ABC Stands as Daytime's #1 Network in Women 18-34 for 5th Consecutive Week

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October 12th, 2012

via press release:

ABC Stands as Daytime's #1 Network in Women 18-34
for 5th Consecutive Week; Also #1 in Women 18-49
"The View" and "General Hospital" Are the Week's Top 2 Daytime
Programs in Women 18-34, and Place #2 in Women 18-49
"The View" is the #1 Daytime Program in Women 18-34 for the 3rd Straight Week, Soaring to 19-Week High in the Demo and 13-Week High in Women 18-49
"General Hospital" Spikes to Year-and-a-Half High in Total Viewers, 13-Month High in Women 18-34 and 18-Week High in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54
"The Chew" Posts Near 5-Month High in Total Viewers; Spikes +27% Year to Year
Daytime Programming Highlights
* ABC ranked as Daytime's #1 network for the 5th week in a row in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/197,000) and was also the #1 network in Women 18-49 (0.9 rating/566,000 - tie).
* In Women 18-34, "The View" (0.7 rating/232,000) and "General Hospital" (0.7 rating/231,000) tied as the Top 2 programs in Daytime. Impressively, this marked "The View's" 3rd consecutive week standing as the #1 program in Daytime in Women 18-34 and its most-watched week in nearly 5 months in the demo - since week of 5/21/12.
* In its third week at 2 o'clock, "General Hospital" tied "The View" as the #1 program in Daytime in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/231,000), and, notably, recorded its most-watched week in a one-and-a-half years in Total Viewers (2.71 million), in more than a year in Women 18-34 (231,000) and in more than 4 months in Women 18-49 (663,000) and Women 25-54 (844,000), since weeks of 3/28/11, 8/15/11 and 5/28/12, respectively.
*  "The Chew" delivered its most-watched week in nearly 5 months in Total Viewers (2.25 million - since week of 4/23/12), spiking by a hefty 27% over year-ago levels (vs. 1.78 million).
Source: NTI, Week of 10/1/12, Live + Same Day; "Price is Right" is average from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. All ranks/ties based on rating unless otherwise noted.
  • Sean


  • Matt

    anxious to see soap full ratings… if GH had 1.5 year high, that has to mean it was over 3 million because three weeks ago it averaged 2.9 and that was only a few month high… right?

  • rob60990


    It averaged 2.71 million, which is a year and a half high, since they killed off Jake.

  • Dr. Britt

    WOW! It tied with The View in the demo.

    I wonder if there was a day that week that reached 2.9 or 3 million viewers.

    Very strong week for GH as it continues to grow strong out of The Chew.

  • Jeff

    GO GH! Keep going! I am pretty sure ratings will continue to rise!

  • I like this show

    OHHHHH haters…….

  • Cass rowlwland

    The chew gets decent viewership numbers and it’s very solid in the demo

  • ChuckieChk

    i enjoy the chew, and im hoping to get tickets to see it live!

  • James

    According to Soap Opera Network, GH did a impressive 2,714,000 viewers for the week reported, with a high of 2,815,000 on Monday. This is very very good. Four weeks in at 2pm eastern is three weeks of 2.5’s and now the fourth week is a awesome bump to 2.7. Keep it up please…and GH should live on into 2014 at least.

  • David

    Awesome news for GH the ratings prove it! The show is on fire way to go!

  • rocky

    GH is on FIRE !!!! It has become MUST C TV more entertaining thn just about nething else on tv…..

  • Sophie

    That is what I’ve been saying all along… GH IS ON FIRE!!!!! I can’t wait to watch every day. Everyone is doing great work, the writing is so good. I’m so proud of the show! A MUST SEE TV GH!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Oh yeah!!! I’m with all of the GH lovers!! Behind the scene excellence is showing results. And so much more to come! Loving it!!

  • jimtv

    See what happens when ABC got rid of those two tired soaps? They kept the highest rated one and became the no. 1 network on daytime!

  • Brad

    I’m glad GH is up in the ratings. It was so disappointing to see 1.6 ratings in households week after week after week. Now GH scored 2.0 in Household ratings. So glad GH has a pulse again!! Now they need to continue to grow!

  • Wes

    Bring back All My Children. It is a crime that ABC cancelled this. Those hosts on The Chew are so annoying. Leave food stuff to the Food Network!


    This is so awesome for GH. I am so glad Frank/Ron are making great changes at GH. In January they have been at the helm together almost one year. Its nice ABC is having patience with them and without Frons interference. We saw last 8 months of OLTL what it was like without his interference. GH is definitely still and IMO should be primed to live past 2014. Honestly the earlier timeslot was a great change for GH plus GH now has a good lead in with the Chew. Before it had pitful lead-in ala Revolution/GAA. The Chew is doing very well for a cheaper show, those are respectable numbers. Sorry I loved All My Children but I have to admit I don’t miss the show at all. It was AWFUL its last five years on the air. It was very low rated and expensive. ABC will never bring it back what I wish they could do is an AMC TV Movie which ties up all the cliffhangers but it won’t. The Chew/GH combo is what we should be writign to ABC that this is the combo they should be keeping for years. Plus GH is helping Katie Couric.

  • Sean

    No, GH IS DOING AMAZING! Katie’s ratings are NOT what ABC was hoping for by a long shot….she’s well below GH & THATS how it should be! :))) GO GH!

  • lka sua

    Glad for gh ,but please dump duke and bring back handsome hero Robert Scorpio.

  • joshua

    Young and the Restless is the best right now. LOVE IT!

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