FOX News Channel Beats all of the Broadcast/Cable Networks in Viewership for Vice Presidential Debate Coverage

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October 12th, 2012

FNC secured over 10 million viewers from 9:00-10:30PM ET, surpassing CNN and MSNBC combined in total viewers (10.02 million vs. 4.15 million for CNN and 4.38 million for MSNBC).  FNC also beat ABC, CBS and NBC in viewership, according to the broadcast fast national data.  Below are the early viewership numbers


9:00-10:30PM (actual debate)


FNC: 10,019,827 in total viewers (3,057,099 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 4,378,671 in total viewers (1,619,542 in 25-54)

CNN: 4,145,951 in total viewers (1,523,882 in 25-54)


Broadcast Fast Nationals 9-10:30PM:


CBS: 8,308,421 in P2+ (3,400,620)

ABC: 8,287,610 in P2+ (2,995,352)

NBC: 7,851,757 in P2+ (3,560,307)



  • Ralph Hahn

    Yes, Virginia. Fox News DOES rule! The 4.3 million people who were watching MSNBC. What were THEY thinking? Chris Matthews strikes again and (although I didn’t think it was possible) embarasses MSNBC, NBC News, the USA and Planet Earth.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Maybe Comcast will divert their attention away from raising my cable bill long enough to tear both NBC News and MSNBC a “new one.”

  • Joe

    Ralph enjoys talking to himself now. He literally comments to himself.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Another interesting note: ABC News provides the moderator, but finishes 3rd among the broadcast networks.

  • Mark2

    All this means is that 40 Million people didn’t watch the Debate on Fox News.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Bite me, Joe. (or is that Biden me, Joe).

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Mark2: Everyone knows the depth of your intelligence, so I won’t even comment on your comment. :-P

  • Mark2
  • UMGuy423

    Mark2, those were preliminary numbers. The final numbers are posted above. CBS had 8 million, FNC 10 million.

  • Alex

    Any independent or conservative can’t seriously watch ABC for news coverage any more. After the debate they were going on about how Biden won.
    CNN even said that Ryan had a slight edge in their poll but it was essentially a draw. You would think the broadcasts would be impartial.

  • Mark Markleson

    So 10 million nut jobs tuned in to watch their golden boy on the ” Romney/Ryan ” news channel , how exactly is this a surprise ?

    Vote Romney …..

    or not

  • Mark2

    40 Million Americans tuned into Liberal News Stations vs 10 Million nutjobs who tuned into Fox News.

  • b

    here’s an idea…while we’re at it, let’s relentlessly do something else just as laughably stupid- Let’s, on a weekly basis, compare what The New England Patriots performance is versus the 2-bottom high school football teams in the The Boston Unified School District.

    FOX News, viewed in far fewer homes than NBC/ABC/CBS, is a far more accurate league for comparison-purposes than matching-up FOX News with MSNBC, CNN, Krapping With The Kardashians, and D!kes on Bikes.

    Purely from advertising-dollars point of view and how an advertising executive’s future is dependent upon highly effective return on investment, my point is indisputable…

  • Gabriel

    Posted October 12, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    Any independent or conservative can’t seriously watch ABC for news coverage any more

    Sure. They can’t bear to watch ABC because of their Obama bias, so they flock to Fox News, the official GOP television station. That makes plenty of no sense at all.

  • Babygate

    I loved CNN’s coverage. It was more reporting than commentary. Although they did have the retired ‘Green Jobs Czar’, Van Jones and I almost switched the channel but Wolf and Anderson kept everything in order. Felt more like the way CNN used to be.

  • Chris

    Maybe there is still hope. That so many seem to trust Fox for their coverage of the dabate is good. Their choice of hosts was good, avoiding the manic voices of Hannity and O’Reilly for the most part until the after-show and avoiding the vitriol of MSNBC et al. The White House doesn’t know what they’re doing if they lock Fox out of the pool loop – they miss getting their voice on the most watched network for news on cable.

  • Mark2

    CNN and CBS are the only ones who actually do reporting these days

  • DenverDean

    CNN is desperately trying to find its way to the middle (again). I don’t know what they were thinking going so far to the left. CNN used to be THE news channel when you wanted straight reporting. Obviously, somebody FINALLY woke up after years of severe decline. Hopefully, this trend continues because there is a real market out there.

  • genetics73

    So, let me get it straight: in an Olympic competition the guy who wins the gold medal actually loses because there are more competitors who didn’t win. Great thinking, just like spending money the US does not have is going to solve our economic problems. Good job, Mark2 – I am glad your grasp of logic is so profound; as profound as your understanding of politics. Now go and kiss your O-God’s ass to complete the picture.

  • d.d

    Agreed. CNN was good last night for a change, except for Van Jones. I spent my time between Fox & CNN . MSNBC doesn’t line up with my values & there is too much name calling.

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