Can an 'Arrow' Save the CW? (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012

Updated: It looks like the dreamers were right! Arrow earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating (original posted as a 1.1, apologies!) for its debut episode, which is downright amazing by today's CW standards (but still not up to that lofty Smallville level!)

Many commenters have been looking at The CW's disappointing premiere numbers, and saying something akin to "But Arrow is premiering Wednesday! It's going to be huge! Don't count the CW out yet!" Could they be on to something?

Arrow has been the recipient of some fairly positive buzz from early screenings which may pique the interest from the genre crowd. Superheroes are also very popular at the moment (at least at the box office), and The CW has had success in the past with the DC Universe (Smallville's last season premiered and ended with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, which is huge by today's standards).

So can an Arrow turn the CW ship around? Let us know how you think the show will premiere tonight, tell us why in the comments!

  • Tabitha

    It will be interesting to see how any show on CW does right now each week.

  • Sel

    I’m an optimist,
    1.5 – 2.0 4,50 – 6,00

  • thesnowleopard

    I think a lot has to do with whether it will be any good and whether people will like it. If it is and they do, it will stick around. Will it save the network all by itself? No. But it can’t hurt.

  • Det. Beckett on TNT

    Keep your expectations at a minimum, New York doesn’t have CW unless you have Time Warner.

  • Jared

    If Arrow premieres only between a 0.7-0.9 I would say that’s a HUGE disappointment. Even if that’s a pretty solid number now a days for the CW.

  • Mr Mikey

    Just curious, why did the cw get rid of wwe smackdown?

  • ron

    I hope so Arrow can be as big as Smallville!

    cw ahs so lower number this year is killing me! i though that GG being on its alst season will score 0.9 o 1.0 but no :s

  • Jon23812

    @Beckett, what are you talking about? I live in New York, don’t have Time Warner, and I have The CW.

  • Ian

    At least a 1.0 before stabilizing in .7-.9 for the rest of the season. Show has been getting a lot of buzz and the superhero market is huge right now but it is airing on the CW so it could be a huge flop. The CW needs to switch its direction or do what the WB and UPN did and make a new network maybe bring back the WB ( I know just a dream but I miss those days Buffy, Charmed, Angel). Nothing works for them it’s just depressing. GG, HOD, 90210 all their rating suck whats the networks problem!

  • Desperate Houseboy

    I am expecting 1.0+ but i feel like it will be a huge disappointment.

  • capslocke

    I say at least 1.4, the buzz is huuuge. Everything The CW could want and more.

  • Starship

    Last year’s new CW series managed to pull about 1.2 for their premieres. Ringer had similar buzz as Arrow last year, so I expect Arrow to manage at least a 1.0, but then it doesn’t have a cult 90s TV star buzz behind it, so who knows really.

  • Joe

    I would like to know why people are so sure this show is going to be so great? Is it just because it’s a super hero show? Everyone is getting way too predictable on this site. People get on the networks for doing only crime,lawyer or doctors shows. And yet, you’re all just as predictable. I know the only thing you like are Sci fi shows or an action show. So before anyone did any polls, it was obvious the shows you were looking forward to the most. Revolution, Last Resort, Arrow and 666 Park Avenue. Doesn’t matter if the show is horrible. You all love it if its Sci fi or action. Most of you haven’t seen Arrow yet or have seen one episode and you’re declaring it the greatest show ever. And that it should be on for a decade. Why don’t you watch a few episodes before you make it the greatest show ever.

  • Aura

    The only show that can save the CW is Emily Owens, M.D.
    I saw the pilot, it’s great. I love cast! I love Mamie Gummer, Justin Hartley and Michael Rady.

  • Alex

    Problem I have with Arrow is the same I had with the Green Lantern movie. Too few people really know who Green Arrow is (and they didn’t even give the show the full title). And by all accounts there’s going to be very little resemblance between this show and the comic book. Yes, Smallville started out the same way, too, but it had the benefit of being about Superman who at least Joe and Jane American had heard of. That said, I didn’t expect Iron Man to do any business back in 2008 either for the same reason (previously, Daredevil tanked in part because only a niche really knew or cared what Daredevil was; most folks probably thought it was a movie about a stuntman). Arrow’s going to have to really hit the ground running if it’s going to survive. But then maybe it stands a better chance than if it were on one of the main networks.

  • The CW needs to end and they need to create a new network, like the did with UPN and the WB (which they should not have; I miss those networks). Scrap some shows (90120, GG is ending, Supernatural should end after 9 seasons, and so on) and start fresh.

  • Question…
    Why does the CW have such smaller numbers, and always had small numbers. I cannot remember if WB and UPN had this problem. Isn’t it as wide across the US like the other networks?
    Would it ever be possible to bring it up to even NBC’s level of “success”?

  • victor hugo

    2.5 million viewers and 1.0 ratings

  • SMG4E

    It’ll premiere higher than the other shows on the network, only because of the buzz. I’m gonna guess a 0.7 or 0.8. But then people will see how crappy it is, and ratings will quickly plummet to steady 0.4’s.

  • iMember

    Wow, people around here are so negative.

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