ABC Family Casts Denise Richards in Drama Pilot "Socio"

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October 12th, 2012

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            Burbank, CA (October 12, 2012) – ABC Family has cast Denise Richards (“Madea’s Witness Protection,” “Two and a Half Men”) to star in drama series pilot “Socio,” as Karen Ryder. Also cast is Kimberly Quinn (“Terriers,” “House”) as Tess. They join the previously announced Avan Jogia as Danny, Maddie Hasson as Jo and Kylie Bunbury as Lacey in the project. The pilot is currently in preproduction.


“Socio” follows Danny Ryder (Jogia), who has returned to town after serving five years in custody for murdering his aunt when he was 11. Admitting his guilt, but stubbornly refusing to discuss his motive, Danny returns to a hostile reception and a media firestorm. Ostracized by his peers, Danny reconnects with his former best friends Jo (Hasson) and Lacey (Bunbury), who are still struggling to put the past behind them. But when another student is murdered, suspicion falls on Danny and the question remains: Is Danny a serial slayer, a “socio,” or is he a victim with a shocking secret?


Richards will portray Karen Ryder, Danny’s perfectly coiffed mother who once ruled the town’s social scene but who now struggles to put on a brave face with her son returning home under a cloud of scandal and shame. Quinn portrays Jo’s mother, Tess, who tries to give Danny the benefit of the doubt and clashes with her husband over his harsh attitude towards the teen.


Gavin Polone is the executive producer of the pilot, which was written by Adam Milch (“Greek”).


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  • Christian

    Ooh this sounds interesting. Can’t wait!

  • Tony JJ

    This sounds like it will be really really good!!. I hope it gets picked up to series and that it will be ready to launch in June!

  • Bobby S

    This actually sounds interesting. ABC Family has proven it can handle teen mystery well with Pretty Little Liars, and this looks like it could follow suit.

  • Alan

    I always thought she looks like Sasha Pieterse’s older sister haha, anyway, I think ABC Family is doing a good move just to see if darker things work for them like they do on The CW. They are so used to be very teeny, so it’s good to know that they’re trying to be mature.

  • lala

    This show sounds so good. Avan Jogia sounds perfect as the “Socio”. I hope it gets picked up to series and will launch as a Summer series.

  • Stephen

    This sounds awful. Does anyone realize Denise Richards can’t act?

  • Jared

    I’m glad Avan Jogia is getting as far away from Nickelodeon as possible and doing this series on ABCFAMILY. He’s a pretty good actor and a great casting choice for this role.

  • tv#1

    This show sounds good. I hope it makes it to the air for the summer.

  • SMG4E

    This is great news! The pilot sounds very interesting to me and I love Denise Richards! I didn’t know how I felt when I heard that a kid from Nickelodeon had been cast as the lead, but it’s kinda growing on me. I hope this show gets picked up to series and makes it to our TV’s as soon as possible.

  • AppleStinx

    I hope some channel hires Charlie Sheen for a show named “Psycho” and run it against Denise Richard’s “Socio”.

  • cas127

    ABC Family/Disney’s demo targeting is interesting.

    They definitely seem to go after the tween set and ignore the 18-49 almost everybody else goes after.

    I wonder how this works out economically for them.

  • cas127

    “Does anyone realize Denise Richards can’t act?”

    1) Nobody is paying attention to her *acting*…

    2) This is just another instance of the Molly-Ringwald-downward career arc-mild-turnaround-cheap-name-talent school of casting that ABC Family specializes in.

    Hey, if these actors weren’t on ABCF, they would be doing dinner theater in your home town – how is *that* for a threat?!

  • Bill Gorman

    “They definitely seem to go after the tween set and ignore the 18-49 almost everybody else goes after.”

    “Everybody” does not go after adults 18-49. Broadcast primetime does, and a few big general interest cable channels do (USA, TNT, a couple more).

    ABC Family primarily targets young women 12-18, 12-34 and 18-34.

    Disney targets kids 2-11 and 6-11.

  • CharlieSheen

    This sounds really good, a perfect fit behind those socios on Pretty Little Liars.

  • sick

    @ Alan

    She does look exactly like Sasha Pieterse’s older sister. I would like to see them do a show together one of these days as sisters.

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