy with NBC, so this whole takedown storyline is all in good clean fun.

    We’re all going to read whatever we want to in these results. For instance, I choose to think a lot of the network’s resurgence has to do with its recovery from the biggest mistake NBC has ever made: putting Jay Leno on in prime time.

  • Justin121

    Second place will be determined by The Voice/Idol battle.

    GO NBC!

    (I love rooting for an underdog :D)

    ABS is almost assured 4th place even though their schedule is stronger than FOX’s and NBC’s.

    Thanks, football, singing competitions, and 10pm hour!

    Ouch @ CBS losing 8 thenths and FOX 7 tenths.

  • Dan S

    I remember reading where most viewers thought that NBC had the worst fall schedule. Something went very right for the Peacock network & while Thur remains their weakest night I think they can improve on Tues & Wed. It’ll be interesting to see how Chicago Fire fares against CSI & the new Nashville.

  • Justin121

    @Dan S

    The only thing that went right was The Voice — no one had doubts about that.

    Outside Mondays, their schedule is still a disaster (kind of ironic goven how the past few years the TVBTN mantra was that Moondays were the black whole of NBC’s schedule. Wednesdays was, too, but to a lesser extent).

    Now they’ve got the worst possible shcedule on Wednesday, Thursday, half of Tuesday, and post-football Sunday — so not much has changed, really, except as I mentioned the four hours occupied by The Voice and Revolution.

    Well, I guess 4 out of 15 is a start.

  • Justin121

    The only saving grace they still have is The Biggest Loser but I expect that to fill Mondays 8-10 between Voice cycles, so the number of “fixed” hours isn’t changing.

    They need The Biggest Loser to

    a) fill for The Voice
    b) save Tuesdays
    c) save Wednesdays
    d) save Thursdays

    Decision, decisions, decisions…

    (the most likely is (a), but NBC could do something stupid like TBL on Tuesdays and holding the Go On block until The Voice’s second cycle and fill Mondays with limited-run dramas *sigh*).

    Wednesdays and Thursdays are lost causes by this point. I don’t know if they can ever be fixed…

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