Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' & 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down + Final Football Numbers

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October 9th, 2012


Once Upon A Time  and The Amazing Race were each adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes  was adjusted down two tenths versus Sunday's preliminary ratings. The final football numbers are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, October 7, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00 PM CBS NFL Overrun 8.8 28 24.54
ABC America's Funniest home Videos 1.5 4 6.46
FOX The Simpsons -R 1.3 4 2.71
7:30 PM CBS 60 Minutes 3.6 9 15.96
NBC Football Night in America 2.9 9 7.15
FOX The Cleveland Show 2.2 6 4.47
8:00 PM NBC Football Night in America 4.2 12 10.44
ABC Once Upon a Time 3.4 9 9.84
FOX The Simpsons 3.1 8 6.57
8:30 PM NBC Sunday Night Football (8:30-11) 7.2 18 18.31
CBS Amazing Race 2.6 6 9.66
FOX Bob's Burgers 2.3 6 4.89
9:00PM FOX Family Guy 3.4 8 6.70
ABC Revenge 2.6 6 8.36
9:30 PM FOX American Dad 2.6 6 5.18
CBS The Good Wife 1.7 4 8.95
10:00PM ABC 666 Park Avenue 1.7 4 4.99
10:30 CBS The Mentalist 1.6 4 9.02

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  • Bill

    Not a shock that The Simpsons was adjusted down. 3.0 on a rerun? Yeah right.

  • MJDB

    Sunday Final Averages

    Million Viewers = 10.04 Million Viewers
    18-49 Demo Average = 3.5 Average

  • SMG4E

    Is anyone else finding it hard to follow REVENGE? I watched all of the first season and pretty much understood everything that was going on. But now, after only two episodes of the second season, I find myself having to look online for recaps after I watch the episodes and think about it for a long time before it finally clicks. For instance, why did Victoria have Conrad beat her and then frame the white-haired man for it last episode? Didn’t get it.

    Another problem is, it’s getting repetitive. Enough with planting cameras and watching from afar. That was a recurring theme last season and I found it annoying. Now, they’re doing it AGAIN. And the thrills & turns are very predictable now, it’s almost unenjoyable anymore.

    I’ll watch another episode or two, but if these things keep happening, I’m gonna have to give up on REVENGE.

  • Jenny

    666 is a good show, shame for it. The first two 2 eps haven’t been so impressed but I believe that storyline can develop well.

  • SF

    Yes! For Revenge! My favorite show of the Fall!!

  • Justin121


    REVENGE is getting better with its second season.

    I used to read recaps during season 1 but now I enjoy every episode without reading the recaps (if I do, I enjoy even more) but everything is pretty much self explainatory. Just enjoy the shocks, twists, and turns, without worrying to much about the detalis (if you really need them you’ll find the in recaps and forums but it’s really unnecessary IMO).

  • Annie

    Revenge is loosing viewers with this new Sunday time slot.

  • Danie

    What the hell is wrong with CBS? Sunday The Mentalist had one of its best episode ever! Really strong and widely talked about on social networks and it had the lowest ratings EVER for the series!!!! It pains me, because this show has always been strong in the ratings and CBS is killing it because of what? Vegas? Elementary? Give me a break! Really, at 22:30? What kind of timeslot is that? CBS is losing it!!!

  • omar

    I liked 666….. i do believe that most skeptics won’t associate with such a title… the show is not soapy in my opinion… and I like that it pays homage to some classic horror flicks like the birds and the shining!!! too bad… the cast is pretty good…. i don’t think that it will recover… but i really hope it will

  • Roy



    666 beat the mentalist? i think not, 9 million viewers to 5 million for 666 is not a beat. 666 sucks, bring back GCB!!!!

  • Joseph

    I love the fox lineup. Never watched simpsons or cleveland show but I LOVE american dad, family guy, and bob’s burgers. Comedy central’s brickleberry makes me LOL too

  • carol

    When they moved the Mentalist to Sunday at 10, I felt that was the end coming. I don’t care if the 2 lead-ins (Football and Good Wife)are big deals, it’s still the Sunday night graveyard! Just read that Simon Baker only signed a 5 year deal. So sad when a good show is axed. I love Patrick Jane!

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