Country Stars vs. Firefighters: Battle of the 10PM Newbies (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012


Updated: Looks like the majority was right! Nashville debuted to a 2.8, while Chicago Fire earned a 1.9.

Tonight, two freshmen dramas will make their debut: One about a pair of dueling country superstars who want to rule the music scene, and the other about a bunch of firefighters with interpersonal issues. Nashville certainly has the edge as far as early reviews are concerned, but as we've seen with The Neighbors, reviews don't always matter, and fans of Law & Order might want to check out Chicago Fire based only on Dick Wolf's involvement.

So who gets your vote for the 10PM champ? Will you be checking out either of these new shows? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • predictable

    This battle will be more interesting in the coming weeks than it will be tonight because its rather predictable. You’ve got Nashville airing right out of Modern Family so its obviously first.

    Once everything chills down is when I think Chicago Fire will catch Nashville. Chicago Fire’s biggest opposition is to get as many SVU and CSI fans as possible and to not end up like this year’s Prime Suspect.

    Chicago Fire is a typical procedure and it will not get buzz because of it but buzz doesn’t matter in the long run which is why Nashville might end up flaming out like Smash did. This same kind of talk happened last year when people thought Smash would be the next big thing and then Hawaii Five-0 and Castle proved that procedurals are the king genre of scripted television.

  • Wright

    Lady GaGa’s boyfriend stars in Chicago Fire.

  • Martin

    Shouldn’t the poll be, how much will Nashville beat Chicago Fire by.

  • Chris

    Why don’t you publish the ratings of Chicago Fire on WMAQ (Chicago’s NBC station) and of Nashville on WKRN (Nashville’s ABC station). Bet they’ll both be very high for their respective shows.

  • Travis

    My gut tells me Nashville, but given the amount of promotion NBC has done for Chicago Fire, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it win.

  • Steph

    Saw Nashville online and was really good. I think it’s gonna be around for a while.

  • CrimTV


    Until this season when everyone realised the procedurals were dying and sci-fi shows were doing much better (*cough* *cough* Revolution)

  • Chicago Fire vs. Nashville

    Well I’m guessing this is the last new commercial before Chicago Fire premieres:

  • Jay

    Saw both online. Nashville was terrible, so predictable and average acting at best. Chicago Fire was very good, much better acting and writing. Predict Nashville will be slightly ahead, but will quickly be surpassed by Chicago Fire. Certainly will be interesting about Lady Gaga’s impact. The media power she has is incredible.

  • rob60990

    Is that Meghann Fahy? The girl looks 16 and pairing her with Taylor Kinney’s character looks creepy.

    I’ll be shocked if Nashville doesn’t win its timeslot tonight and ABC will likely be disappointed in anything less than a 3.0.

  • Cyrax86

    All eyes on Nashville. ABC has major problems with the 10 pm slot, but if this one flops too, won’t they have to save at least either Castle or Scandal, they can’t just cancel all of them!


    NASHVILLE!! NBC has tried putting SVU at this time slot To use it as a lead in. It didn’t work. Chicago Fire looks like a NBC that will be cancelled after 13 eps. As a SVU watcher, I will be watching Nashville. NOT Chicago Fire


    By The Way. Having a Celeb tweet about a show won’t a huge difference. Justin Beiber tweeted his 20 million + followed to watch his special show. And it flopped. Lady GaGa was on SYTYCD last summer, ratings didn’t improve on her special ep.

  • Jared

    Just watched Chicago Fire and was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t count this series out just yet.

  • Freyja

    I’ll probably record Chicago Fire and watch Nashville live.

  • lee


  • David

    TV is like the music industry because when ratings go down, they stick more country music awards and country themed shows in there.

  • Jay

    TVMAN, comparing Bieber’s kid followers versus Gaga’s is laughable. Don’t know the impact, just will be interesting. Additionally, Nashville is about country music. Niche market. Not all that popular in the metro areas in the northeast and midwest. Not giving a Dick Wolf show a back nine? No chance. He has made a fortune for NBC. Full season guaranteed.

  • SMG4E

    I can’t wait for Nashville! After seeing trailers for all the new shows of the 2012 – 2013 season, none of them really interested me. Except Nashville. I was drawn to the drama element, the rivalry that could escalade, and the feeling I got that the show wasn’t mostly about country music but the fact that the characters were all hiding secrets. Surprisingly, I actually don’t like country music at all. But after seeing some more previews of the show and its music, I found that the dramatic elements I was drawn to earlier were definitely there and the music had its own feel to it. As a matter of fact, I caught myself singing one of the songs later that day. Haha, already getting stuck in my head. By then, I decided I would give Nashville a shot. I think it will score between a 3.0 and a 3.5.

    And to the people calling Nashville a country version of Smash, you are sooo wrong. Smash is about a bunch of people in broadway performing big shows. There’s not really any character development or side stories. Just music and broadway. Pretty much like Glee. Nashville, on the other hand, has so much more. The music is just one part of the series. Personally, I really hate Smash and Glee. The sole fact that Nashille intrigues me so much just goes to show how amazing and differen of a show it is.

  • Ashley

    I watched both pilots and I liked CF better. Plus it’s from Dick Wolf, producer of Law & Order.

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