Could 'Beauty and the Beast' Benefit From the VP Debate Tonight?

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October 11th, 2012

Update: Arrow can indeed kiss it! Beauty and the beast earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating last night.

Because all four major networks  have to cram our civic duty down our throats, there won't be much on TV at the 9PM hour. Well, except on The CW, which is premiering Beauty and The Beast:  a reboot of the late 80s drama featuring less cat-faced sewer people and more super-attractive twenty-somethings. But aesthetics aside, if you are looking for something on broadcast tonight that isn't a VP debate (or football, depending on where you live), Beauty and the Beast is all you got. So could this get people to tune in? Guess the premiere ratings below and tell us what you think in the comments!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Given the bad critical reviews, I say .7-.9, but frankly it could debut as high as 1.0 or even higher (albeit I don’t think as high as Arrow.)

    Coming in after the premiere of Vampire Diaries should help it somewhat, but that’s not a given – it didn’t help The Secret Circle much…

    It think not having the “beast” be in costume all the time should help, but the reviews have been awful. I’ll check it out, but I’m not expecting much.

  • Jiji Moran

    Why do these studios keep making repeats of past shows, when the first shows ran their course and people got tired of them?

    “B&B” is one show I will not watch.

  • Nick

    Last Resort: 1.7

    The Big Bang Theory: 4.6
    Two and a Half Men: 3.3

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.3
    Beauty & the Beast: 1.2

    The X Factor: 3.0

    30 Rock: 1.4
    Up All Night: 1.3

    B&TB will start at 1.2, but quickly plummet to 0.8 next week and under 0.5 by the end of November sweeps.

  • s0303

    0.9…this show will only last one season…

  • nikki

    id rather watch the debates, but football was on so i switched between the two. Didnt even bother to tune in cause the promos were awful looking. Ill just wait and see how it does. The reviews ive seen so far werent positive either.We will see.

  • Tom

    They cancelled The Secret Circle for this? Kristin Kreuk might be the least convincing cop in television history. The plot is the real monster here.

  • Freyja

    B&TB isn’t that bad much better acting than TSC ever had. I liked the Original B&TB and this is a pretty decent remake, compared to past remakes that is. =)

  • Sid

    “B&TB isn’t that bad much better acting than TSC ever had. I liked the Original B&TB and this is a pretty decent remake, compared to past remakes that is. =)”

    I completely agree with you completely(especially with the acting on Beauty being miles better than The Secret Circle ;) ).

    I’ve seen some bad remakes(MELROSE PLACE, Charlie’s Angels and Bionic Woman to name a few) and I’ll admit that although Beauty has some flaws, it’s not as bad as critics are saying. I do agree that the major flaw in this show is the appearance of their beast, but come on people, this is The CW! Let it go!

    They didn’t succeed in capitalizing from The Hunger Games(although I hear The Selection is re-filming in February for a spot in the Fall 2013) but they’re trying to capitalize from the success of Once Upon a Time and Grimm of last season.

    I’m a sucker for procedural dramas since I barely watch tv and I’m currently watching a handful of heavily serialized shows so I welcome the fact that The CW is trying out a procedural and going with a romantic/fantasy twist might work for the CW audience.

    That being said, I’ll be optimistic and predict a 3.3 million total viewers
    and a 1.1 in the A18-49 demo. But I do expect a huge dip when Grey’s and Glee return.

    Good luck to The CW tonight! I enjoyed both TVD and Beauty! They both work well(much better than TSC)together.

  • Lucy

    So will B&TB last longer than secret circle I wonder, CW has placed a show after VD for the third year in a row, they gotta find a show that can work.

  • Mark Wood

    God that was really pretty bad. I rate equally awful to the start of Secret Circle. Yuck!

    I would expect a bit of lift with the Vice Presidential debate (as they don’t get anywhere near as much viewer interest as the Presidential debates), not to mention VD lead in.

    But I see massive drop offs for this, especially as Grey’s will be back, and hopefully people’s taste aren’t that dissimilar to my own.

    2nd worst show I have watched this year (not just new shows, but literally the 2nd worst episode of tv I have watched this full year, again Yuck!, you can thank Partners for being the worst (God I hated that first episode).

  • Mark Wood

    Seriously how bad where the rest of the pilots and the pilot scripts for the CW, because this, this was bad.

  • Ram510

    Well I was going to watch this since there was nothin else on but then I decided to grow a pair and watch TNA Impact instead

    As far as ratings, the way I see it is TVD is slowly dying and Supernatural got only a .8 in its premiere 2 weeks ago and I don’t see this beating that.


  • Kavyn

    Actually, I hated the acting on TSC and personally thought BTB was just as bad. Really disliked BTB, none of the actors were believable in their roles, and the nerdy friend of the beast felt like such a cliché.

    If I had to pick between BTB and TSC, I would have picked TSC. Even if the writing was bad, that could have been fixed in season 2.

  • ABC hater


  • James

    Show was great

  • Sid

    Why don’t you all give it a few more episodes before you decide it’s bad? Never judge a new series based on the pilot or you might as well do yourself a favor and just not watch the show at all.

  • gen

    Posted October 11, 2012 at 11:46 AM
    critics gave this dreadful reviews

    Eh…. I don’t think so. It received mixed reviews dumb ass.

  • gen

    Yup, I’m expecting around 1.1 – 1.2

  • Mark Wood


    I used to have teat same opinion, but this was 35 yeas ago and they only had three networks. Now with 5 networks, and dozens of originals on various cable stations there is simply no way to give every single program several episodes to see if they improve. There just isn’t enough hours in teh day, let alone for those of us who sleep, and work, ect.

    Something has to click with me and usually to a strong degree for me to be willing to waste more of my time on a project.

    I am a fan of SPN, but I only barely got into that program its first season. I watched the pilot that it was about a B or B-, not bad but nothing extraordinary, so I dropped it. When they a break hit in my schedule a friend recommended that I try the show, and I did remember that the one thing that did work for me extremely well was the connection between the two actors. That felt believable, it felt real. So I did give the show another shot, it was a extremely strong episode, and was hooked ever since.

    But for myself on B&B as a fan of the first season of the CBS show from the 80’s and thanks to the time difference, I thought I’d give it a shot. I liked nothing about it. Nothing connected with me. So outside of say a Presidential Address where only the CW will be broadcasting and assuming it hits when cable shows are typically not originals, I wouldn’t have any reason to see the show again.

    And I have watched many shows that produced strong to very strong pilot episodes, so you can actually catch a show that does pretty much nail it on the first go.

  • Mark Wood


    Beauty & the Beast had 19 published reviews to date, and not a single one was a positive reviews. The highest score was 60% out of 100 that was its best review. WIth 9 mixed reviews (at best you could call them C or average, though seriously on a percentage scale they are clearly D level) and 10 bad reviews.

    Now of course you might love the program (everyone has different taste after all), but from a critics point of view even its best scores are barely over 50%, and the average is 34%, thats pretty damn awful, again from a critic’s eye.

    Its the worst reviewed new show of the year, I think that’s the best way to clarify how the reviewers thank about it, and just so you know reviewers don’t hate the premise as the first Beauty & the Beast actually got fairly strong reviews. And they also don’t automatically hate the CW. As Arrow got an ok average (over twice the average score of what B&B got.

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