Can an 'Arrow' Save the CW? (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012

Updated: It looks like the dreamers were right! Arrow earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating (original posted as a 1.1, apologies!) for its debut episode, which is downright amazing by today's CW standards (but still not up to that lofty Smallville level!)

Many commenters have been looking at The CW's disappointing premiere numbers, and saying something akin to "But Arrow is premiering Wednesday! It's going to be huge! Don't count the CW out yet!" Could they be on to something?

Arrow has been the recipient of some fairly positive buzz from early screenings which may pique the interest from the genre crowd. Superheroes are also very popular at the moment (at least at the box office), and The CW has had success in the past with the DC Universe (Smallville's last season premiered and ended with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, which is huge by today's standards).

So can an Arrow turn the CW ship around? Let us know how you think the show will premiere tonight, tell us why in the comments!

  • Brian

    No justin hartley no sale.

  • were123

    I hope and believe it does well, but I doubt it’ll mimic TVD series premiere (2.0)… I would say around 1.2-1.5, but as The CW is in such bad state, I wouldn’t be surprised if it premiered around 0.9-1.1, but I’ll be shocked if it does lower, considering how much superheroes are selling these days and how much buzz this shows has recieved

  • still good shows on tv

    I have seen a lot of promotion for Arrow outside of the cw.

  • LaLa

    As someone who doesn’t necessarily watch or like the “Superhero” genre or watch the CW I’m pretty excited for Arrow..not sure why but from what I’ve seen promo wise I’m willing to at least give it a shot. Hopefully there will be more viewers like myself.

  • Oliver

    If Arrow is a genuine hit (and not just a hit by CW standards, but actually gets ratings that would see it renewed on other broadcast networks) then it genuinely could save the network. They could rebrand and rebuild the entire network around it.

    The biggest barrier for The CW to overcome is that no-one watches them. They are trapped in a cheap crappy teenage girl soap ghetto. If they can give the network wider appeal with a base to promote from then it could be a turning point.

    It’s not the same situation, but I’d argue The Simpsons is the show that proved Fox could be a viable network.

  • Liam

    0.8-0.9 I dont want to be disappointed if the show does premiere badly.

    I do think the show could get around a 1.0-1.3 but I dont want to be to positive, just in case.

    But Im praying the show premieres really well.

  • The End

    The only thing stopping me from voting 1.0+ is simply because the CW has been receiving dire numbers, and is beaten on a regular basis by a lot of cable networks.

    When I’m seeing dire numbers, and more dire numbers, it’s hard to imagine anything positive with this network.

    I’ll be watching this show too.

  • The End

    Oh and the success of this show will no doubt help Supernatural to no end, and will be a great lead in for it. Wouldn’t surprise me if Arrow helps push Supernatural into the renewal zone and locks it in place there.

  • were123

    I agree, I used to watch many CW shows, but I’m not in for what they are having right: Supernatural has already strechted the story too long and so I gave up on it, I hate The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl got bad after season 5, HoD, 90210 and Nikita are not on my cup of tea. I was thinking I would not watch any CW show, but then Arrow and Cult came around, and so I decided I could watch them. Both shows appeal to more than the typical 18-34 female target, and if both do good CW could use them (along with Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries) to build itself

  • Potato

    I think it’s going to flop because of the horrible ads. They’re all about how he’s undateable because he’s so “dangerous” (read: Shirtless.) Ok, so you scare away all the straight guys and WHAT happens when the girls who have no idea what the show is but think he’s hot tune in and find out it’s a superhero show? Brilliant.

  • Guardian Owl

    very little buzz outside of the network itself, going with 0.6 – 0.7

  • Jon23812

    Question. When The CW was made did they lose some markets The WB used to have?

  • Bort

    The Voice might be saving NBC Primetime, but it’s not saving the network – it’s not saving Today, it’s not saving Nightly News, it’s not saving The Olympics. NBC is more than just primetime.

    The CW, by contrast, is made up of two hours of low to very low rated programming in primetime, and one hour a day and a Saturday kid’s block that could each be easily be syndicated.

    The CW must get better ratings than, let’s say, an hour of Friends reruns and an hour of Everyone Loves Raymond reruns, in order for affiliation to be viable for stations such as the Tribune stations in NY, LA, Chicago, and other places.

    Arrow can’t get good enough ratings to do that, no matter how good they are.

  • Joe

    I think a 0.8 is the best case scenario, honestly.

  • Hubert R.

    0.7, Supernatural – 0.6, and I hope I am too optimistic. I kind of think the Voice hurt Monday and Tuesday ratings, HoD dropped almost 50% when it had to face the new the Voice yesterday.

  • Californiadgd

    Nope, but 0.8 will be good for the network. :)

  • Hubert R.

    I hope I’m too pesimistic* ;p

  • melbye

    I do expect big numbers for Arrow, if it can keep it is the big question

  • a p garcia

    Arrow will premiere huge by CW standards, but will probaly be in Smallville territory after a few airings and hopefully it will be steady for the rest of the TV season.

  • Tyson

    0.6, still better than most CW shows but hardly a savior.

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