Wednesday Final Ratings:'The X Factor', 'Survivor', 'The Neighbors' & 'Modern Family' Adjusted Up; No Adjustments for 'Arrow'

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October 11th, 2012


Survivor was adjusted up two tenths and The X Factor, The Neighbors and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 10, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 3.5 10 9.56
CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.8 8 9.82
ABC The Middle 2.4 7 7.9
CW Arrow -P 1.3 4 4.14
NBC Animal Practice 1.1 3 3.8
8:30PM ABC The Neighbors 2.0 5 6.39
NBC Guys With Kids 1.4 4 4.19
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 4.8 13 12.08
CBS Criminal Minds 3.0 8 11.49
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.8 5 6.24
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.51
9:30PM ABC Modern Family 4.9 12 12.31
10:00PM ABC Nashville -P 2.8 8 8.93
CBS CSI 2.6 7 10.7
NBC Chicago Fire -P 1.9 5 6.61



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  • Juan

    I agree that Nashville did reasonably well, I was expecting more but that’s a good number, it performed similarly to Revenge, retention wise and in Half hours, it received a very good reception from audience and even better I think from what Revenge was, already a critical darling and award contender, plus if you take into consideration how all the new shows have been doing and all of 10 pm hour shows it did great, I think it will hold very well next week after the premier of suburgatory. Also yay for supernatural and arrow

  • Sia

    ARROW is soooooooo good.
    So happy to see those ratings.

  • Steve

    I think there should be a public registry for people who actively watch The Neighbors. Sort of like a sexual offender list, only creepier.

  • Mark Wood


    Why do you have such a hard time understanding that Gossip Girl (no matter how much you like it) isn’t doing well, nor has it been doing well for a good two years).

    Forget about today’s results. Look at SPN from just last week. A show that barely made it to a third season and is older then Gossip Girl and has aired two years on Friday. Still with Oh Sit as its lead in, managed to double the viewers of GG, double the adult 18-49 demo, have a 70 percent improvement over its adult 18-34 and even managed to beat its women numbers. And SPN has the highest percentage male audience of any show currently on the CW (roughly 50/50 split).

    GG highs and lows
    Viewers: 3.73 million (its 2nd season) low .78 million
    adults 18-49 2.0 low .4
    adults 18-34 2.6 low .4

    W 18-34 Only have from season 3 and up for Gossip Girl) but its scored over a 3.6 in w 18-34 that I am aware of. Low .7

    That by the way is the largest percentage decline of any show to ever air on the CW thats aired at least 4 years worth of episodes. Even Top Model (which has dropped huge going from being the CW strongest show in Total Viewers, adults 18-49, adults 18-34, and all female demos, to hitting numbers as bad as Gossip Girl)

    So how has SPN done on the CW Its an older show.
    Here are the results for SPN for the CW
    Total Viewers 3.955 million low 1.55 million
    Adults 18-49 1.6 low .6 (one from last year on a Friday)
    adults 18-34 1.6 low .5 (again from last Year a Friday)
    W 18-34 1.7 low .5 (again from a Friday episode last year)

    You can put in any other long running show on the CW and only Top Model will have actually dropped more then GG, though its been on longer).

    Its DVR numbers weren’t good, out of the CW (adult demos). THey beat barely scored better then Ringer or Hart of Dixie (average difference was .01 and .04), they only really did significantly better then Nikita (.20), and the failed reality programs like H8rs and remodeled. 90210 did slightly better then GG (.02) Supernatural, Secret Circle, One Tree Hill, Top Model and VD did between .1 to .5 better then Gossip Girl last year).

    Its syndication deal is a joke, a literally joke. Currently SPN is the only CW property that is not only successfully being syndicated, but actually doing really well (scoring better results for reruns then the actual primetime reruns on the CW, where its the highest rerun performer).

    DVR’s Gossip Girl is a joke, it hasn’t even tracked in over 3 years, meaning its not a single week were its had sales of even 12,000 units. Its first two years were ok, but nothing special, certainly not good. 90210 is even worse (as its never tracked, ever). SPN has managed 200,000 plus during two different weeks, even as the market as depressed still sells over a 100,000 on its release week. And only Smallville, SPN and VD have ever managed to sell 25,00 plus blurays in a single week. (0210 and GG do so poorly they don’t even have a bluray release.

    The only place GG does well recently (ie in the last two years) that we have any real data on is online, be it streaming (which earns a tiny fraction of the money that live broadcast earn, and itunes (which is even lower).

    For example the biggest revenue generator is live viewers, then DVR viewers, then online streamers.

    But they aren’t even close. For example it takes roughly 5 DVR viewers to equal one live viewer. Again we already know GG does below average for the CW in DVR use. So how many online viewers does it take to equal 1 live audience member. 10? 20? We don’t know. What we do know is that Gossip Girl’s primary revenue was its originally great adults 18-34 and women 18-34 numbers (which were at one time great), but online viewing doesn’t track demos. At all.

  • Mark Wood


    For those who think Arrow will be the next Secret Circle or Hellcats. Well because you compete against teh rest of the lineup we already see 3 shows that have hits .4 (Gossip Girl, 90210, and Top Model) one that has hit .5.

    When Hellcats was cancelled it had dropped to .5, when the rest of the lineup was getting:

    GG .6 and .7
    90210 .7 & .8
    OTH .6 & .7
    Top Model 1.0 .9
    VD 1.3 & 1.4
    Nikita .8 & .7
    VD 1.3 & 1.4
    Smallville .8 1.3
    SPN 1.0 .8

    It for three weeks had dropped lower then the rest of the full lineup a drop of 1.2 to .5 (.7)

    For Arrow to do that (we would have to assume that the shows that have aired drop no further, and it would have to drop to a .3 (a full point drop).

    Secret Circle (last two .5 & .6
    GG .4 & .6
    Hart of Dixie .6 & .6
    90210 .6 & .5
    Ringer .4 & .5
    Top Model .4 & .6
    VD 1.2 & 1.2
    Nikita .4 & .4
    SPN .7 & .7

    So SC ended above two shows and close to two others, dropping from a 1.3 to a .6 (.7) drop.

    For Arrow to get to a similar place (and with two new shows and a show thats expected to hit low it would also need to hit a .4 Meaning it wold have to drop from a 1.3 to a .4 (a .9) drop. Both those percentages are greater drops then any show has had in one season on the CW.

    So statistically not very likely.

    Also a key difference that I don’t think anyone has brought up. The CW has with two exceptions started all its programming before the official start of the season. Thus letting shows air against repeats to get higher then normal sized audience. Those shows have all typically dropped hard once the season has fully started (and of course also continued to drop as the season progressed).

    The two exceptions to this rule are Life Is Wild (which dropped 50% on a Sunday as the only original programming the CW aired between 8 and 10pm. Hardly a fair comparison. And Hart of Dixie, which interesting enough had one of the smallest drops through its first season of any show to start on the CW.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arrow drop, but drop softer then the shows that started early. We shall see shortly.

  • Anakin

    TSC and Ringer wew horrible shows so not comparison with Arrow

  • RS

    Once does not disrespect an entire disabled community. B&B is an atrocity. He is a beast because he has a little scar? Except for the “hulking out” he hides in the shadows because of the little scar? (See FutonCritic review – this is a parody of CW shows “OMG, he has a scar Get the pitch forks”.) Have these people ever visited a burn unit. I worked in one while working my way through law school. I’m appalled by this show. I wait for someone who is truly afflicted with disfigurement to file charges. I can’t think of what charges, but there must be something out there. Cancel this abomination now regardless of what ratings it gets. I haven’t seen anything this bad since last year’s Playboy Club when the RR (religious right) and modern woman (Gloria S.) joined together to get the show canceled.

  • SarahL

    Yay, The Neighbors! It is soo funny.

  • Brandy

    Mark, I said I know it’s reccently ratings aren’t good but people-I believe you included-have in the past posted here before all that I said.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “but people-I believe you included-have in the past posted here before all that I said.”

    Brandy, you’re not the only one who plays Fan Excuse Bingo. It’s the hottest game on the TV Internet!

  • Lauren

    Fan excuse bingo or not. I still feel GG contributed alot to this network. If not it would have been cancelled after season 4.

    – Can be credited for making some of Hollywoods biggest new talents (Blake/Leighton/etc)

    – Up until last year this show was ranked (3rd) for a 30 second spot.

    – Was always good in the target W18-34 Demo.

    – Internationally the show has been a hit with 12 million likes on Facebook.

    – Airing in 197 countries, recently including China who are making there own version this fall.

    – Contributed to the survival of the network with the billion dollar(Netflix/Hulu deals)

    – Product placement was heavily used by big brands

    – Constantly No 1 on Itunes here and in the UK/Europe

    – Was The CW’S first original show to hit syndication.

    to name a few.

  • Christian

    Move SVU back to 10 now!

  • Marc-James


    Will you be posting any charts for the new online ratings?


  • Stefan

    Any numbers for WWE Main Event?

  • Tyson

    Lauren, you’re right. Gossip Girl did contribute a lot to the CW. You’re also right that had Gossip Girl not contributed as much as it did to the CW, the show would have been canceled sooner.

    That said, there is no need to debate some of the points you raised. The bottom line that Gossip Girl, while once a network staple, has outlived its usefulness. Gossip Girl had a good run and that run will end soon.

  • Erin

    I would just like to point out that the Supernatural fans were NOT the craziest fans in the thread this week. I’m just sayin.

  • Marc-James

    @Tyson I agree with your point. It had a good run whether you liked the show or not.

  • gen

    I think, the thing to take away is that all of the CW shows can be viewed on the app and online. So, its unlikely they will be adjusted up. Since a big portion of the viewers watch it online.

  • Mark Wood


    Some key points. I already stated in a rather lengthy post that Gossip Girl had two very strong years (though in those same two years Top Model was just as strong, and had two additional years of being a stronger performer then GG ever was, and One Tree Hill was nearly as strong for those two years, and was stronger the year before).

    But the show hasn’t always been successful in demos even w 18-34, this year is terrible, last year was exceedingly poor.

    Facebook likes mean absolutely nothing, all the shows on the CW have aired to some degree over seas. And a country count and facebook likes don’t tell you how much money is generated.

    Itunes sales yes have always been higher for GG then other shows on the CW, but the problem here is they still have been always very low. Apple has even commented on how poorly tv shows sell on itunes. And they are always quick to throw out actual sales numbers (not just top ten placement) for anything that actually generates strong sales. The Tv department is the only department to never release actual sales data. Its supposed to be fractions of what DVD sales are.

    GG yes lasted 6 years, and its done better then the majority of original shows created on the CW, and it will be remembered for being even if not a great success as the face of the CW, certainly for at least three of its years. Take last year, if the CW wasn’t literally in the toilet the last few years, its very likely that GG would have been not survived through a six season.

    The Upfront estimates of a thirty second spot, please, please, please don’t pay much attention to those.

    First they are estimates, 2nd you need to also know the number of times the CW has had to make goods (basically give up free ad time as their programming didn’t meet their set demo range given up front),.

    And you also have to understand that the CW sells the least amount of its ad time upfront, it sells more as spot time then any other network (lots bought through out the year) and generally male driven shows, and show closer to the weekend dominate those ad sales.

    So basically looking at upfront sales isn’t even given you half the ad picture. And a show can do well in upfronts that does terrible in spot sales, let alone having to make up for failing to meet demo guidelines, something that almost never happens on spot sales (as they have current demo data).

  • Mark Wood


    That has nothing to do if a show will be adjusted from Fast Nationals to Final numbers.

    Now it will impact the overall numbers (last year 19% of the CW total audience was from online streaming per the CW).

    But the online numbers are never apart of any of the numbers released on this site.

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