Can an 'Arrow' Save the CW? (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012

Updated: It looks like the dreamers were right! Arrow earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating (original posted as a 1.1, apologies!) for its debut episode, which is downright amazing by today's CW standards (but still not up to that lofty Smallville level!)

Many commenters have been looking at The CW's disappointing premiere numbers, and saying something akin to "But Arrow is premiering Wednesday! It's going to be huge! Don't count the CW out yet!" Could they be on to something?

Arrow has been the recipient of some fairly positive buzz from early screenings which may pique the interest from the genre crowd. Superheroes are also very popular at the moment (at least at the box office), and The CW has had success in the past with the DC Universe (Smallville's last season premiered and ended with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, which is huge by today's standards).

So can an Arrow turn the CW ship around? Let us know how you think the show will premiere tonight, tell us why in the comments!

  • Jon23812

    @ …

    No, The WB and UPN, didn’t have these problems, but over the years television viewership used to be higher than it is now, so that might not be a fair statement.. In the 2002 – 2003 season, #50 had a 6.4 rating. Last television season, the #1 show has a 7.9 rating, and #2 had a 6.1 rating.

  • Freyja

    I think it will get 0.8 possible 0.9 it could premiere lower, I think Baseball might hurt it some as it does tend to hurt male oriented shows. (JMO)

    I think the dark horse in the running this year is Beauty and the Beast, I think it might surprise everyone.

  • Kyle

    I’d say a 1.3 like The Secret Circle, and it’ll stabilize at 0.7-0.9 hopefully. Supernatural might also get a boost and get a 0.9 tonight and maybe 2 million viewers.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Alex: “Too few people really know who Green Arrow is (and they didn’t even give the show the full title).”

    I agree this could be a real problem, but OTOH see below.

    “And by all accounts there’s going to be very little resemblance between this show and the comic book.”

    Well, it seems to be following the current version of the comic book more than the original version. Which makes some sense, I guess, although I don’t think it’s going to matter at all for ratings because the show will have to stand or fall on its own merits, not whether any significant percentage of the audience knows the character’s history.

    What’s going to matter is HOW the characters are treated. If they’re treated lamely or as “camp” (remember that term?), the show will tank. If they treat them seriously AND the execution is good, the show might do well.

  • Michael

    the reviews have been pretty good. The show seems to lean closer to Nolan’s Batman than Smallville’s teen drama. Given Green Arrow’s comic history, that actually makes more sense.

  • Adrian

    I think 1.0+ is possible, I hope I’m not being overly optimistic.
    It’s definitively not going to premier to TVD numbers and it certainly won’t save the CW, but it’s a start.

    If this doesn’t stick then nothing will because I don’t think Beauty, Carrie Emily or Cult will be hits.

  • fra

    I’m going to say a 1.3-1.6 range for Arrow.
    It has a lot of great reviews (72 on metacritic!), there is buzz on the web, and superheroes are so popoular right now.
    Cw is dying because of bad shows like Gossip girl 90210 and Hart of dixie.
    Supernatural Arrow TVD and maybe Nikita will keep them ALIVE

  • Rachel

    0.7 to be honest.

  • david

    I really hope it gets at least a 1.0, i hope for a 1.5. I have not ween adds for the show on other channels though. Does not mean there have not been adds though.

  • Kavyn

    I’m thinking close to 1.0, but under. But it’s possible it goes over, it really all depends on the hype.

  • Sid

    I was optimistic but I’ll be rational now judging the ratings disaster this network is in:

    Arrow: 1.4
    Supernatural: 0.9

  • Sid

    I was hoping for The CW’s sake the show would’ve been the next TVD(2.0) or 9O21O(2.6) in terms of their high buzz and premiere ratings but it wouldn’t surprise me at this point if it matches RINGER/TSC from last Season.

    It would definitely shock me if it gets lower than RINGER/TSC with all the promotion and buzz it’s received. I expect B&tB to match RINGER/TSC butI’m hoping for higher for that show as well.

  • Nick

    I say 1.2. It will fall though, and settle at 0.8/0.9, just a tad higher than Supernatural. It has a huge amount of buzz.

  • Mike

    Drama ratings predictions for tonight..

    Arrow: 2.0
    Supernatural: 0.6

    Criminal Minds: 2.8
    CSI: 2.5

    SVU: 1.8
    Chicago Fire 1.8-2.2

    Nashville: 3.0-3.4

    Comedies Guesses:

    The Middle: 2.0
    Neighbors: 1.9
    Modern Family 4.5
    Modern family (2nd) 4.6

    Animal Practice: 1.2
    Guys With Kids: 1.7

    Survivor: 3.0
    X-Factor: 3.2

  • JJA

    Maybe I’m being a bit unrealistic, but these are my predictions for tonight and tomorrow.

    Arrow: 1.6
    Supernatural: .8
    Vampire Diaries: 1.3
    Beauty & The Beast: 1.1

  • Tom

    It’s the CW so I honestly can’t see it doing any better than a 0.8 or maybe a 0.9 if they’re lucky.

    Hope I’m wrong though ’cause the show looks awesome!

  • julio

    This show is so dumb.. Watching it now.. Best part was just to see katie cassidy but that is all.. Not really feeling this show..

  • Danimals

    Going to optimistic and say a 1.4 for Arrow and a 1.0 for Supernatural, but realistically, looks like Arrow will do 1.0-1.2 and Supernatural will probably be around .7-.8.

  • Lane


    1.3 M viewers

  • Annie

    LOVE THIS SHOW. Just saw it. Great chemistry between the leads, the Arrow guy is totally smoking hot, good writing, and I LOVE the action scenes.

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