HLN Aquires 'What Would You Do?', Announces 'Dr. Drew On Call'

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October 11th, 2012

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HLN Introduces Dr. Drew On Call October 22 & Builds On Popular Franchises

NEW YORK, NY—October 11, 2012—HLN has acquired the exclusive cable television rights to more than 35 episodes of the popular ABC News program What Would You Do?, a first time broadcast acquisition for the news and views brand. HLN general manager & executive vice president Scot Safon announced the acquisition today, noting a larger HLN portfolio expansion that includes the launch of new primetime offerings Dr. Drew On Call and Nancy Grace Mysteries, and new daytime show Making It In America.

“HLN is exploring new programming dimensions that connect us with a broader audience while continuing to deliver what HLN fans want: must-see, must-share news that relates to how we live today,” said Safon. “What Would You Do? is a great program that invites viewers to question how they might behave when confronted with situations drawn from everyday life and daily news, from eye-witnessing abusive behavior to blowing the whistle on a scam. This show allows you to put yourself inside the kind of stories we are covering every day.”

HLN will be airing What Would You Do? with back-to-back episodes on Thursday and Sunday nights from 9-11 p.m. ET (all times Eastern). Kicking off Sunday, October 21, the one-hour hidden camera, ethical dilemma series is hosted by ABC News’ John Quiñones.

HLN is taking its successful partnership with Dr. Drew Pinsky to another level with his new program, Dr. Drew On Call airing 9-10 p.m., Mondays through Wednesdays, starting October 22. This show is an audience-driven new approach to his HLN program Dr. Drew, designed to allow a greater opportunity for Dr. Drew and his national audience to interact on live television.

HLN is also proud to announce new program offerings based on its most popular talent and most successful franchises. The network recently unveiled Nancy Grace Mysteries (Fridays, 8-9 p.m.), a one-hour documentary style series that takes on America’s most unforgettable mysteries, and Making It In America (Monday-Friday, 4-5 p.m.), a daily show where host Vinnie Politan takes viewers inside the struggles and triumphs of people trying to carve out their own path to the American dream.

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  • RJ

    Their primetime schedule is all over the place.

  • Skruff

    Is HLN going to become the MTV of the news world, where they show everything BUT news?

  • AppleStinx

    What would you do when your primetime patients aren’t delivering the ratings you’d like to see? Put the doctor on call for 3 nights of the week and off-duty the other 2 nights, and call that an expansion.

  • david

    I will probably watch WWYd sometimes as i do enjoy that show. This fits in with what they do at HLN too. What are they going to do Fridays at 9 pm then.

  • USAmerica1st

    I remember when HLN did nothing but HLN. When you wanted to find out what was going on in the world, HLN would nail it in 30 minutes, then do it again, all day. They should change their name.

  • Wendy Chamble

    35 episodes of what would you do is a pittance and only last for 15 weeks or so. then what reruns over and over.

    Nancy Grace Mysteries Old news, boring, gives Nancy Fridays off is the reason.

    Dr. Drew will miss him not being on only 3 days. What a shame. He really has people’s best interest at heart. VS Nancy Grace who has become a caricuture of her prior self and with age has become more rude, insulting to her guests that are supposed to be friends. We are over her.

  • Linda Lee

    This is a shame. I really look forward to watching Dr. Drew every night. He is so informative and helpful. To replace him 2 nights with, “What would you do,” is VERY disappointing. We have enough reality shows! At least Dr. Drew gives us useful information that we could apply to our daily lives!!!!


  • Sandy S

    I am so disappointed to learn that Dr Drew will only be on 3 nights a week. What a travesty. He has such a great ” bed side manner” and is so pleasant to listen to. He doesn’t yell at his guests like Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace. Jane is just plain loud and Nancy is just plain rude to anyone that does not agree with her. One can learn so much from Dr Drew by really listening to what he is saying. He is so informative, helpful and caring. He often runs short on time with his callers, so I find it hard to believe the ratings were not good. He cares about his guests and callers. He’s not caught up in his own ego and that’s a rare quality these days. Anyway, I’m truly disappointed with HLN’s new line up and what they have done to Dr Drew.
    First they took him off of Friday nights and now Thursdays too. I don’t like the trend I’m seeing. WWYD can already be seen on Discovery and/or Own. We don’t need it on HLN and I won’t be watching. I’ll be voting with my remote. To take away a helpful and informative show like Dr Drew is more than disappointing. He imparted information I could actually use in my everyday life. I looked forward to 8:00 p.m. every night, but no longer. So sad.

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