TV Ratings Tuesday: 'The Voice', 'Go On' & 'Parenthood' Hit Highs, 'Hart of Dixie' Falls + 'Vegas' Steady

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October 10th, 2012

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 2.9/8 2.8/8 2.0/5 1.7/5 1.7/5 0.3/1
Adults 18-34: Rating/Share 2.4/8 1.6/5 1.9/6 1.1/3 1.6/5 0.3/1
Total Viewers (million) 7.627 14.993 4.000 9.157 3.938 0.865


NBC was the number one network in adults 18-49, but CBS won with total viewers.

On CBS, NCIS earned a 3.3 down  from last week's 3.7 adults 18-49 rating. NCIS: Los Angeles scored a 2.9, down two tenths from last week's 3.1 adults 18-49 rating. Vegas was even with last week's 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.

On FOX, Raising Hope scored a 1.8, up a tenth from last week's 1.7 adults 18-49 rating. Ben and Kate earned a 1.5, down a tenth from last week's 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. New Girl garnered a 2.7, down a tenth from last week's 2.8 adults 18-49 rating. The Mindy Project was even with last week's 1.9 among adults 18-49,

On NBC, The Voice earned a 4.4, way up from last week's a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating (for the auditions recap episode) and a three-week Tuesday high. Go On scored a 2.8, up seven tenths from last week's 2.1 18-49 rating and also a three week high. The New Normal garnered a 2.0, up three tenths from last week's 1.7 among adults 18-49.Parenthood notched a 2.0 up four tenths from last week's 1.6 adults 18-49 rating and is a season high.

On ABC,  Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars, was even with last week's 2.1  adults 18-49. Private Practice was also even with last week's 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.

On the CW,  Hart of Dixie scored a 0.4, down three tenths from last week's 0.7 adults 18-49 rating. The television premiere of the five year old online video Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog earned a 0.2. adults 18-49 rating.


Broadcast primetime ratings for Tuesday, October 9, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice 4.4 13  11.93
CBS NCIS 3.3 10  18.09
FOX Raising Hope 1.8 5  4.11
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars (Clip show) 1.2 4  8.239
CW Hart of Dixie 0.4 1 1.20
8:30PM FOX Ben and Kate 1.5 4  3.33
9:00PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.9 8  15.10
NBC Go On 2.8 7  6.95
FOX New Girl 2.7 7  4.99
ABC Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 2.1 6  13.18
CW Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 0.2 1 0.57
9:30PM NBC The New Normal 2.0 5  4.96
FOX The Mindy Project 1.9 5  3.569
10:00PM CBS Vegas 2.0 5 11.78
NBC Parenthood 2.0 6  4.99
ABC Private Practice 1.6 4  6.05


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NOTE: All ratings are "live plus same day" from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise indicated.

NOTE: All national ratings are "live plus same day" from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise indicated.

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Rating: Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households (or other specified group) tuned to a program in the average minute. Ratings are expressed as a percent.

Share (of Audience): The percent of households (or persons) using television who are tuned to a specific program, station or network in a specific area at a specific time. (See also, Rating, which represents tuning or viewing as a percent of the entire population being measured.)

Time Shifted Viewing – Program ratings for national sources are produced in three streams of data – Live, Live+Same Day (Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Time shifted figures account for incremental viewing that takes place with DVRs. Live+Same Day (Live+SD) include viewing during the same broadcast day as the original telecast, with a cut-off of 3:00AM local time when meters transmit daily viewing to Nielsen for processing. Live+7 Day ratings include incremental viewing that takes place during the 7 days following a telecast.

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  • Erin

    Did I miss something? Wasn’t The O.C. on Fox?

    Otherwise I’m not disputing any of that, frankly I’m not in a position to since the only thing on the network I watch with any regularity is Supernatural. That doesn’t mean I’m rooting for it to crash. There is a difference between saying it’s not the same/it’s going down hill and laughing at the fact that it’s happening/saying you can’t wait until it does. I’m not sure why you can’t understand that.

    Like someone else said, your statement and reasoning smacks of immaturity, probably the reason people are speaking to you as if you are immature.

  • John_M

    i just was curious what you thought of a good show that does well in ratings.

    Tying Vegas is doing ‘good’ (well, the term is well) in the ratings?

    You randomly picked a show.

    On any given night I watch 4-7 shows (yay DVR’s) on both the standard networks and some of the ‘cable’ networks (primarly SciFi, USA, and FX) – you can cherry pick all you want, but you’ll never figure out my taste.

    Nor do you hold the high ground in the ‘oh my god my favorite show which also was awesome’ was canceled when legitimately (critically acclaimed) quality shows have suffered similarly ignominious cancellations. For example

    Brooklyn Bridge
    My So-Called Life
    Sports Night
    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    Misfits of Science (shut up people – it was AWESOME)

  • John_M

    dixie is a doctor show like all the other doctor shows on tv nowadays. And these new ones are fantasy like VD thinking they will be as good. Then theres emily owens which is another doctor show. how many doctor shows need to be on one network.

    Yes, there’s a lot of shows on TV right now that steal the plot of doc hollywood and try to make it a drama…there’s heart of dixie, and there’s, um, well, there’s um, sure yeah – tons of them are the same.

    Numerous doctor shows also take the ‘high school is hell metaphor’ and put it in a hospital, there’s that one on that network and that on the other network

    Not to mention Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Nikitia (those are all the CW shows I know) that have no comparisons on other networks.

    If you think about it (and know you’re history) all tv shows fall into ’13 categories’ cause there’s only 13 stories to tell – it’s about HOW you tell it

  • Freyja

    As I was kindly reminded on another board, I think we all forgot about the Baseball Playoff’s airing last night, and again tonight. =)

    That will take a chunk of viewers away from CBS and possibly effect the CW as well. I expect to see Arrow do ok and SPN take a small hit… We have a month of Baseball Playoff’s to deal with. ;)

  • Joseph

    “Made In Jersey” will be replaced by “CSI New York”, moving back an hour, with “Undercover Boss” filling “CSI New York”‘s old timeslot.

    By mid-November, no English-language broadcast network will probably be broadcasting any first-run scripted programming between 8 and 9 P.M. ET/PT on Fridays. By 2014, maybe sooner, Friday nights may well be all reruns, reality, and newsmagazines. First-run scripted fare will, unfortunately, vanish from Fridays.

  • Joseph

    I have also heard that a major problem for Friday-night prime-time TV viewing this Fall is high-school football games. I have heard that attendance at games around the country is substantially up over last year.

    If that’s the case, fewer people may be home and available to watch TV.

    And this Fall, ESPN has also started broadcasting some college football on Friday nights. While they’re not the big marquee games broadcast on Saturdays on various networks, such telecasts do hurt the broadcast networks a bit, especially in the home markets of participating teams.

    If viewing levels on Friday nights rebound late this Fall, once the high-school football season and college football’s regular season end, perhaps the networks may end up with an all rerun/reality/newsmagazine lineup on Fridays through November, and then some first-run scripted shows from December onward.

  • KoolRebel

    CW is losing viewers because they cancelled The Secret Circle, I told millions of people to stop watching this network except for Nikita. Please Bring Back THE SECRET CIRCLE & you’ll get a lot better ratings. Thanks. So Everybody stop watching these stupid shows on the CW except for Nikita & The Vampire Diaries. Cult looks good also, but that’s it, nothing more. Thanks to the kiddies who watches the CW & has nothing else to do with their lives.

  • DryedMangoez

    Good night for NBC!

  • Doug

    Something seems off with those HoD numbers – it’s not a new show, and losing half its audience in the span of a week is ridiculous. But then again, when you’re pulling numbers this small, the margin of error is bigger, and not-large numerical drops seem big. I would expect this to be the CW’s story all season long. Next week it’ll be – HoD up 25% (from a 0.4 to a 0.5) or even 50%. I guess that’s good for the PR spinners, right?

    This is the bottom – there’s almost nowhere to go but sideways or up.

  • robin


    i seriously doubt that no one is watching the CW just because you told “millions of people to stop watching the network”

  • Brandy

    Nikki, I liked SC and was disappointed it was cancelled but I have accepted it and moved on and I don’t blame CW as I understand it’s a business,it’s all about the almighty dollar and if a show dosent have enough viewers/make the network enough money it’ll be cancelled and I believe SC was cancelled cause it couldn’t sustain the good ratings from the first half of the season into the second half,not cause CW had a secret agenda to cause it to fail.It sounds like you’re stuck in the anger phase of the 5 stages of grief:denial,bargaining ,anger and lastly, acceptance.I think it’s immature of you and other posters here to root for CW to fail and close up shop cause that’s peoples jobs,there are also still fans of CW shows so it’s them too and if one were to say”I want CW to go under” but they watch SPN or VD on the network, those shows would go away too so it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.Im 31 and watch nearly everything on CW-Beautiful Life,Melrose Place,Gossip Girl, Plain Jane,Vampire Diaries,Hart of Dixie,Carrie Diaries,OTH,90210,ANTM,Life Unexpected,Life is Wild,Secret Circle,Hellcats ,Breaking Pointeand I’ll try Emily Owens & BeautyBeast.Hey I’m still in their target audience of A18-34&W 18-34. It’s immature of people to want a network to fail cause cancelled a show or they don’t like they’re programs-I don’t watch Fox cause they don’t have shows I like/want to watch but I’m not rooting for them to fail,NBC or CBS either though I watch only one show on each of those and think CBS should try something beside cop shows.

  • Freyja

    CW is losing viewers because they cancelled The Secret Circle, I told millions of people to stop watching this network except for Nikita

    You know lying is bad for you.. You didn’t tell a million people to stop watching this network. Best thing I heard all week ;)

  • Khan

    WTH is happening with the CW??? All shows crashing. They shud have announced this as the final season of 90210. sort of surprised that GG isn’t performing better – it is the final season after all.

  • Khan

    So much for the ‘late’ premieres Mark Pedowitz… might as well have stuck with the early premiere thing

  • caroline


    Wow, thank you, Oliver, somebody actually knew the right answer. So the CW will certainly cease to exist by 2016 when the affiliate deals expire.

    But buy-outs do happen in this business under dire circumstances, and if the CW’s real programming starts pulling numbers like 0.57 it doesn’t seem unlikely that the affiliates will start pounding on the door demanding buy-out terms.

  • daniele

    the CW took the worst decision cancelling Ringer.
    That’s it. A lot of people decided to stop watching the channel

  • nikki

    brandy, you know what youve got a point. im a little bitter against the network cause theyve done this before and cancelled something i liked. i just feel they make decisions based on money not quality. and as a network they have no show im interested it. its not that im being mean and maliouse its that i think they deserve it to make them wake up a little and change the way they run the network and make their decisions. Can anyone understand that.?

  • chezmoi

    @Parisienne…by the way thanks for correctinng my comment :-)
    or should that be merci beaucoup!

  • Andrew

    omg how the heck does that happen? poor Hart. it didn’t lose many viewers this week at all. but it shed demo points. shame.

  • Mike

    NBC is really hurting for CBS.
    The numbers for both NCIS r low.
    CW is such a joke,

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