Country Stars vs. Firefighters: Battle of the 10PM Newbies (Poll)

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October 10th, 2012


Updated: Looks like the majority was right! Nashville debuted to a 2.8, while Chicago Fire earned a 1.9.

Tonight, two freshmen dramas will make their debut: One about a pair of dueling country superstars who want to rule the music scene, and the other about a bunch of firefighters with interpersonal issues. Nashville certainly has the edge as far as early reviews are concerned, but as we've seen with The Neighbors, reviews don't always matter, and fans of Law & Order might want to check out Chicago Fire based only on Dick Wolf's involvement.

So who gets your vote for the 10PM champ? Will you be checking out either of these new shows? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • Matt

    I’m guessing a 3.2-4.0 for Nashville because of all if the hue and promotion on it. It also received an 88/100 on Metacritic, the highest for a network show in years. So around 9-12M and 3.2-4.0 for Nashville.

    Nashville – 3.2-4.0 / 9-12M
    Chicago Fire – 2.0-2.5 / 6-8M
    CSI – 2.3 / 10.1M

  • Ashley

    @Wright He was also on The Vampire Diaries as a guest star.

  • SJ

    Nashville – 3.2, just a tick below Revenge’s premiere last year.

    Chicago Fire – 1.6, cancelled in a matter of weeks.

  • fra

    My predictions are

    Nashville 3.3-3.6. If they are really lucky,a 3.8 like Smash last year. It can be a hit, considering all the great reviews.

    Arrow 1.3-1.6

    Chicago Fire 1.9-2.2


    Nashville was the best pilot, CF the most boring

    3.0+ for Nashville, CF places last

  • a p garcia

    I think Nashville will become ABC’s The Event.

  • bluejays

    Nashville because of the lead in. And it has one of my fave actresses in it, in the shape of Connie Britton. But Dick Wolf and sexy firefighters mean that for me Chicago Fire is a must see.

  • Zach Helms

    Lady Gaga’s twitter account will not have an impact on the show. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato went overboard tweeting about X-Factor and it still couldn’t bring in big ratings.

    Besides, Chicago Fire has got mediocre reviews, while Nashville is many of the critics favorite new series. Don’t forget the massive promotion Nashville has received.

    Yes, country is a “niche” genre, but look at Smash. Broadway is not as appealing as country. The pilot episode received great ratings. Sure, it decreased relatively fast, but that is because the quality of the show took a nose dive. If Nashville stays the same as it’s pilot episode, I think the show will get a second season.

  • Linda

    I’m thinking Nashville is going to premiere around 3.8 to 4.2. It has a lot of buzz. Ultimately, I think it will settle into the low 3’s as time goes on.

  • Bobby C.

    Will be watching Chicago Fire on DVR after the baseball playoffs! :)

  • Mike

    nashville will win but will fall huge next week…. chicago fire im sure will pull a 2.0 and fall to stabalize around a 1.5

  • Mike

    Drama ratings predictions for tonight..

    Arrow: 2.0
    Supernatural: 0.6

    Criminal Minds: 2.8
    CSI: 2.5

    SVU: 1.8
    Chicago Fire 1.8-2.2

    Nashville: 3.0-3.4

    Comedies Guesses:

    The Middle: 2.0
    Neighbors: 1.9
    Modern Family 4.5
    Modern family (2nd) 4.6

    Animal Practice: 1.2
    Guys With Kids: 1.7

    Survivor: 3.0
    X-Factor: 3.2

  • Adrian

    I watched Chicago Fire online because of the sexy firefighters but it ended up boring me to death. However, it’s a procedural so it might not bomb right out of the gate.

    Nashville will obviously do better thanks to the MF lead-in but I wonder if it will stabilize quickly or keep on decreasing until it’s cancelled.

  • Nick

    The Middle: 2.5
    The Neighbors: 1.6
    Modern Family: 5.2/5.0
    Nashville: 3.2

    Survivor: 2.9
    Criminal Minds: 2.7
    CSI: 2.3

    Arrow: 1.2
    Supernatural: 0.9

    The X Factor: 3.6

    Animal Practice: 1.1
    Guys With Kids: 1.5
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: 1.6
    Chicago Fire: 1.7

    1. Fox: 3.6
    2. ABC: 3.5
    3. CBS: 2.6
    4. NBC: 1.5
    5. CW: 1.1
    If Chicago Fire tanks and/or Arrow is a monstrosity, the CW could beat NBC tonight!!!!!!

    Nashville definitely wins 10 pm.

  • Nick


    Arrow: 2.0
    Supernatural: 0.6

    Even if Arrow really does score a 2.0 (unlikely, but not impossible), why would Supernatural decrease 25% when there is no debate on and its lead-in is 700% higher?

  • Mike


    because last week it only pulled a 0.8

  • kevin lamb

    Chicago Fire will be another dumb-ass relationship show with Fire hats instead of stethoscopes. Hoping for a cancellation after the first show.

  • Hugh

    Nashville 3.3 or more
    CFire has the Gaga effect. 2.0

  • James


    Survivor 3.0
    Criminal Minds 2.6
    CSI 2.1

    The Middle 2.5
    The Neighbors 1.8
    Modern Family 4.6,4.7
    Nashville 3.2

    Animal Practice 1.1
    Guys With Kids 1.6
    Law & Order:SVU 1.6
    Chicago Fire 2.0

    X Factor 3.1

    Arrow 1.2
    Supernatural 0.7

  • Ethan

    Chicago fire…2.3

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