Wednesday Final Ratings:'The X Factor', 'Survivor', 'The Neighbors' & 'Modern Family' Adjusted Up; No Adjustments for 'Arrow'

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October 11th, 2012


Survivor was adjusted up two tenths and The X Factor, The Neighbors and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 10, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 3.5 10 9.56
CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.8 8 9.82
ABC The Middle 2.4 7 7.9
CW Arrow -P 1.3 4 4.14
NBC Animal Practice 1.1 3 3.8
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 2.0 5 6.39
NBC Guys With Kids 1.4 4 4.19
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 4.8 13 12.08
CBS Criminal Minds 3.0 8 11.49
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.8 5 6.24
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.51
9:30PM ABC Modern Family 4.9 12 12.31
10:00PM ABC Nashville -P 2.8 8 8.93
CBS CSI 2.6 7 10.7
NBC Chicago Fire -P 1.9 5 6.61



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  • The X Factor

    I am so happy that The X Factor has stable ratings. It`s shredding at some days but it`s not shredding too much or massively.

    I`m so sure that by next season, when people are used to watching it, it will be a massive hit by then. The problem was the first season was so bad (boring host and judges) that people didn’t like the format and didn’t take the time to watch it again. Now that it`s on its feet again, and is so much better than the premiere, I hope it gets more viewers next season

  • sarah nz

    Congrats to Arrow and Supernatural.
    Hope they don’t drop too much next week.

  • Justin121

    Please don’t remind me of Hellcats.

    T generally have a very good feeling about what shows to invest in.

    I either stay away, watch 1 episode, or, in the rare Ringer-Secret Circle case, watch 4-6 episodes.

    I alsot quit shows that get cancelled, but stick with shows that “end”.

    I quit Heroes, Bros & Sisters, House, The Office, 1-2 seasons before they got cancelled (thank GOD Grey’s Anatomy redeemed itself 2 years ago or it wouldve been my biggest regret ever).

    Hellcats is probably the only show that I got wrong.

    Now I’m still waiting for Revolution, Scandal, Chicago Fire, Happy Endings, Apt. 23 and several other drams & sitcoms to prove themselves before I get into, while I got into REVENGE, THE GOOD WIFE, Parenthood, 2 Broke Girls, since their first few weeks on the air. I have a good feeling about NASHVILLE, Guys With Kids, and at least one out of midseason NBC dramas Hannibal, Infamous, Do No Harm, and one out of Cult / The Following, as well as The Goodwin Games (which I think will be unfair to another FOX comedy, because I expect all current 4 sitcoms will be pulling still-decent-for-FOX ratings through the end of the season) but I’m even more cautious with midseason replacments.

    I just hope I don’t get myself into another Hellcats/V/Better with You situation.

  • Oliver

    I wonder if the country music angle hurt Nashville. It’s far from a flop but it underperformed expectations given the promotion, hype and critical acclaim. It’s worth adding that while the Modern Family lead-in was huge, Suburgatory will be no slouch either (mid-to-high-2s).

    Arrow’s ratings are obviously fantastic for The CW, but I was actually expecting it to do a little better. I think it has the potential to grow, ala a cable drama, if it succeeds creatively.

    The CW’s big mistake was over-aggressively targetting a tiny niche audience with similar shows. Broadcast networks need to appeal to a broad audience and have variety to survive. They need to get people, across demographics, in the habit of watching the network.

    I think Arrow is the first visible sign of a significant change in direction for the network. Rumour has it they’re targetting sitcoms, which is a huge step in the right direction, even if they fail. I would like to see them try an animation block: animation isn’t especially expensive these days, skews young, has broad appeal, has good syndication/rerun prospects and can potentially run for years.

  • Oliver

    Prime Suspect premiered to 1.8 last season and didn’t get a back 9. I know ratings are down this season and it has a more compatible lead-in, but I would bet against a back 9 for Chicago Fire.

    That said, to their credit, NBC are having a much better season than last season, even if The Voice is the major reason. I still don’t buy that their new scripted shows are in it for the long haul, though, and I think NBC will be struggling again by Spring.

  • ABCFanatic2012

    Poor NBC!

    Great for Nashville!

  • Skylar

    Really glad for The Neighbors, fantastic episode! Jackie had me rolling

  • thesnowleopard

    That is the network spin cycle talking. Nobody cares about iTunes sales or Facebook likes. International sales are iffy because we rarely have any true stats on how much a show made internationally, let alone how much of that made it back to the network. The CW had a rough time selling it in syndication (TNT Style Media is not). And Mark Wood has already covered the upfronts issue.

    It won’t change the fact that the show will be gone by Christmas, largely unmourned. Also, I will say it again–if Gossip Girl was such a huge success as the network flagship, why has the network done so poorly? And why have most of the show’s imitators tanked?

    Dude, let it go. Smallville’s been gone for a while. Times have changed. Ratings expectations have changed. There isn’t even any guarantee that if Smallville started now, it would go ten seasons. Just enjoy Arrow for however long it lasts.

    Besides, the number of seasons or episodes is no absolute indication of quality. Fawlty Towers and The Prisoner are two of the greatest TV shows in history, yet the two of them together don’t make up thirty episodes. And while the original Star Trek only got three seasons and eighty episodes, Smallville *wishes* it could ever have the success of the Trek franchise. Sure, Smallville is part of the Superman story, but it’s a pretty minor part that came very late in the game.

    The CW definitely needs to diversify if it wants to survive long-term, so I’m not surprised Pedowitz is looking into sitcoms. But I can see why they’re sticking to what works for now, since sitcoms haven’t worked particularly well for them in the past.

  • UMGuy423

    Good for the Neighbors, it is a very funny show. Makes you laugh out loud and it pokes fun at a lot of the silliness in our society. I didn’t want to like it before watching the pilot and have to admit that I’m a fan now. Give it a chance!

  • yeah

    @The X Factor Its getting the same ratings. Nothing has changed.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman


    Will you be posting any charts for the new online ratings?”

    Although they are likely irrelevant to the future of individual shows, if we get them we’d post them (which is our policy for almost anything). However, to date, we have not received them.

  • soso

    i think x factor will imporove during the live shows

  • Mickey

    I’m surprised Arrow skews older than SPN. It takes Arrow 3.07 million viewers to hit 1.0 in the demo, whereas it took SPN 2.5 million viewers. Last year, SPN had 2 million per 1.0, so looks like older Arrow viewers stayed tuned for SPN. (Hope they stick around.)


    The issue is not the scar, that’s not why he’s living in the shadows. He’s hiding for two other reasons. (SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen the premiere yet.)

    1) When he hulks out he takes on beast-like qualities–his features actually transform.

    2) He’s hunted. All the soldiers who participated in the experiments were exterminated. He’s the only survivor, and they will kill him too if they find him. That’s why he’s letting the world believe he’s dead.

  • cris

    why Chicago Fire?

  • Baaa!

    The Neighbors pilot was not good, but both episodes since have been much better.Our family now keeps it on ABC between The Middle and Modern Family and thanks to Suburgatory’s later start, my wife and I can watch it live. (Suburgatory is a much better fit following Modern Family as the humor goes a tad more adult than TM or MF for our young kids and they are in bed by 9:30.)

  • cass rowland

    i love the neighnors

  • Sarasota Slim

    Supernatural = Y-A-W-N

    This show needs to go. The story was told a long time ago.

  • macbil

    Love “Nashville.” I’M HOOKED!!!

  • Evil Monkey

    @Sarasota Slim

    The people obviously disagree with you.

  • Shawn

    Thanks very much HGFM.

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