Updated: 'Nashville' 'Premieres OK; 'Chicago Fire' Doesn't Burn Hot; "Arrow" Premieres Well...for the CW

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October 11th, 2012

Pre-season critical darling Nashville bowed to a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating and NBCs Chicago Fire drew a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating in its premiere.  Arrow's premiere on the CW drew a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. The full ratings post is now up here.

  • gerry

    @ serial rocker – LOL

    @ nikki. maybe you’re just not familiar with the superhero genre? if you’ve ever watched the avengers, much of it is overacted. this was also, in a few places, but overall it was pretty tight, all things considered.

  • xRockStarz

    @Nikki; Are you on drugs? Did you see Arrows half hours? 4,08 at 8.30?! It was the best premiere on CW since TVD (total viewers) and it had great buzz, critics loving arrow and do you have facebook or twitter? Most of the arrow-viewer think that the pilot was epic/great. I was and i am still a TSC-Fan and i deeply hate CW for cancelling it, but you can’t blame only CW. TSC had a lot of potential, it COULD be hit, but the producers failed. After 5-6 episodes TSC became to a soap, one spell in 3 episodes and even when there was a speell, the effects was cheap, the producers failed. Only the last 4-5 Episodes and the Finale was great, but it was too late. You can’t blame CW for cancelling TSC, it was the fault of the producers. The show was to expensive for 0.5 with a lead-in of 1.xx! On the other side, the producers of arrow did a great job, it rose in the half hours and i don’t except that arrow loses viewers if the show holds the pilot-level.

  • Katie

    I enjoyed TSC and I agree that one spell and episode sucked and it did get soapy and got better by the end but I also blame the CW for month long hiautses (more than one) I think TSC lost almost a million viewers after the hiatus.

  • jaz


    troll arent you, first you wanted hart of Dixie cancelled now this

    You are pathetic, secret is dead and gone, move on and get a life. Plenty of new shows to enjoy out there.

  • Amy

    I enjoyed the heck out of Nashville last night, now it was a straight up soap opera but unlike Shonda’s Private Practice, Greys and Scandal the writers of Nashville ADMIT its a soap.

    As for Arrow its also a soap opera (don’t pretend its not) many compare the show to Revenge which is also a soap that’s not a bad thing of course.

  • nikki

    @ xrockstarz my opinion on arrow has nothing to do with TSC. i tryed watching it i thought the acting was bad and dry and the writing was terrible. i do have facebook not twitter and havent seen a single thing about arrow. ive seen 1 review for arrow and it was praised but i just dont agree. I think the show is awful, and the ratings will probably reflect that next week.

  • nikki

    @ katie i tryed explaining that yesterday they dont get it. they blame the show, it wasnt the show in my opinion.

  • Stormy4400

    I was spot on in my Nashville prediction for initial demos and I expect it to be adjusted down for final. With the saturated promotion and the top rated show on the air as a lead-in, that is not good. I watched the first episode last night and while it wasn’t bad, it also will not be regular TV viewing. None of the characters really captured my interest although I have to say that I think that Hayden’s character was the most interesting of the two leads. I predict that it will be in the 2.1 range by the end of the year.

  • Percysowner

    @Steve A

    Sadly people can’t complain that because (insert show name here) was canceled the CW is doomed. People who are unhappy that their show was canceled want the CW to fold to punish them. It’s sad.

    Now to be fair, other shows have started out strongly and then slipped badly. I hope Arrow holds up and I’m over the moon with the raise in ratings for Supernatural. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Varun Gupta

    Arrow is a soap opera. In fact it is most cheesiest soap I have ever seen. After all the main hero cheated on his girlfriend with her sister. He also got the sister killed. Also the girlfriend is now secretly dating his best friend. His best friend is a villian in the comics (copying Lex-Clark’s relationship in Smallville). Also top it off Mom is shady and might be evil.

    It is pretty much your standard CW show. Only it dark and gritty because the hero snapped some guy’s neck.

  • nikki

    varun gupta i agree. Not only all the things you said but the acting is terrible and the writings bad as well. Its a badly executed soap opera.

  • Amy

    I’ll admit I didn’t watch Arrow (I watched Nashville instead) but it looks OK, Beauty and the Beast looks awful. And yes i’m the type of person (I believe the word is bitter) who enjoys when other shows that I deem are awful fail when my show was cancelled i’ll admit it. Its just like how I loved GCB so i’m happy that 666 Park Avenue isn’t doing that great because imo the show sucks.

  • Nicole

    Stephen Amell is ‘an actor without charisma and charm!

  • xRockStarz

    @nikki & Katie: Well, the hiatus wasn’t the best idea, but hey, tv is a business. When CW only can afford 22 episodes, then they need to make a hiatus, every single show on network-television makes an hiatus, sooner or later, so don’t blame CW. TVD/HOD/SPN etc… (CW-Shows) had an hiatus last year and they didn’t fell so rapidly. When the show cant hold its audience, then its the fault of the show, not from the network! And look at TSC’s ratings, the ratings declined every single episode (but mostly a litte bit), but then it come back with 0.7 after the hiatus. Actually, 0.7 would have been great for CW (look at HOD) but it had TVD’s 1.xx as a Lead-In. TSC needed at least 0.9 to be renewed. Yeah, i’m a tsc fan and the series finale was great and i want a second season, but i’m realistic and know that tv is a business.

  • nikki

    xrockstarz.. the secret circle had the longest hiatuses and much more of them then any other show. Either way my problem with arrow isnt because of the secret circle (although it was a better show) arrow just doesnt have it. The writing, the acting the whole thing was bad. It wont hold its ratings.. i dont see how anyways.

  • Amy

    Actually hiatus do hurt and sometimes kill shows look at Glee they lose about a million viewers each year due to the Playoff hiatus, and its hiatus is just 5 weeks. TSC (and other CW shows) received month long hiatus more than once it hurt all the shows on that network.

    I agree the show took way to long to get better and that hurt the show also honestly the last few episodes were the best, shame it took so long for them to get there act together.

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