Report: 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' to End After Upcoming Second Half of the 5th Season

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October 9th, 2012

Deadline reports that the  upcoming fifth season of ABC Family‘s The Secret Life Of The American Teenager will be the series’ final season. The final 12 episodes are scheduled to premiere in late March. The first 11 episodes of season 5 aired this past June-August and a holiday episode is scheduled for November.

  • Brittney

    Finally, that show was horrible.

  • DM

    I’m actually kind of surprised. This show is the longest running ABC Family series ever. I thought for sure they would let them have a wrap up finale season like they did with Greek.

  • Steven Leitner

    Isn’t the fifth season already airing?

  • Dan

    @DM – I think by letting everyone know now that this is the end, will allow the creators to wrap things up well.

  • QW

    Season 5 started airing last June, though it’s easy to lose track of these things since it started a week after season 4 ended. And filming will continue into next month, so there’s time to wrap things up.

  • Robert Seidman

    Isn’t the fifth season already airing?

    Yep, they split their seasons though – the first half already aired, but the last half returns in late March. I’ll clarify the post.

  • Sid

    I knew this would happen! I haven’t seen the 2nd half of Season 4 or the first part of 5 but I’ll watch the final 12 episodes to see how it all ends.

    ABCF is making a bold move considering Secret Life is their second highest rated show.

    I guess they’re riding all their luck on PLL and SAB.

  • pll fan

    Kind of sad to see the show go but I think they’re still filming, so that at least gives the writers a chance to end things their way. This is probably for the best. Just look at how poorly this final season of GG is doing.

  • Matthew

    Thank God!
    Well at least the fans of this awful show will get a proper ending.

  • DW

    please dont tell me the budget is going to mad men. :)

  • Michael

    This is good news for Shailene Woodley. She can now officially move on from this and work on her movie career. SLOTAT was pretty much ABC Family’s staple show, but everything has its time! 5 seasons is a great achievement for cable.

  • david

    I think that is good they are announcing its is ending now so the writers can make a good ending to the show. I have enjoyed the show but it is time to end it. and the ratings for the second half of season four and the first half season five were not to good. Yah it was the second highest show on ABC Family i know. I guess they want to focuss on all the new shows they are working on now.

  • lauren

    5 seasons is a huge accomplishment. I didn’t catch a lot of last season due to a new job but I will definitely be tuning in to the final 12 episodes. Here’s to hoping the show has a great ending(preferably with Amy and Ricky getting married and moving away with their son).

  • nikki

    i saw this coming.. i could tell over the summer it was getting tired. the show has ran its course. 5 seasons isnt bad.. longest on abcfamily. i hope it ends well to tie up storylines. Now i see pretty little liars going to 5 maybe 6 seasons, and switched getting 3 or 4 and bunheads getting a 2nd season.. maybe even the lying game getting a 3rd season, but that might be pushing it lol i like that show doesnt mean other people do.

  • Jared

    5 Seasons of ANY series is a pretty nice run.

    Does anyone know if ABCF has a premiere date set for The Lying Game?

  • Brandy

    Yay, I hope this means good news for The Lying Game ultimately. ABC Family needs to get on the ball, and start getting the episodes online like Switched at Birth. You go online, and they only have the first five episodes. Every episode of SAB is posted on Abc Family’s website. Plus The Lying Game is not on netflix. They are making it difficult for new viewers to find this show.

  • pll fan

    TLG will be canceled next year. It comes back in January from a year-long hiatus. Do they really believe ratings for it are going to be good after being off the air for that long? The ratings weren’t even very good to begin with.

  • psychic

    Thank goodness. It was a plotless scourge to all mankind. In fact, the only viable plot it had was: someone gets pregnant. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • SAC

    I am not surprise that Secret Life is cancelled and making it to season five is a great accomplishment.

  • Michael

    The Lying Game is a show that needs a strong lead-in. It can’t survive on its own. Which is why, I believe they postponed its return to January when Pretty Little Liars returns!

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