NBC to Air One-Hour 'Mockingbird Lane' Pilot On A Night of Halloween-Themed Programming Friday, October 26

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October 11th, 2012

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October 11, 2012




UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – October 11, 2012 – As Halloween nears, NBC turns Friday, October 26 into Fright Night when it premieres the pilot of the much-anticipated “Mockingbird Lane” (8-9 p.m. ET) -- based on executive producer Bryan Fuller’s (“Pushing Daisies,” “Heroes”) script and directed by executive producer Bryan Singer (“X-Men” film series, “House”). The special program leads into a haunting “La Llorona” Halloween episode of “Grimm” (9-10 p.m. ET), which will also enjoy special airings on NBCUniversal’s Telemundo and mun2.

“Mockingbird Lane” is a new reimagined version of the classic 1960s comedy “The Munsters,” now as a visually spectacular one-hour drama with a darker edge and tone. The cast includes Jerry O’Connell (“The Defenders”) as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi (“Arrested Development”) as his wife Lily, Eddie Izzard (“United States of Tara,” “The Riches”) as Grandpa, Mason Cook (‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D”) as Eddie and Charity Wakefield (“The Raven”) as Marilyn.

“This exciting new take on a memorable series will definitely blow out conventional wisdom and create its own legacy,” said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment. “Teaming this new show with a terrifying episode of ‘Grimm’ makes the perfect pre-Halloween fright-fest.”

In the original 1964-66 series “The Munsters,” the odd but lovable family lived on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

In “Mockingbird Lane,” sweet little Eddie Munster (Cook) is a normal kid about to enter the horrors of puberty. Truth is, he’s about to discover that for him becoming a teenager means growing hair in truly unexpected places -- as in all over his body -- every time the moon is full! Eddie’s got it pretty good though. His loving, supportive, run-of-the-mill family includes his mom Lily (de Rossi), the daughter of Dracula; his dad Herman (O’Connell), who brings new meaning to “Frankenstein”; and Grandpa (Izzard), who would give Dracula a run for his money if he weren’t actually Dracula! Of course then there’s creepy cousin Marilyn (Wakefield), who’s really the odd one because she’s so completely normal.

Buying a house these days is a nightmare, so Herman and Lily are shocked that no one scooped up the rambling Victorian mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane that was the site of a series of grisly hobo murders. Settling into their new place, they’re quickly onto the mission at hand: to gently ease Eddie into the reality of his werewolf adolescence. But it’s not always so easy to accept that your child is a little “different” from the rest of the kids. Meanwhile, Herman, who works as a funeral director, is suffering from a heart condition. Since he’s made up mostly of spare parts, he knew his makeshift heart would eventually give out. No worries though, because Grandpa, who is pretty good at procuring body parts, is on the case. All Herman cares about is finding a new heart with the same capacity to love Lily as much as he has for so many decades.

“Mockingbird Lane” is from Bad Hat Harry Productions and Universal Television. Executive producers include Fuller, Singer and Sara Colleton (“Dexter”). Singer also directed the pilot.

NBC’s acclaimed drama series “Grimm” will join with Telemundo, mun2 and Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” in an unprecedented NBCUniversal cross-divisional event when its Halloween episode “La Llorona” is broadcast on October 26/27. The episode, featuring Kate del Castillo (Telemundo’s “La Reina del Sur”), is inspired by the haunting Latin American legend of the same name and will be broadcast in Spanish on Telemundo from 12-1 a.m. (ET) and English on mun2 at 1-2 a.m. (ET). These airings will follow the episode’s debut on NBC at 9-10 p.m. (ET) on October 26.

The legend of La Llorona (“The Weeping Woman”) is an enduring tale from Latin American folklore that tells of a distraught mother who drowned her children and then herself. The ghost of the mother emerges from water and is forced to return to haunt and terrorize the living. In addition to the telecasts of the “Grimm” episode, Universal Studios Hollywood is currently featuring La Llorona: Cazadora de Niños (Weeping Woman: The Child Hunter) maze, as part of its popular Halloween Horror Nights event.

In the episode of “Grimm,” detectives Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) take on the other worldly predator, believed to be “La Llorona,” which has abducted some of Portland’s children on Halloween. Kate del Castillo -- star of Telemundo’s hit miniseries “La Reina del Sur” and the upcoming films “K11” and “No Good Deeds” -- guest-stars as Valentina Espinosa, a mysterious detective from New Mexico on an obsessive mission to uncover the truth behind the bizarre disappearances and joins forces with Burkhardt and Griffin to intervene before it’s too late.

"Grimm" is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales. After Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli, “Turn the Beat Around”) discovers he’s descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as ‘Grimms,’ he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm. The series also stars Russell Hornsby (“Lincoln Heights”) as Hank, Bitsie Tulloch (“The Artist”) as Juliette, Silas Weir Mitchell (“My Name Is Earl”) as Monroe, Sasha Roiz (“Caprica”) as Captain Renard, Reggie Lee (“The Dark Knight Rises”) as Sgt. Wu and Bree Turner (“The Ugly Truth”) as Rosalee.

“Grimm” is a Universal Television and Hazy Mills production. The series was created by Stephen Carpenter and David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf. Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner (“Hot in Cleveland”) and Norberto Barba (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) also serve as executive producers along with Greenwalt and Kouf. Marc Buckland (NBC’s “My Name Is Earl”) directed the pilot.

  • tv#1

    I will watch. I hope it rates well, so it can be turned into an actual series.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    I’d view this only as a good opportunity to burn off the pilot.

  • FringeFan

    I remember watching the original a few times and it was pretty good. I definitely don’t think this reboot/re-imagination will be able to capture the same charisma the original cast had.

    Personally, I will tune in to test the waters, but Friday is a poorly planned day and it’s going to premiere extremely low. I get testing on Friday because it’s a special and most likely isn’t going to be picked up. But if you want a viewers response, why not air it another day? Perhaps Wednesday night @ 8 PM (10/24 or 10/31) in the time slot of Animal Practice or maybe on Tuesday night @ 9:30 (10/23 or 10/30) in the time slot of The New Normal since both shows have relatively low ratings.

  • Dean-W

    It is not just because NBC want to burn off the episodes ?

  • Nick

    This must be really terrible if NBC passed on it for Animal Practice and Guys With Kids.

  • joethehobo

    As a die hard fan of Pushing Daisies I was so excited to hear that Mr. Fuller was making another visually stunning foray into television so I was deeply saddened when it was rumored to not even make it on the air next season.

    On the other hand, since when was Grimm a critically acclaimed drama? Now THAT was a bad pilot.

  • Ram510

    Wow NBC not only didn’t give this pilot a lot of time for promotion (which they’ll probably do very little of anyways) but to put it on the Friday before Halloween, just wow, they really weren’t doing this show any favors. What happened?

  • ron

    explain me something is this MOCKINGBIRD LANE and zero hour premiere any time soon or those projects were rejected?¿ i wanted to see them both but i dont understand what happened

  • Holly


    Mockingbird Lane is not going to series and they are just airing the pilot as a movie. Zero Hour was picked up to series and is set to premiere midseason (no specifics yet) on ABC.

  • ron

    @holly thank u ! i liked the idea o a “the munsters” remake its a she it didnt make it! ill watch that pilot anyways!

  • a_lex89

    This just makes me wonder why NBC isn’t airing it after The Voice Monday Oct. 29th or Tuesday Oct. 30th (instead of pushing Go On/The New Normal) considering it will not be getting a whole lot of publicity?! Heck, Wednesday Oct. 31 would’ve been smarter than on Friday night. At least, we’ll get to see it…..

  • Samunto

    Networks should be doing this.
    Air these failed/’doubtful’ pilots on Saturdays or summer instead of low rated re-runs!

  • Oliver


    They’re effectively burning it off in an open gap in the schedule because they think it might do better than a repeat.

    NBC cares much more about the future success of Revolution and Go On/TNN than this pilot.

  • Justin121

    I thought this was a 30 minute pilot sitcom that didn’t get picked up?

    Any chance it gets picked to series if it does well?

  • SJ


    Yes, at least according to Deadline. But that article was written before this was slotted for Friday at 8pm. It looks like NBC is unwilling to give it a chance and is just burning it off. Too bad, it was the one project on that catastrophe of a network I was actually looking forward to.

  • Oliver

    No, it’s an hour-long drama that has been in development for years. I believe it was developed off-cycle and NBC were targeting mid-season.

    NBC haven’t ruled out picking it up, but it’s very unlikely it will do well on a Friday.

  • Justin121

    I actually don’t think it’s being burnt off.

    NBC did 6-episode pilot seasons of The Office and Parks & Rec.

    Maybe something similar could happen here (though I admit, it leading into Grimm, instead of the other way around, is notencouraging. By the way, what are they airing @ 10pm?).

  • NJ Viewer



  • cimmer

    I don’t think that even if the pilot did well there’s a chance for the series, since from what I’ve read the reason it wasn’t picked up was ‘creative differences’ between the creators and the network; that’s pretty much a death sentence.

  • cimmer

    Although I suppose that even though it’s a burn off, if it did really well, the lure of cash might sooth some troubled waters. lol

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