'Arrow' Most Watched CW Show, Most Watched Premiere in 3 Years

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October 11th, 2012

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ARROW Gives The CW Its Most Watched Telecast in Three Years

ARROW Most Watched CW Premiere Since THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

SUPERNATURAL Has Most Watched Episode in Two Years

The CW Has Best Wednesday Night in Two Years

October 11, 2012 (Burbank, CA) – Last night’s premiere of ARROW was right on target for The CW – it drew 4.02 million viewers, the most watched telecast on the network of any show, on any night, in three years (11/12/2009), according to preliminary Live Plus Same Day Nielsen ratings for Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

ARROW was The CW’s most watched premiere since THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (9/10/2009). ARROW was also the most watched show in the Wednesday 8PM time period in more than three years (5/13/2009)

The ARROW premiere also gave SUPERNATURAL a boost last night; it was SUPERNATURAL's most watched episode (2.6M) since 10/15/10, and it had its best adults 18-34 rating (1.0/3) since 3/4/11.

Week to week, SUPERNATURAL was up 40% in total viewers, and up two-tenths in both adults 18-34 and adults 18-49 (1.0/3).

Last night was The CW's best Wednesday night in total viewers (3.3M) in more than two years (5/12/10) and in two years in adults 18-34 (1.0/3, 12/1/10) and in adults 18-49 (1.2/3, 10/13/10)

ARROW tied NBC's original comedies in the 8-9PM hour in total viewers (4M) and in adults 18-34 and adults 18-49.

ARROW held or built at the half hour in total viewers and in all key demos.

Compared to Wednesday of the same week last year, last night was up 121% in total viewers (3.3M), up 67% in adults 18-34 (1.0/3) and up 100% in adults 18-49 (1.2/3).


  • enes

    Ringer premiered good to and we all know what happened. Or maybe will be like “Birds of Prey” for The WB

  • sc04

    Solid for the CW. Thinking tonite will be like 1.2 for TVD and 1.0 for B&B.

  • Brandy

    Ends, Birds of Prey was cancelled after 13 episodes, not even a full first season so I’m confused as to why it sounds like you think it was a hit.


    Just watch the CW shows on line & don’t bother with cable

  • Azzman

    Has anything EVER gotten 4 million viewers on CW? Go Arrow! I’m hooked and looking forward to the season..In a new season full of new duds (I thought anyway) this was the one new show I looked forward to and it delivered!

  • Brandy

    Azzman, 90210 premiere in 2008,VD premiere in 2009 had well over z4 million, almost five million viewers

  • Stefan

    SmackDown had way more than 4 million viewers.

  • Robert

    I liked ARROW. I also thing the rumored “SPECTRE” live-action detective show could do good on CW. And I see that “THE HUNTRESS” is coming to the ARROW soon too…I hope she’s hot!


  • rehabber

    Losing the CW would be the ONLY thing that would cause me to drop Dish Network, so very glad I don’t have to make that choice. My favorite shows are on CW, SPN, TVD, Arrow, Hart of Dixie, Nikita and hopefully Beauty.

  • Alexis

    Good start for Arrow, but we all know what counts is whether it’s able to sustain these numbers over time. No doubt it will drop (premiere ratings are always the highest), but hopefully not too much.

    The showrunners have been constantly saying it’s going to be fast-paced, and they’re bringing in all those DC characters (China White, Deadshot, Huntress, Club Flush Gang, possibly Deathstroke) right at the beginning. Plus, the popular John Barrowman who will definitely make some Doctor Who fans flock to the show. That’s good strategy, because you clearly have to bring out the heavy artillery right at the beginning: if the early episodes are weak, viewers will jump ship and then it won’t matter if the show gets 20 times better later.

    Just look at Ringer and TSC last season: fans claimed they improved a LOT later in their respective seasons, but by then the audience was gone, so it didn’t help any. I know that I tried out Ringer, and was so bored 3 episodes in that I quit. So in its early reel, Arrow can’t afford to be boring even for a single episode. If it’s going to get viewers hooked, it needs a strong start. A dry spell might be forgivable later, when it’s already found a loyal audience, but not now.

  • Alexis

    Sorry, I meant John Barrowman fans from Torchwood, obviously, not Doctor Who. Too bad you can’t edit comments.

  • Tyler

    Obviously this is really good, especially the viewers. But honestly I’m a little disappointed in the demo rating. While it’s not bad, I was hoping for a little better. Vampire Diaries could beat this tonight so yeah. But 4 million for the CW in this day and age is super impressive!

  • cooliooni

    Well John Barrowman was also on doctor who quite a bit in seasons 1 and 2 and then made a small cameo appearance in the end of time part 2 .
    So he will draw Doctor who and torchwood fans , but who is not a doctor who anf then not a torchwood fan ? they go hand and hand !

    Boy I miss Torchwood (seasons 1-3) Miracle Day (season 4) kinda stunk, but at least it still was Torchwood. It definatly lost its British feel and that really hurt the show. It was way to americanized !
    I used to love torchwood becuase it was all filmed in the U.k. and I loved seeing the scenery all around england !

  • tami newman

    Imagine what the ratings would have been if those who have Cablevision would have been able to watch both shows. Ratings would have been much higher. I can’t wait until Cablevision gets their act together and let’s watch the shows as well.

  • Tad

    Great showing for both shows.loved Arrow .had a great storyline and was really impressed with it. And paired with Supernatural, think Wed will be the best night for the CW.

  • david

    Great to see Arrow do good for the CW. I was hoping the demo rating would be higher too. But like alot of other people have stated it now needs to keep alot of the four million people that tuned for it and for that matter the two million that watched Super Natural as well. I to really hpe Bueaty and The Beast does well tonight. I hope it gets the same or better. Anywhere above a 1.0 would be nice to see. They all meaning Arrow Bueaty and the Beast and Super Natural not as much and not TVD so much need to learn how to keep and audience. I also think the network should go more in this direction as well. It seems to be it strongest point now. Sifi action dramas.

  • Sia

    Arrow is my fav new show.
    It’s everything you want – it’s like a movie.

  • MBmomof3

    Happy for CW.

  • Eric_Philly

    Proving once again that focusing on teenage girl dramas was a stupid move all along. Congratulations, Arrow!

  • Misha Lauenstein

    My word, Speedy is a junkie!

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