Can an 'Arrow' Save the CW? (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012

Updated: It looks like the dreamers were right! Arrow earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating (original posted as a 1.1, apologies!) for its debut episode, which is downright amazing by today's CW standards (but still not up to that lofty Smallville level!)

Many commenters have been looking at The CW's disappointing premiere numbers, and saying something akin to "But Arrow is premiering Wednesday! It's going to be huge! Don't count the CW out yet!" Could they be on to something?

Arrow has been the recipient of some fairly positive buzz from early screenings which may pique the interest from the genre crowd. Superheroes are also very popular at the moment (at least at the box office), and The CW has had success in the past with the DC Universe (Smallville's last season premiered and ended with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, which is huge by today's standards).

So can an Arrow turn the CW ship around? Let us know how you think the show will premiere tonight, tell us why in the comments!

  • iggy

    If Hart of Dixie can hit 0.7 last week, then idk.

  • SmG

    I think the poll is too pessimistic it should hit at least 0.9-1.0. Last year Ringer and Secret Circle premiered around 1.2-1.3. It has the best possible spot for CW and anything below this is a failure.

  • John_M

    “one show can’t save a floundering network.”

    The Voice?

    Yes, NBC was floundering pulling ratings heretofore unseen on network television.

  • ManiacalZebra

    I don’t watch the CW, ever, so I know nothing about this show. I think it’s a lot of wishful thinking that it will debut high when it’s mostly being promoted on a network that no one watches.

  • John

    CW is doing quite poorly so far so I can’t say it will break any records but it will be most likely their highest rated premiere this year.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I think it’s safe to predict a very good premiere rating. Of course, in the end, that means next to nothing if the drop the following week is 1 whole point and the show crashes from there…

    I’m not predicting that, but “The Cape” history should give pause.

    I suspect Arrow will be better than “The Cape” but it’s hard to tell at this point.

    I am looking forward to seeing some cool DC characters like Black Canary, DeadShot, and The Huntress. If they’re done well, this could be a really cool show.

    If they’re done badly, stupidly, or implausibly (I mean even taking into account this is a comic book show), well…

  • luisl

    More than 1.2 definetely!

  • Robert

    I think Arrow will be good…I can’t wait!


  • cimmer

    Arrow teamed with Supernatural may in fact help the CW garner some breathing room that they could then use to try and reinvent themselves, but that would require a change in thinking on their parts about what the CW is all about; what is its reason for being? Is it still supposed to be catering to young women, is that their target group? I’m not sure what’s trying to be ‘saved’ when it comes to the CW and that’s their real problem IMHO, they’re floundering, trying to fit they’re programming into this very narrow niche, which might work on cable to a certain extent but is not working on broadcast.


    Wanted to dream big, but realistically chose 0.8

    For once I want to be so wrong!

  • FringeFan

    This show is going to be a flop even though it looks relatively good. I haven’t seen any advertisements for it and even forgot it was on tonight. I foresee it premiering with a 0.4-0.7 with only .9-1.1 million viewers.

  • JJA

    I actually think the Arrow premier will be north of 1.5, but it will stabilize at about 1.3 within two or three weeks. In other words, it will have the same numbers as the Vampire Diaries.

    Also, don’t discount Beauty & The Beast yet. Kristen Keruk still has a following from her Smallville (and Chuck) days. It should do at least as well as Supernatural.

    Emily Owens is the one that will be DOA. Secret Circle fans should be mad at THAT show (which should never have been picked up)–NOT 90210 or Nikita.

  • DW

    save a network?. no. but it will do very well on a network that doesn’t do well. but outside of football and walking dead last year everything is on the same level as in not doing well.

  • RG-X

    I’m Daring to Dream –

    I love the X-Factor right now – but I will try ARROW tonite and catch the second half of X-Factor.

    NEW CSI tonite too!

  • RG-X

    No one has seen ARROW promos b/c those promos are ON the CW and no one watches the CW — sooooo…

  • Tessa

    The CW is turning things around, at least that’s what the rumors indicate. It is trying to rebrand itself as a SciFi/Fantasy network. The move Dawn Ostroff did in 2007/2008 was detrimental to the network. She skewed it so much toward the teenage demographic it became toxic. It backfired for two reasons: a)No one stays a teenager forever and a network that can’t keep its audience is doomed, b)Teenage interests change over generations. Few years from now teens wouldn’t even look at vampires.

    SciFi/fantasy is a good idea because it will attract and keep an audience. The DC universe is quite popular now so if I were the CW I’d look into it even more. They also need to quit hiring young inexperienced actors and try to get some people with acting skills instead of just looks. That, more than anything, was what brought TSC down.

  • RG-X

    Regardless of how ell ARROW does – it will not save The CW

    One show vs 5 nights and the other 2 nights they air nothing?!

    This network blew it when UPN & WB combined forces.

  • dantas

    As I’ve said before:

    I believe Arrow will premiere to a 1.3 and stabilize around 0.7.

    Supernatural tonight will drop only a tenth.

  • Ryann

    I am so sure that Arrow will premire above 1.0. Arrow will be the cw’s savour even if it only gets a 0.8. When i first heard about Arrow, i generally thought it’d be great then we got to see the promos etc and its looks amazing!! I was hoping for a 1.6 and around 3.20 – 3.80 but the cw has shocked me by how low it has been since spring and onwards, so many shows have fallen. But i have high hopes for Arrow, plus theres still beauty and the beast, its like the dark horse, so if Arrow isnt as impressive as we think weve still got Beauty.. i guess?

  • pete5125

    CW is trying to change direction, it has to go slow since one of the few reasons that they are finaly making money is because of the Netflix deal, which basicaly makes them keep their returning shows on the air longer, plus it helps their parent nets WB/CBS making $$ off DVD’s and reruns.

    Saying that I have to say CW doesn’t register with their supposed core audience in any way, don’t know why, ABCFamily and MTV continue to find ways to resegnate with the same core audience…even WB back in the day was able to do it.

    I would think if anything could save them it would be Arrow…but I would guess 1.0

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