Could 'Beauty and the Beast' Benefit From the VP Debate Tonight?

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October 11th, 2012

Update: Arrow can indeed kiss it! Beauty and the beast earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating last night.

Because all four major networks  have to cram our civic duty down our throats, there won't be much on TV at the 9PM hour. Well, except on The CW, which is premiering Beauty and The Beast:  a reboot of the late 80s drama featuring less cat-faced sewer people and more super-attractive twenty-somethings. But aesthetics aside, if you are looking for something on broadcast tonight that isn't a VP debate (or football, depending on where you live), Beauty and the Beast is all you got. So could this get people to tune in? Guess the premiere ratings below and tell us what you think in the comments!

  • CrimTV

    Secret Circle I didn’t find that bad, I enjoyed it.

  • iMember

    The Secret Circle was miles better than the Pilot for Beauty and the Beast. Wow, that was bad. CW should have kept TSC, because BatB certainly isn’t going to be a show that’s sticking around.

  • Tabitha

    B&TB was awful, but I will try it again next week to see if it gets any better.

  • NJ Viewer

    I watched it only because there was nothing else on. I know they’re trying to get a young audience, but a 25-year-old as a homicide detective? Gimme a break.

  • nikki

    seems like TSC was a better show then this.. at least thats what im seeing from the comments. I didnt bother watching it cause the promos ive seen were terrible, and the reviews ive read were worse. We will see i guess.

  • SPM

    The CW shot themselves in the foot as TSC fans aint going to watch this crap and TSC fans are still majorly p’d off that their show was stupidly cancelled.

    They were even trying to trend #wemissthesecretcricel on twitter last night mahaha I hope they succeeded.

  • John A

    TSC had all of season 1 to fix its terrible wrigting it would hardly become any better if it had a season 2.

  • John A

    And it had brit robertson and Thomas dekker 2 terrible actors.

  • scifi

    Too many haters here… :/

  • Tom

    Actually, @ John A, it looked to me like TSC was well positioned to present a really interesting second season storyline. We can disagree all we want about that, but one thing is clear: B&B is a bomb. That became obvious before the pilot was even half over. @NJ Viewer nailed it. Kristin Kreuk doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to a detective. I’m still miffed about TSC being cancelled, and seeing it replaced by this farce merely adds insult to injury. Pedowitz can can take his network and…

  • John A

    TSC at a 0.5 is also a bomb with TVD as a lead in. TSC is dead nothing special about it move on.

  • iMember

    @John A Go see the movie “The First Time” and then say Britt Robertson is a “terrible actor.” You’re dead wrong about that one. And Thomas Dekker has already proven he can act. The acting on TSC was definitely A LOT better than what we saw on Beauty and the Beast last night.

    No show is ever really going to perform well after TVD, because TVD’s audience just doesn’t want to stick around. This show is going to fall faster than TSC did. At least TSC can say it remained steady for 90% of its run and it only really fell in the last few episodes. I don’t see BatB being able to say the same thing.

  • Sid

    What I find laughable is that Secret Circle fans seem convinced that The CW had renewed the show, they would of somehow decided to kept it in the cushy Thursday 9/8c slot.

    The show was a total bomb to the point where Warner wasn’t even interested in releasing a DVD. it’s almost like it never even existed :D

  • Sid

    If Beauty bombs, CW doesn’t care, that’s why they have Matt Davis’s CULT for midseason and even though that has even worse reviewed than Beauty, fans if TVD will for sure follow it.

  • Luca

    I was excited about it and while I enjoyed Vampire Diaries(as usual), beauty and the beast was boring.

    It’s like grimm kinda….a cop procedural with a twist. Difference is, I sort of like grimm.

    beauty and the beast was not good and I made it 15 mins in before cutting my dvr off.

  • CrimTV

    According to Mark Berman ratings for TVD were 1.5/1.7 and b B&TB was 1.3/1.2

  • nikki

    @ spm and tom. i completely agree, beauty and the beast is awful. It lost a bunch of its viewers half way through. At least secret circle held on to its viewers. And britt robertson is an awesome actress. Whoever said shes terrible is just being mean. shes going to do good things.

  • Dillan

    Wow, 1.7 in the second half hour! Pretty amazing for a show in its 4th season.

  • CrimTV


    But The CW was pre-empted in Pittsburgh :(

  • Dillan


    Oh :( how much do you think ratings will adjust down?

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