'The Great Escape' Canceled By TNT After Just One Season

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October 11th, 2012

TV Guide reports that TNT has canceled The Great Escape -- the network's first foray into the reality genre -- after just one season.  The show pulled sub-par viewing numbers relative to TNT's dramas, though its demo ratings weren't all that bad considering it was cheaper unscripted programming. It got just over a million viewers and a 0.5 A18-49 rating (though TNT sells advertising based on adults 25-54) in its season finale in late August. By comparison the scripted Falling Skies drew a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and 3.8 million viewers that night before The Great Escape's season finale. In a very different competitive landscape this past Monday night TNT drama Major Crimes averaged a 0.7 rating with adults 18-49 but had more than 4.3 million viewers.

  • Meanie

    Good. I think TNT should stick to sports && drama cause that’s where they seem to dominate at.

  • Dude

    Come on TNT! You renewed Franklin and Bash. Tell me the verdict on Leverage even though I’m sure I don’t want to hear it since it will most likely be bad news!!

  • tv#1

    Doesn’t upset me. Even though I know they will never go away I see reality series cancellations as victories. TNT should stay away from reality programs. They should also begin to steer away from procedurals and start developing more character driven serialized dramas.

  • Nick

    And the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. What else is new?

  • silvit

    At least…

  • silvit


    In all honestly, TNT had one character driven drama, even if it wasn’t serialized, despite having arcs: The Closer. It really became a character driven show à la House.

    I don’t know why TNT doesn’t chose the direction you mentioned. No wonder its shows skew old and look old.

  • silvit


    While I don’t doubt what you wrote about the 25-54 demo, I still think that they can get higher adv money with younger skewing shows (maybe through premium). Otherwise it doesn’t have any sense the Falling Skies investment – and the huge Spielberg tag, who certainly doesn’t come cheap- and the next year’s slate of similar sci-fi shows. Why bother if you only want older viewers?

  • bill

    This sucks…it was a fun, light show. Nothing mind blowing, but fun competition.

  • chrisjozo

    At least TNT is upfront about canceling shows unlike USA which just lets shows fade into that good night.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Silvit: there’s a big difference between selling based in 25-54 and only wanting older viewers. In demo terms its the difference between 25-54 and 55+. now that the Closer is gone I believe Falling Skies trails only Rizolli & Isles in 25-54 on TNT.

    TNT has made it a point to tell us 25-54 is their primary target but I can’t tell you it’s their only target or that they don’t charge premiums for shows that do well in younger demo targets, but again it’s not like Falling Skies is a slouch for TNT w/25-54.

  • Oliver

    I wonder if this is one of those rare cases where it wasn’t the ratings themselves as much as execs thinking reality wasn’t a good fit for the network.

  • Dan

    This isn’t a surprise though now the only show not renewed or cancelled is Leverage even though it has 5 episodes left to air. Since its a veteran and now one of TNT’s longest running series hopefully the show gets a proper final season.

  • Guardian Owl

    Good, it was a horrible show. The episode I watched almost all the challenges were “look for the object(s) hidden in the room(s)” which boils down a majority of the show to chance not skill.

  • CarShark


    What’s the fascination with “character-driven serialized dramas”? It’s the same with single-camera comedies. There’s nothing wrong with procedurals. Serialized dramas are more hit or miss, and have a short shelf life. Procedurals can actually grow better, because people who don’t watch the first couple seasons aren’t locked out from what’s going on now. That’s what’s keeping CSI and NCIS going so long.

  • Jerry

    YES! No more trying to stick next week’s Falling Skies preview inside of this show to get more people to watch it

  • tv log

    Great Escape come to CW or ION TV! Please!

  • rehabber

    I can only hope they won’t try “reality” again.

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