Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Judge Judy' Scores Best Ratings in 19 Weeks, 'Dr Phil' Retains Top Talker Spot for Week of September 30th

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October 10th, 2012


Judge Judy was the top regular syndicated program in total viewers and Household ratings for the week ending September 30, 2012, and scored its best ratings in 19 weeks

Dr Phil widened his lead over the talk shows, topping the field for the third straight week this season.  Live! with Kelly & Michael  was a distant second.

Top 25 Syndicated Shows for the week ending September 30, 2012:

Rank Program Dist. Days HH Rating Viewers (000)
1 ESPN NFL REGULAR SEASON ESP M...... 11.0 17480
2 JUDGE JUDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.8 9343
3 BIG BANG-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 6.5 10088
5 2012 REG SEASON GAMES NFL ...T... 5.8 9166
6 JEOPARDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 5.6 8475
8 MADE IN HOLLYWOOD(S)-09/30/2012 CEC ......S 4.5 5855
9 2012 NFL REG SEA POSTGUN NFL ...T... 4.3 6589
10 BIG BANG WKND B (AT) WB ......S 4.3 6826
11 FAMILY FEUD (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 4.2 5969
12 BIG BANG WKND A (AT) WB ......S 3.9 6290
14 FAMILY GUY-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 3.6 5372
15 FAMILY GUY-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 3.3 4908
16 2012 NFL REG SEA PREKICK NFL ...T... 3.2 5017
17 DR. PHIL SHOW (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 3.1 4027
20 MONK-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 2.8 3955
21 LAW & ORDER-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 2.7 3711
24 DR. OZ SHOW (AT) SPT MTWTF.. 2.4 3078


Why Aren't The Simpsons on This List?!

While The Simpsons repeats are available nationally its ratings are not counted in the weekly syndicated ratings because The Simpsons does not sell any national advertising in syndication.

Please note that the syndicated weekly results are delayed versus normal reporting.  While we get the broadcast and cable ratings for the prior Monday-Sunday period every Tuesday, there is an extra week of lag time with the syndicated ratings and these numbers are not for last week, but for the week before last.

For syndicated shows which air on multiple days, the viewership shown is the average of all telecasts.

BUENA VISTA items are syndicated packages of old Disney movies.

DAD = Disney ABC Domestic Television, SPT= Sony Pictures Television, 2/T=Twentieth Television, ESP = ESPN, CTD = CBS Television Distribution.

AT = Additional Time/Telecasts, more than the typical number of episodes or time periods/week

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2011 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Chris

    I’m more interested in why Castle (which debuted in syndication on TNT on 9/26) isn’t on this list. And in how far down the Top 100 it actually appears. Or do I assume too much? :)

  • Max


  • Joan

    The Michael and Kelly show is gradually going down.Kelly NO TALENT Ripa actually asked a guest today if the reason she hasnt been on lateky is because Regis scared her.What kind of trash talk is that. Regis was THE BEST

  • Mike

    How is Mr. Box Office doing?


    WTG Judge Judy!

  • Jay

    @Chris LOL trolling to put down Castle again. What is your deal? Did Castle offend you in some way?

  • Max Vrany

    @Chris, TNT is cable. This is syndication to local TV stations. Syndication to cable networks is included in the nightly cable results, if available.

  • Chris

    @Jay–maybe you know why Castle’s heavily-touted debut in regular syndication isn’t on this list? When dramas in the same genre, like L&O and Monk. that have been in syndication for many years, are there.

    Oh right, you only want to talk about me. Anything but Castle’s ratings. :D

  • Max

    @ Joan- I agree. That is totally un watchable now. Regis is what made that show! Haven’t watched since he “left”.

  • Daniel


    If the show you havent seen the show since Regis left, how do u know the show is unwatchable

  • Fakeem

    I want to know why Football is considered “syndicated” programming when it’s on at the same time nationally and on the same network nationally.

  • Jay

    @Chris please see @Max Vrany’s response. These are for syndicated shows on LOCAL TV Stations. I am well aware of Castle’s ratings. Is the show a demo hit with those 18-49? No it’s not. Is it a hit in regards to total viewers? Yes, it’s consistently higher than a lot of scripted shows. But I am also realistic and fair in the sense that I realize that most shows have taken a significant hit this fall season (especially dramas). I’m looking at the bigger picture. If you want to talk ratings then by all means, let’s do so. The fact is that Monday night’s are tough competition. Castle compete’s with shows like Revolution, Hawaii 5-0, WWE Raw, Monday Night Football and baseball games. The ratings you see now are the show’s fanbase that sticks around week to week and not just those who are casual watchers (boosts the show used to receive from people who would continue to watch after DWTS).

    I did see Castle’s syndication numbers on TNT when they were released last week and all of the episodes they showed were in the top 100. Some of them were between 70-100. So what? It was their first night and no one knows what the response is going to be for another few weeks. But TNT has continued to show 10 episodes of Castle for the past two weeks so that must be positive right? Because if they weren’t happy with the ratings then they would substitute the show for something else and they sure as heck wouldn’t be putting up huge billboards in Times Square to promote the show. In fact, TNT does a better job of promoting Castle than ABC.

    Castle is in it’s best season yet and the fact that the ratings do not who that is unfortunate. But I hope that more people will start to tune in when they realize that Castle and Beckett will not be breaking up every few episodes. As another website pointed out, Castle’s ratings for this week were higher than the premiere and the second episode and tied DWTS in the demo rating and that has NEVER happened before. So yes, it’s gaining a little steam.

    I sincerely hope that all of the shows on Monday night at 10 PM continue on because they are all good shows that have their fanbases and I recognize that there is a lot of Cable and sporting competition in those time slots as well. All three shows can be successful at the same time.

  • silvit

    Cable ratings of syndicated repeat shows are included in this list. That’s why TBBT last year received a big boost after it began airing on TBS.

    The same happened to 30 Rock when it began airing on Comedy Central.

    Obviously not having the local station syndication, they are bound to rate lower.

  • silvit


    Getting beaten by a early morning repeat of Charmed doesn’t exactly speak success.

    TNT repeats perform badly, excluding Supernatural and L&O.

  • silvit

    FYI, these are the ratings for the second week of Castle on TNT:

    Castle (repeat) (TNT, 8:00-9:00)
    1.374 million viewers, 0.3 A18-49

    Castle (repeat) (TNT, 9:00-10:00)
    1.419 million viewers, 0.3 A18-49

    Castle (repeat) (TNT, 10:00-11:00)
    1.625 million viewers, 0.4 A18-49

    Worse than Supernatural in the morning.
    TNT can run a test pattern and get the same ratings, as proved by every show they put on in the hours in the recent past.

    Castle is not the NCIS or L&O:SVU of TNT.

  • Jay

    @silvit Honestly, I don’t care about syndicated ratings. I only care about Monday night ratings. Castle is syndicated, it has already closed the deal on that so the profit is in the bag.

  • Jay

    @silvit and no one has ever claimed that it is. But comparing Castle’s syndicated ratings to two shows that have been syndicated for years and years is not exactly fair now is it?

  • silvit


    NCIS and SVU rated much higher years ago vs now on USA. A new syndicated show should do better than an old one. In fact, one of TNT problems in the last few years -and that was admitted by TNT/TBS CEO- has been the diminishing ratings of L&O repeats on that channel and the lack of a new L&O player for them which should boost the entire network. That’s why they paid so much for The Mentalist/Castle/Hawaii 5-0. The thing is, none of these show is nowhere near the success that TNT wanted them to be for them.

    If anything, Castle should rate much higher than L&0 or old repeats of Bones. In reality it didn’t happen. So Castle being new is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

  • Steve

    @Jay – Actually, Jay, cable rerun rights for TV shows are separate from syndication. Castle probably won’t land in syndication (that means your local TV station) for about another year. Per wikipedia, they have 84 episodes made.

  • Troy

    Kelly ripa is probably why they are still on because the other guy seems to be uninterested.

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