Country Stars vs. Firefighters: Battle of the 10PM Newbies (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012


Updated: Looks like the majority was right! Nashville debuted to a 2.8, while Chicago Fire earned a 1.9.

Tonight, two freshmen dramas will make their debut: One about a pair of dueling country superstars who want to rule the music scene, and the other about a bunch of firefighters with interpersonal issues. Nashville certainly has the edge as far as early reviews are concerned, but as we've seen with The Neighbors, reviews don't always matter, and fans of Law & Order might want to check out Chicago Fire based only on Dick Wolf's involvement.

So who gets your vote for the 10PM champ? Will you be checking out either of these new shows? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • Al

    I hope what Nashville will be over 3.5 after Modern Family.

  • Det. Beckett on TNT

    You guys can have Nashville, I got Chicago Fire all the way!

  • silvit

    As every one already said, Nashville will certainly do better because of the lead-in. Having said that, Chicago Fire looks sooo cliché it’s not even funny. A Third Watch clone.

    To the one who mentioned Rescue Me: you wish this show was like Rescue Me. Rescue Me was a gritty show with an anti-hero (and not particularly handsome, I mean, at all) lead. This show on the other hand sounds like your average sexy man, shirts off, strong, PROTECTIVE but with a heart of gold leading man blah blah blah…

  • Jon

    Nashville definitely wins tonight, but I think they will become even for the long haul. And on NBC, CF will have a better chance at sticking around than Nashville.

  • Jared

    I can’t wait for Nashville. I’ll definitely be watching that tonight. Love both Connie and Hayden.

    The pilot for Chicago Fire is already available On Demand. I’ll probably check that out earlier in the evening.

  • lee


  • Mark Wilkins

    I’ll give Chicago Fire a chance, maybe watch 2 or 3 episodes to see how it is. Not a fan of country music, but I bet ABC will win the timeslot.

  • Mike

    I don’t think I would enjoy Nashville, but all the critics seem to love it . I think it will do good.

  • Ian

    Nashville will certainly premiere at most a 3.5. The show has gotten amazing reviews, a lot of promotion, a huge lead in, and Connie Britton and Hayden Pannetire have loyal fan bases ecspecially Britton. I believe the show will be this years Revenge, premiere in the mid-low 3s before settling in the high-mid 2s. The show has everything it needs to be a hit also it’s not in a bad time slot. Chicago Fire on the other hand… seems cliched, flawed, and solely relying on its actors looks. I’m going to guess a flop and be cancelled by episode five. However I could be wrong on both accounts I was just looking at what usually makes a show a hit and a flop.

  • Gary

    I saw Chicago Fire already On Demand and loved it, I’m watching it again tonight. I’ll probably be keeping it on NBC most of the night starting at 8:30p with Guys with Kids then SVU.

    I like Hayden Panettiere but I’m not really that interested in getting into another soap right now.

  • DW

    Nashville with the lead in but neither one impresses me. i’m surprised fire is in a 10 slot it seems more like an lead off night show which wouldn’t surprise me if later on its Chicago fire / revolution then SVU on wednesday.

  • Bob

    I watched Chicago Fire already. If fact, I feel asleep during it so had to finish it the next day. Not impressive by any means. However I hope it does decently. I will watch Nashville tonight to see what the buzz is about. I unfortunately watched that horrid Smash the first episode and never again. This seems like Country Smash to me but I will keep an open mind tonight.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Nashville- 3.4
    Chicago Fire- 2.1

  • Zach Helms

    Can people please stop acting like Lady Gaga’s Tweets will boost ratings for Chicago Fire. It’s not going to help.

    Nashville will win over Chicago Fire for two reasons. 1. Great reviews 2. Modern Family as a lead in. Plus, Chicago Fire has not received the best reviews.

    I think Nashville will perform very similar to Smash. But we will see.

  • Fed

    It doesnt’t mather what Nashville and CF will get because in a couple of weeks CSI will dominate them just like every year for over a decade. CSI is the true hit of the 21s Century being the most watched tv series in the world.

  • Leondre

    Nashville-1st Chicago Fire-2nd CSI-3rd(and at a series low)

  • Gary

    @ Fed

    I watch CSI most weeks during the season when its new and it will dominate the slot just like it did last year when Revenge was getting all of that hype in the fall and it went away quickly. Nashville seems like Revenge but Revenge is something people will get into quickly and not fall asleep on because it involves killing.

  • Wright

    SPN for the win!!! Though the table reads differently it airs at the same time too. At least it does where I live.

  • Tyson

    Nashville should enjoy tonight. It won’t get a double shot of Modern Family for a lead-in each week. Once Suburgatory premieres, Nashville’s ratings will decline. Chicago Fire will struggle all season. CSI will win the hour before long.

  • Hr Drew

    I’m surprised that Lady Gaga chose a show like Chicago Fire over Nashville since I thought she would be interested in a singing show. That girl actually might have good taste after all.

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