'The Mentalist' Nemesis "Red John" Takes Spotlight In All-Day Marathon Monday, Oct. 22, on TNT

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October 11th, 2012

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The Mentalist Nemesis "Red John" Takes Spotlight
In All-Day Marathon Monday, Oct. 22, on TNT

To understand the driving force behind Patrick Jane, the title character in the hit drama The Mentalist, one need look no further than the brutal murderer who has plagued his nightmares since the series' first episode. On Monday, Oct. 22, TNT is going to take viewers on a journey through those nightmares with The Mentalist: The Hunt for Red John, an all-day marathon of episodes centering on the serial killer whose long line of victims includes Jane's own family.

"Our marathon of Red John episodes of The Mentalist provides fans with a great opportunity to see the story arc as it has played out over four seasons," said Phil Oppenheim, senior vice president of programming for TNT and TBS. "The Hunt for Red John marathon also gives viewers unfamiliar with The Mentalist the chance to get in on the show from the very beginning."

TNT's marathon will begin with the pilot episode of The Mentalist, which introduces viewers to Patrick Jane (series star Simon Baker), a onetime fake psychic who gave up his television career to work with the California Bureau of Investigation in solving complex cases. As revealed in the episode, Jane's decision to leave behind a life of luxury in order to work for law enforcement is prompted by the murder of his wife and daughter at the hands of Red John.

As viewers learn, Red John has been responsible for nearly 30 murders since the late 1980s. As Jane describes him in the pilot episode, "Red John thinks of himself as a sh owman, an artist. He has a strong sense of theatre."

Referring to Red John's habit of painting a smiley face on the wall using his victim's blood, Jane says, "The first thing that anyone sees is the face on the wall. You see the face first, and you know. You know what's happened, and you feel dread. Then and only then do you see the body of the victim. Always in that order."

In addition to the pilot episode, TNT's The Mentalist: The Hunt for Red John marathon features the gripping season finales for each of the first four seasons, including the memorable two-part "Strawberries and Cream" season 3 finale, in which Jane finally meets Red John face-to-face.

TNT's The Mentalist: The Hunt for Red John Marathon  – Monday, Oct. 22, beginning at Noon (ET/PT)
Noon – "Pilot" (Season 1) – California Bureau of Investigation consultant Thomas Jane along with Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon and her team, investigate a double murder in which a pro golfer's wife and her doctor were killed in Palm Springs.

1 p.m.  – "Red John's Friends" (Season 1) – Patrick Jane becomes focused on a convicted murderer who promises to reveal information on Red John upon his release, and quits the CBI in order to prove the prisoner's innocence.

2 p.m. – "Red John's Footsteps" (Season 1) – Lisbon believes the serial killer Red John is trying to trick Patrick Jane when the CBI team looks into the murder of a young girl and the kidnapping of her sister.

3 p.m. – "His Red Right Hand" (Season 2) – Lisbon's team arrives at the office to find that Bosco's team has been shot and killed, while he is in critical condition. Through the investigation, it turns out that Red John was behind the attack and that it was orchestrated as Bosco came closer to finding him while investigating a recent crime. Someone impersonating a CBI agent then picks up and destroys all of the evidence relating to the case.

4 p.m. – "Red Sky in the Morning" (Season 2) – Patrick Jane and Kristina's first date is interrupted by a report of Red John striking again, which is discovered to be a copycat. But when Kristina reaches out to the real Red John, both she and Jane find themselves in grave danger

5 p.m. – "Red Moon" (Season 3) – Patrick Jane accepts the help of a local astrologer, Ellis Mars, to solve the puzzling case of a triple homicide that involves two policemen and the fiancé of an EMT worker.

6 p.m. – "Strawberries and Cream, Part 1" (Season 3) – The CBI team must investigate the c ase of a suicide bomber.

7 p.m. – "Strawberries and Cream, Part 2" (Season 3) – The trail of the suicide bomber leads to Red John, and Patrick Jane finally meets his deadly enemy in person in a shocking confrontation.

8 p.m. – "Scarlet Ribbons" (Season 4) – In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick Jane must prove that the man he shot really was Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon urges Van Pelt to seek counseling in the aftermath of the death of her fiance.

9 p.m. – "Red Rover, Red Rover" (Season 4) – On the eighth anniversary of his wife and daughter’s death, Jane receives a message from Red John, causing Jane to lose focus on his current case and put the investigation and his career at the CBI in jeopardy.

10 p.m. – "The Crimson Hat" (Season 4) – After another failed attempt to defeat Red John, Patrick Jane hits rock bottom, finds a lover and shoots one of his own.

  • psychic

    We all know Red John used to be a major badass, but now the storyline is getting tired. They better pull a rabbit out of their proverbial hat for the new episodes.

  • Shabbir

    Time to end the red john story. As the latest ratings show, the show has suffered because of it. Its becoming like monk.

    Let Patrick move on and let the character grow. Disappointed with the lazy writers who keep writing about Red John for season finales and only to find nothing changes. No wonder most viewers have switched off.

  • Showtime

    I totally agree with the Red John theory, this used to be my favorite show on TV. Now its just getting OLD, and OLD QUICK. They need to progress the Red John story, b/c let’s be honest, the show is on Sundays at 10PM, how much longer could it really have. I just think the writers have ZERO CLUE in which direction to take this show, PERIOD.

  • mary

    so tired of this red john crap :(

  • Pierre

    Good move by TNT, I love those Castle marathons on Wednesdays.

  • ZmaX

    this is great, but they’re are missing some important Red John related episodes from season 3.

    There are a lot of people who feel like it’s dragged on too long but I still think it okay. We have gotten closer to him in each season finale so that’s great, but they need to warp it up soon. Loved what they did with the Season 4 finale. But with it’s lower ratings this season, I think this might be that last and would be perfectly happy to see the show end with the Red John case resolved.

    Ending the Red John storyline but continuing the show just won’t feel right and it’ll just become a regular cop procedural. Patrick Jane’s journey is all about finding Red John and getting justice for his wife and daughter. 5 seasons and 118 episodes is a great run for any show.

  • Judy912

    As much as I would like to see Patrick Jane cathc his man (Red John) I will be sorry to see the series end. Judging by the current ratings on broadcast TV there is not much hope of the series continuing much longer. CBS, please give ua a good finale to this series. As for TNT, thank you for highlighting the ‘Red John’ episodes for us to enjoy on October 22nd. I for one will be watching.

  • Jackie

    As much as I would hate to see “The Mentalist” end because I am a big fan of
    Simon(sexy)Baker, I am sick of the Red John character. I want this show to end in a big way like something totally unexpected. When “The Mentalist” ends, I hope to see Baker back soon as he is such a gifted actor and even more a pleasure to see his great “smile” that just melts my heart. Thanks Judy for introducing me to this series!

  • Danie

    Funny people are blaming RJ for the ratings and not CBS, really! The Mentalist is a solid show, it had solid numbers on Thursdays. I mean, look at H50, 1.9 on Monday 10 pm. The Mentalist scored 1.6 on SUNDAY at 10:30 pm, people, 10:30!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing the RJ storyline concluded but that is not what is hurting the show. CBS made a really bad decision moving the show to Sunday. Also, other CBS 10 pm shows are not that great either.

    H50: 1.9
    Vegas: 2.0
    CSI: 2.6 (13 seasons and still better than most)
    ELementary: 2.5 or something like that

    So yeah, The Mentalit in a weekday at 10 pm would have numbers similar to CSI!!!

  • Woody

    @Shabbir The drop in ratings has absolutely nothing to do with Red John, it’s the move to Sunday – what did you expect?

    For the record I’m still enjoying the mixture of RJ arc and case-of-the-week.

  • Judy912

    I totally agree with @Danie statement. It’s the day CBS chooses to broadcast ‘The Mentalist’ that is hurting the ratings, not the Red John storyline. I for one am enjoying the mixture of the RJ arc and the case-of-the-week.

  • deedee

    Patrick Jane is Red John………..that’s why they haven’t ended the RedJohn storyline.

  • Fulgour

    Patrick derives from Patronus, founding Roman families, Patricians, specifically allowed to wear RED sandals (not that Roman alone doesn’t make one see RED) and Jane is a variation/derivation of the name JOHN.

    But, Patrick Jane IS NOT Red John… That’s impossible, or we destroy Bruno Heller…

    100% of info = NO audience knowable clues.

  • Fulgour

    Red John is Harry Potter!!!

  • Fulgour

    I’m waiting as we speak for Bruno Heller to deliver my pizza, and I’m going to stiff him on the tip and then “egg” his car as he drives away. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  • RCrocker

    If Red John turns out to be Ellis Mars, that will be a real downer, 5 years wasted.

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