Could 'Beauty and the Beast' Benefit From the VP Debate Tonight?

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October 11th, 2012

Update: Arrow can indeed kiss it! Beauty and the beast earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating last night.

Because all four major networks  have to cram our civic duty down our throats, there won't be much on TV at the 9PM hour. Well, except on The CW, which is premiering Beauty and The Beast:  a reboot of the late 80s drama featuring less cat-faced sewer people and more super-attractive twenty-somethings. But aesthetics aside, if you are looking for something on broadcast tonight that isn't a VP debate (or football, depending on where you live), Beauty and the Beast is all you got. So could this get people to tune in? Guess the premiere ratings below and tell us what you think in the comments!

  • FringeFan

    I’m predicting based off the last debate and seeing as this one will be less watched that Beauty and the Beast will fare better but will premiere lower than Arrow with around a 0.5-0.8 and 1.5-1.9 million viewers.

  • Matt

    0.8 and 2.5M

  • scifi

    If Beauty and the Beast will fail, it will happen NOT because the pilot is bad.

  • ZmaX

    For some strange reason, i feel like this might surprise everyone and and get really good ratings for it’s premiere.

    But the VP debates are always less popular than the Presidential one, so it would really help out B&tB, especially since there’s no Grey’s Anatomy.

    Add in the boost from TVD’s much buzzed about season Premiere, it’ll do well enough for the premiere. But later on in the season, it will most likely fail. I really want this to succeed because the CW NEED it, and I like Kristen Kreuk’s sweet down-to-earth personality.

    TVD: 1.5 & 3.5 million viewers(Elena turning into a Vampire might draw in more viewers)
    B&tB: 1.1 & 3.10 million viewers.

  • Michael

    If Beauty And The Beast can’t even get a 0.7 tonight, with absolutely no competition, its a dead show walking!

  • Pepper

    1.0, but will plummet next week

  • vern

    I’m guessing a 0.6, football game will be on TheCW in Pittsburgh


    >1.3 Here’s hoping, anyway

  • KB

    I’m guessing that Vampire Diaries premieres with a 1.1, and B&B launches with a .8. I don’t think it will retain those numbers, however. The CW needs to ditch 90210 and Nikita. The network needs to focus on building a future, not holding onto the past. If Hart of Dixie can retain 1 million viewers, they should keep it, and everything else that can’t at least bring in 1.2 million viewers needs to be kicked to the curb. Viewers aren’t important in the long run, ratings are, but the more people watching a show, the more people seeing the promos for upcoming shows. They need to expand their marketing reach (in the way they have done with Arrow this year, and Ringer last year). Most importantly, they need to quit making crap shows. I’m not a fan of anything on the network currently (except maybe Arrow and the occasional SPN), but I have a lot of fond memories of the WB and UPN, and I don’t want to see the channel vanish.

  • KB

    I meant 1.3 for TVD, not 1.1

  • Gleebo


    Anyone who watched a second of Smallville can tell you that Kristen Kruek couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. Looks good but is infuriating when she is left to carry a scene.

    It will benefit from the Vampire Diaries lead in tonight just like any other week where there is no debate on all the other channels. It will probably go the same way of The Secret Circle. Compatible with TVD on the surface but doubtful that an audience will rally behind it. TVD hit the vampire trend at its high point when it came out, Beauty and the Beast doesn’t have this going for it.

  • Joseph

    Because it’s a Vice-Presidential debate, tonight’s debate will not have the number of people watching as the first Presidential Debate did (or the remaining two Obama/Romney debates will).

    “Beauty and the Beast” will benefit a little from going against the Vice-Presidential debate, but not much.

    The program that will benefit the most will be the NFL Network’s Thursday-night football game. It may actually earn more viewers than debate coverage on any one broadcast or cable network (but of course, the combined viewership of all the networks carrying the debate will be far higher than that of the football game).

    Especially in New York, Baltimore, Detroit, and San Francisco/Oakland, baseball playoff viewing will siphon some viewers from the debate.

  • Jared

    I really had no intention of watching Beauty and the Beast considering I don’t follow TVD..but since the debates are on figured I’d give it a shot..why not?..I can appreciate a good trainwreck..but who knows..might surprise me.

  • lana

    the show is terrible, but i think it will do better than Arrow

  • victor hugo

    2.2 million viewers and 0.8

  • RS

    The best (funniest) review of this show was (to paraphrase): While he may have to hide when he’s “hulking” out, there’s no reason pretty boy is a shadow dweller the rest of the time. This is an ironic indictment of the CW, a bad parody. A monster on the CW has a scar! A little scar! On his face! Oh, the horror! Everyone grab your pitch forks.

    My take: Normal person who has seen a horror movie, “Where is the beast?” CW person, “Right there” (shivers in fear).
    Normal person “Where? Is he hiding behind the male model?”
    CW person, “Right there. He has a SCAR! I don’t know about you but I’m having nightmares tonight.”
    Normal person, “I thought that was a pimple.”
    CW person (looking even more afraid), “A pimple! No one on our network would ever have one of those.”

  • Tom

    The VP debate won’t matter because anyone sophisticated enough to be watching it wouldn’t be watching B&B in the first place. The premiere may draw 0.7 – 0.9 for its first half hour but, after getting a dose of Kristin Kreuk, it will plummet to a 0.4 – 0.6. Once B&B comes up against real competition next week, it will crash and burn. I predict a 0.4 – 0.5. Or, enough to make Pedowitz look like a moron for not keeping the Secret Circle in this slot.

  • ZmaX


    lol yeah, i remember Cassidy Freeman talking about her character on Smallville having half her face burned in the season 9 finale, and saying something along the lines of…”it’s the CW, I won’t have to look like this for long.” and sure enough, she was healed w/ advanced “evil scientist” technology in the season 10 premiere.

    but the reason he’s hiding out is not because of his looks, it’s because the company behind the super soldier experiments want to exterminate all of their “experiments” and proof any of it happened.
    which would explain why Catherine’s mother was killed in the first place, she was probably involved in the production of the formula and had to be “silenced”

  • Adrian

    Whatever VD does, Beauty will do 0.2 less. It was the same way with both Nikita and SC. I don’t think the debate will have any sort of effect.

    That being said, my prediction is
    VD 1.3
    Beauty 1.1

  • david

    I said above a 1.3 because not really that much competition besides the debate and sports. i will guess and say 1.4 from a 1.5 TVD lead in. I will check it out.

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